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School of Education Portfolio University of Wisconsin – Platteville Artifact Reflection Title of Experience/Artifact: Date Experience Completed: Mental

Health Unit Plan/Adapted lesson plan 12- -1!/2-2!-1"

Describe your educational experience/artifact:

# had the opport$nit% to create a mental health $nit plan& and a lesson plan& for a st$dent 'ho has (een dia)nosed 'ith *pina +ifida, Thro$)ho$t m% $nit plan # planned 'hat m% st$dents 'o$ld do each da% and the assi)nments the% 'o$ld (e assi)ned, # also had to ma-e o(.ecti/es for the st$dents thro$)ho$t this $nit, # incl$ded the different strate)ies and standards implemented each da%, Thro$)ho$t m% adapted lesson plan # incl$ded man% different acti/ities m% st$dent co$ld do to sta% acti/el% en)a)ed thro$)ho$t the class period, # incl$ded the -e% components m% st$dent 'o$ld (e tar)etin) thro$)ho$t the lesson for example& motor s-ills& (alance& and coordination,
Wisconsin eacher Standard Ali!n"ent

These artifacts )o alon) (est 'ith standard n$m(er & #nstr$ctional Plannin), Teachers are a(le to plan different -inds of lessons-The teacher organizes and plan systematic instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, pupils, the community and curriculum goals. # (elie/e these experiences (est ali)n 'ith standard & (eca$se # had the opport$nit% to create and plan m% o'n $nit plan, # had to or)ani0e 'hat the st$dents 'o$ld do each da% and incl$de different instr$ctional strate)ies that # 'o$ld $se 'ithin m% $nit plan, # created a pro.ect that the st$dents 'o$ld complete and the o(.ecti/es for the st$dents to reach (% the end of the $nit, # (elie/e 'ritin) an adapted lesson plan ali)ns 'ith this standard (eca$se # 'as a(le to implement man% different acti/ities 'ithin m% lesson that m% st$dent 'as a(le to do, # 'as a(le to $nderstand ho' m% st$dent learned and implemented the different instr$ction into m% lesson,
UW#Platteville School of Education $no%led!e& S'ills& Dispositions Ali!n"ent

This artifact (est ali)ns 'ith 1*1,e, Desi)ns Coherent #nstr$ction( “The candidate, with appropriate student input, has the ability to develop relevant, goal-directed, engaging, clear, and varied learning activities that progress coherently and produce a unified instructional setting that reflects recent professional research.” # (elie/e these artifacts ali)n (est 'ith 1*1,e& (eca$se thro$)ho$t m% $nit plan # de/eloped different instr$ctional strate)ies that # 'o$ld $se each da%, #n m% adapted lesson plan # de/eloped different acti/ities& and $sed the (est instr$ctional strate)% that the st$dent responded (est to,
Explain %hat you learned about teachin!/learnin! fro" this experience:

Thro$)ho$t this experience # learned that ha/in) different instr$ctional strate)ies implemented 'ithin the $nit is important, # learned that 'ith ha/in) different instr$ctional strate)ies the st$dents 'ill sta% more en)a)ed thro$)ho$t the entire $nit, All st$dents learn in their o'n indi/id$al 'a%, # learned that implementin) different instr$ctional strate)ies 'ill help -eep each st$dent en)a)ed more& since the% all learn differentl%, # also learned that if %o$ do not

implement different instr$ctional strate)ies& %o$ are not tar)etin) all the st$dents different learnin) techni2$es and ma% onl% en)a)e some of the st$dents in %o$r classroom,
Explain %hat you learned about yourself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:

Ha/in) the opport$nit% to create a $nit plan and an adapted lesson plan& # learned that it is important for me to implement different instr$ctional strate)ies 'ithin m% classroom, # 'ill not teach .$st one 'a%& ($t 'ill $se man% different instr$ctional strate)ies 'ithin m% class& (eca$se that is tar)etin) all the st$dents learnin) techni2$es and is incl$din) all st$dents, # (elie/e this 'ill impact m% st$dents& (eca$se the% 'ill )et the (est learnin) experience and 'ill (e acti/el% en)a)ed thro$)ho$t the $nits # teach 'ithin m% classroom,