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How to Run Diesel Particulate Filter Regen and Reset FiatECUScan diagnostic software can manually start a regeneration

, and it can reset the DPF counter by resetting the oil degredation light. This is possible in the free unregistered version, but make sure you are running the latest version – currently 3.4.2. If you cannot find the DPF menu, this is how. You don't even need to connect the laptop to your car to explore the menu. 1. Select Fiat Multipla '02 1.9 JTD. Under 'System' select Engine, and under 'ECU' select Bosch EDC16C39 CF4. If you select EDC15C7 you won't find it. 2. Press CTRL-F10. This connects in demo mode, so no cable or car needed. When it says ‘Invalid ISO Code’ press Y (for the purposes of the demo – normally you would select a different ECU if it says invalid ISO). 3. Press F4 Parameters. Scroll right to the bottom to see all the DPF and oil change parameters. 4. Press F7 Adjustments, then click on ‘Particle Filter Regeneration’ for full instructions on how to do it. 5. Under F7 Adjustments, click on 'Oil Change' to reset the flashing oil degredation light.