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Educational Management Internships Department of Education Internship Journal Weekly Report of Activities Carrie Jacobs Intern Name Hampton

University College/University, School, Organization, Agency

Report or !ee"# $$%arch &', ()&*$ %%/++/,, Goals Planned for the Week

ours Worked

%on-ay ./es-ay Creating a contract 0ocating the Site %eet 1ith the +ean an- .o/r o 2acilities !e-nes-ay .h/rs-ay 2ri-ay Sat/r-ay !otal 3 ho/rs & & &

Monday 4 Tuesday 4 Wednesday 4 %arch &5, ()&* Report to Strayer Camp/s Thursday 4 %arch (), ()&*6Selecting a s/pervisor, complete paper1or" an- to/r site Friday 4 S/bmit paper1or" on S/n-ay, %arch (3, ()&*

+epartment o 7-/cation Internship Agreement .o provi-e a basis o /n-erstan-ing an- to promote so/n- b/siness relationships, this agreement is establishe- on "date# March $%& '($)* 8lacement 1ill begin on March $+& '($) an- 1ill en- on or abo/t May $,& '($) /nless the arrangement becomes /nsatis actory to either party9 Intern- Carrie Jacobs Intern.s e/mail addresscc:acobs;1cpss9net Internship site supervisor+r9 89 Craig </ng Internship site supervisor.s titleCamp/s +ean 0ame of company1organi2ationStrayer University 3ompany1organi2ation.s address=')& !a- or- Roa-, Raleigh, NC ('>&> Internship site supervisor.s phone?5&5@ 3)&6>A&) Internship site supervisor.s e/mail address- craig9"/ng;strayer9e-/ 4sual 5orking hours 5ill 6e) 7 8-(( p*m* on !uesdays !he internship site agrees to- all the items listed 6elo5 8rovi-e the st/-ent 1ith opport/nities to learn ho1 to -o 1ell as many :obs as possible, 1ith partic/lar re erence to those containe- in the .raining 8lan9 Instr/ct the st/-ent in 1ays o -oing his/her 1or" an- han-ling his/her management problems9 Help the /niversity ma"e an honest appraisal o the st/-entBs per ormance9 Avoi- s/b:ecting the st/-ent to /nnecessary hazar-s9 .he internship siteBs general liability ins/rance 1ill provi-e coverage or in:/ries to an intern occ/rring at the 1or"place9 Noti y the /niversity imme-iately in case i any serio/s problem arises9 Assign the st/-ent ne1 responsibilities in "eeping 1ith his/her progress9 Reserve the right to -ischarge the intern or :/st ca/se rom the cooperating site9 !he student agrees toAct pro essionalC be p/nct/al, -epen-able, loyal, co/rteo/s, an- consi-erate o the employer an- other employees9 2ollo1 instr/ctions, avoi- /nsa e acts an- be alert to /nsa e con-itions9 +ress properly or 1or" an- con orm to the r/les an- reg/lations o the organization9 De co/rteo/s an- consi-erate o the employer an- his/her employees9 <eep recor-s o eEperiences an- ma"e reF/ire- reports9 Achieve competencies in-icate- in .raining 8lan9 Noti y the /niversity imme-iately in case o acci-ent or sic"ness or i any serio/s problem arises9 !he university internship supervisor agrees to8rovi-e a copy o the agreement to the internship site9 %aintain contact 1ith the intern an- internship site thro/gho/t the internship eEperience9

SIGNA.UR7 St/-ent Internship site s/pervisor University s/pervisor Carrie Jacobs +r9 89 Craig </ng +r9 Darbara Holmes

8HON7 ?5&5@ >5>6>**> ?5&5@ 3)&6>A&) ?'A'@ '('6A))) barbara9holmes;hampton/9e-/

Department of Education Internship !raining Plan .o be complete- by Intern H Internship Site S/pervisor so both parties 1ill "no1 the internshipBs eEpectations9 8lease /se the Training Plan as the basis or yo/r eEit intervie1/ eval/ation o the internBs progress -/ring the semester9 9!4DE0!IN.7RNSHI8 SI.7 SU87RIISOR# +r9 89 Craig </ng IN.7RNSHI8 D7GINNING +A.7# %arch &', ()&* IN.7RNSHI8 7N+ING +A.7# %ay &>, ()&* I0!ER09 IP 9I!E 94PER:I9;R.9 E<PE3!A!I;09 !riting, incl/-ing message i-enti ication an- -esign 4 .o be -etermine-

Oral comm/nication 4.o be -etermine-

Iis/al comm/nication 4.o be -etermine-

Small gro/p an- nonverbal comm/nication6.o be -etermine-

Application o comm/nication technology 4.o be -etermine-

Department of Education Internship !raining Plan I0!ER09 IP 9I!E 94PER:I9;R.9 E<PE3!A!I;09Coming rom a <6&( environment an- 1or"ing as an Assistant 8rincipal at a high school level this 1ill be a ne1 an- eEciting eEperience9 All training 1ill be -ictate- by the +ean at Strayer University an- -/e to the limit o a nine 1ee" internship all parties 1ill realize that this overall eEpos/re 1ill be at a ast pace9 Intern is hoping to receive eEpos/re to the ollo1ing areas in or-er to gain val/e "no1le-ge on -/ties anresponsibilities assigne- to a camp/s -ean9 0iste- belo1 are a e1 areas o interest# &9 Coor-inating the assessment an- -evelopment o aca-emic programs 1ithin the School/College (9 8reparing an- revising, as necessary, aca-emic program plans or the School/College9 39 8romoting an- serving as a mo-el or teaching pro essional achievement an- pro essional Service *9 Overseeing all personnel matters involving aca-emic an- non6aca-emic employees incl/-ing# recr/iting, appointment, re6appointmentC termination an- -ismissalC ac/lty eval/ation, ten/re, promotion an- meritC an- the preparation an- approval?s@ o ac/lty 1or"loa- plans an- long6 range pro essional -evelopment plans A9 %aintaining goo- 1or"ing relationships 1ith ac/lty an- a-ministration in all aca-emic annon6aca-emic areas >9 Comm/nicating e ectively 1ith vario/s constit/encies 1ithin the University, s/rro/n-ing comm/nity an- State regar-ing the School/College '9 %aintaining e ective comm/nication bet1een st/-ents, ac/lty an- Chairs 1ithin the School/College an- 1ith other aca-emic /nit personnelC =9 Serving as a liaison 1ith relevant pro essional associations an- state an- national reg/latory an- accre-iting agenciesC 59 Artic/lating University policy an- proce-/res to members o the School/College9 &)9 Ins/ring that School/College policies an- practices are consistent 1ith those o the UniversityC &&9 Artic/lating the b/-getary nee-s o the School/College an- overseeing the allocation aneEpen-it/re o reso/rces &(9 Coor-inating the /se o acilities assigne- to the School/College

&39 Overseeing the preparation o class sche-/les an- complying 1ith instit/tional reporting ReF/irements &*9 %aintaining st/-ent recor-s &A9 8rovi-ing a system o a-vising &>9 !or"ing 1ith Chairs to enco/rage grant applications by ac/lty members an- to prepare proposals or o/tsi-e /n-ing o special pro:ects 3ommunication19pecial event 3oordination1Pu6licity Planning De pro essional at all times Professional Development Atten- recommen-e- 1or"shops Pro6lem/9olving Assist 1ith tro/bleshooting problems Development of ;6=ectives and Evaluation 3riteria 2ollo1 recommen-e- ob:ectives as o/tline in the Strayer 8olicy man/al 3reative !hinking Observe an- be creative by generating ne1 i-eas >eadership .a"e o1nership in activities as -ictate- by the +ean