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Jeni Freiburger Classroom Management Plan Elementary/Middle School Methods 12-9-13

Creating a safe learning environment.
In order for the students to be successful in the classroom the students need to feel safe and comfortable. I believe for this to happen you need the students and the teacher to have knowledge on responsibility, respect for others and themselves, caring, and enjoyment. In my classroom I will implement B.F. Skinner’s theory Behavior Modification. I will reinforce my students if they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. I will use positive constructive encouragement. Right after the desired act is done I will give feedback right away. I will not use punishment in my classroom, as punishment does not have any positive effects for the students. In my classroom I will implement the zero-tolerance for inappropriate behavior policy. If I see or hear of a student being disrespectful there will be consequences, for example they will not get a gold star for the day. If the act of the student is very inappropriate a trip to the office or a note home may be implemented. The expectations I will have for the students during active learning is to be respectful, do the best that you can, always positive words, encourage one another to be the best that they can be, and have fun!

Behavioral Rules (Hierarchy of Discipline)
Some rules that I will implement in my classroom are: • • • • • Be prepared Play Hard Play Fair Play Safe Show Respect

I will have a poster of these rules posted in my classroom. The students will be able to look at the poster and understand if they are obeying them or not. Every year on the first day of school/class I will explain to the students what I expect out of them. I expect my students to come to class prepared to learn and dressed appropriately, for the

activities they will be participating in. I expect my students to give it their best effort. If an activity is hard for them I expect them to do the activity to the best of their ability. I expect my students to play fair, they will abide to the rules of the activity, and display honesty throughout the activity. I expect my students to keep their hands to themselves, realize there are safety concerns for each activity we do throughout the unit/lesson; the students must have knowledge about body movement and control. The students in my classroom will demonstrate respect at all times. The students will listen when it is time to listen, use positive encouragement, value others opinions, and value the equipment they are using for the activity. Some consequences for misbehaviors are: 1.) Verbal warning 2.) 3 Minute time out 3.) Think sheet to fill out 4.) Meeting with me 5.) Note home 6.) Principal’s office If a student misbehaves in my class there will be consequences. I will explain the consequences a long with the rules on the first day of class. The consequences will be enforced throughout the year. If a student misbehaves he or she will first receive a verbal warning, and if they do not respond by behaving, a 3 minute time out from the activity will be given, if they return to the activity still misbehaving, the student will receive a think sheet about their actions that they will fill out, if the misbehaving continues the student will then have a meeting after school with me, a note or phone call will be sent home, and eventually the last consequence will be a dismissal from class and a meeting with the principal. Incentives for good behaviors: 1.) Gold star program 2.) Extra free play time 3.) High fives/Praise In my classroom I will implement a gold star program, which is where if the student behaves for the day they get to put a gold star next to their name, on the gold star chart. If the student misbehaves he or she does not get to put a gold star on the gold star

chart. If the students have so many gold stars by the end of the year/semester they will get to attend a pizza/activity party. I will also let the class have extra free time to play, if they behave they can have extra free play time at the end of class, where they can play with different equipment or do a different activity. I will do a lot of high fives in my classroom and praise. If the students do something good they will receive positive feedback and a high five. One method I would implement in my classroom for students to resolve conflict is the talking bench. If the students have a conflict with each other I will have a spot where they can go to resolve the conflict, with one another. The students will resolve the conflict in a reasonable manner; they will be respectful towards each other and listen to both sides. They will then be able to return to play after they have resolved the issue. If they cannot resolve the issue they will not be able to return to play and will talk to me after class. With this implemented I would have to be careful with the situation as I do not want a fight to arise in my classroom. I would use this for simple conflicts such as a disagreement on if a student was tagged or not.

I will motivate my students by coming to class every day with a meaning. I will come to class with high levels of energy. I will show the students that I truly do love my job and care for their overall well-being. I will make the activities fun and challenging for my students. I will use both cooperation and competition in my classroom. I will come to class realizing that each child learns differently and incorporate many different learning styles within my classroom. I will also attend outside events the students may participate in, for example a basketball game. I will get to know my students; I will get to know what they like, so I can ask them about it in class to show them that I do care. For example I could ask Johnny how his tennis match went the other night. The students will do what I ask them, because they will be taught to respect the teacher. In my classroom there will be many high fives given and will be a very positive environment for all students. I will make sure the students know that if they ever have a problem they can talk to me, and I will be there to help in any way I can. I will expect my students to come to class with a purpose and high energy, as I am coming to class with enthusiasm and a purpose for them to achieve their goals.

Group Activity Expectations
I will group my students into partners and large groups in many different ways. One day I could pair the students up ahead of time or I could have the students choose their partners. I will do activities for the students to get into groups, for example I could have them count how many letters are in their name and they have to find a person with the same amount. I could also have the name of a professional team on separate pieces of paper and the students must find the same professional team, and that is their group or partner. I will implement many different ways for

pairing and grouping, because I do not want the students to have the same partner or group every time we do an activity. I believe that the students should learn how to work with everyone, not just their friends. For squad lines in my classroom at the beginning of the semester/year the students will have assigned squad lines, these squad lines will not change, the only thing that will change is the leader, for example one week a student will be the leader of the line then he/she will go to the back and the second person in line will now become the leader. My expectations for my students working in groups are for them to understand the meaning of teamwork. The students will need to work as a team to reach the overall goal. They will respect the other members of the group and will communicate with each other. The students will understand the importance of communication within their group. I will expect my students to work together and do their best to reach the overall goal. I believe that communication and trust in group work is essential, as you must be able to depend on the members in your group to be successful.

Non-Instructional Methods:
I will implement many different non-instructional techniques in my classroom. For entering the classroom I will have the students go to their assigned squad lines that they were taught at the beginning of class. They will then do their daily exercises for that certain day. I will have different exercise the students are supposed to do for each individual day. The exercises will be related to the activities we are doing. I will know the student’s names, so that way I can take roll call, as they are doing their exercises. The students will exit the gym by lining up at the door; I will be giving out high fives to all of them as they exit. I will also be giving comments to them like good luck at your game; it’s a beautiful day for a walk get out, and get your exercise in, etc. I will use the phrase freeze in my classroom, when I say freeze I will expect my students to stop what they are doing and listen to the instructor. I will also use music, when we are doing the activity we will be listening to appropriate music and when the music is turned off I will expect my students to stop and listen. I will also implement the use of a whistle in my classroom, if they here the blow of the whistle two times this will mean it is time to line up to leave, if the students only here one blow of the whistle this will mean they should freeze and listen. I will use the phrase begin or go for the students to start or return to the activity. The students will have their own water bottles that they bring at the beginning of the school year. I will have these filled up before the class and in a crate; this way the students do not have to wait in line at the water fountain. We will take a water break every 20 minutes. They will go to the water crate find their water bottle, as it will have their name on it and then get a quick drink. The students will get a bathroom break before class, so this way they will not need to go. If a student needs to go to the bathroom I will then give them the bathroom pass and they may go to the bathroom. I will have to watch the time as I do not want them to be gone for more than 5 minutes. I will explain the area to the students at the beginning of the school year, this way they know where they can and

cannot go. They will know their boundaries. I will have the equipment they will be using for the activities beforehand.

Equipment Use
In my classroom I will give the proper instruction for equipment before we use the equipment. I will expect my students to abide by these rules. The equipment will be organized and in piles. The students are not allowed to touch the equipment until I tell them so. If they are caught touching the equipment before told, a consequence will be in effect. At the end of class the equipment is to be put back in a nice, organized fashion. If the students are in groups I will assign one person to get the equipment for the whole group. I will keep the equipment in the equipment closet. The closet will be organized. I will have labels where certain equipment goes, this way if I have a sub or another person wants to use the equipment they will know exactly where it is and where to put it back. This way I will also not have to worry about where certain objects are. If anyone wants to use the equipment they will come talk to me and sign a sheet with their name on it, and stating what piece of equipment they took. As equipment is very expensive losing it is not an option. This way I will know who had the equipment last and if it is not returned I will know where to find it. If equipment is broken I will need to fill out a sheet and then turn it into the office. I will have to state what type of equipment it is, how it got broken, and if we need a replacement or not, and how much it would cost if we do need a replacement.

In my classroom I will have the procedure we will follow for a tornado and fire drill on a poster board, hanging up on the wall. I will explain what we will do in case of a tornado and fire 4 times a year, and we will practice these. For a tornado and fire warning I will blow my whistle twice, and have the students line up next to the door. I will then count the students and make sure I have everyone. We will then head outside or to the shelter where we are supposed to go. When we get there I will be sure to do a head count to make sure no one got lost on the way. As we are going to the safe spot I will be in the back making sure none of my students wander off. I will assign a leader at the beginning of the year to lead the way; the student will need to know where to go in case of a tornado or a fire. We will practice this many times. If we are outside when these drills happen I will blow my whistle twice and the students will line up on an assigned spot, we will practice this. I will then go on with the proper procedure as done inside. If an injury occurs in my classroom I will immediately attend to the student that is injured. I will need to determine how serious the injury is. While I am aiding the injured student the other students will need to continue with their activities, if the injured student is not in the path of play. If the student is in the path of play for others, I will have an alternate activity that they can do to keep occupied, and stay out of the way. If the injury can be taken care of with ice, I will need to get ice, I will have a phone on me, so I can call the main office and ask for someone to come get the student, and take him/her to the main office for some rest and ice. If the

injury is very serious I will need to call 911 and the main office, who will then call the parents or guardians. I will need to fill out an accident report for both types of injuries. If a student knows that someone is hurt I would expect him/her to come tell me that another student is hurt and needs assistance, and then I would proceed with the proper procedure.

Communication with Parents
I believe that communication with the parents of the students is very important. At the beginning of the school year/semester I will send a note home to the parents, and explain what their child will be learning in my class, and what I expect out of their child. I will send newsletters home every month for them to see where we are at in the class, because as things change I feel that the parents should be aware of that change. These newsletters will also include upcoming events for physical activity, such as a color run or a family marathon, and a schedule of the districts athletics schedules. I will also keep a blog and post new things once a week, the parents can go read about what we did in class that week and why it is important to their child’s health. I will also send an email to the parents once every two weeks to show them progress of their child. I will explain how their child is behaving, progressing, etc. If the parent/parents of a child would like to meet with me they may email me or call me on my school phone, and we will set up a time to meet. I believe that respect for the students’ parents is very important and communication between the teacher and the parents is the key to success. Newsletter: Hello again! I hope you all had a great month. As you all know it has been a very busy month as the holidays are fast approaching. In your child’s physical education class this month we have covered many units. We did many different fun activities. We did two different units, the first unit we did was striking with a bat and the second unit was parachute activities. The students had a lot of fun with both these units. For striking with a bat we started off slow and then worked our way up to playing the game of baseball/softball. For parachute activities we started off by introducing the parachute and then playing popcorn with the parachute. The students were taught hand eye coordination and loco-motor skills with both of these activities. The students were very well behaved and progressed very well. In the next month we will be learning about different dances and yoga. I am very excited as I know the students will have a blast with the activities we will be doing. There are some very exciting events coming up if you would like to attend! On January 10th the high school will be holding a relay for life walk, for more information please visit this site Also the Platteville Women’s basketball team is inviting all to come out and support on Tuesday January 9th, kids will get in for free and a free bag of popcorn. There will be raffle tickets, and your child’s name will enter into a drawing for a free Platteville Basketball T-shirt. Hope to see you all there! Below is a monthly schedule of the athletics for all age levels.

Happy Holidays!!

Reflection I thought this assignment was very helpful. Making a classroom management plan helped me understand the reasoning behind my decisions. I had to think about all the different questions, understand, and explain why I would implement the different methods in my classroom. For creating a safe learning environment I decide to use B.F. Skinners theory behavior modification, because I believe students learn best if they are reinforced right away. If you wait to reinforce the student they will probably forget what they did, and will not be able to do the activity the correct way. I also believe that giving positive constructive encouragement is a great thing. Students do not want to be told they are doing something wrong, students like to be encouraged, and feel like they are doing things correctly. I believe that children will perform better if they feel that they will get praise and appreciation for what they accomplish. I do not agree with punishment such as making a student run or do push-ups for misbehaving. I do not believe this, because it is showing them that these things are bad and in reality we are trying to get the students to exercise more, and not treat exercise as a punishment, but more as a reward. I believe at a young age the students should learn about respect, positivity, and how to encourage one another, as they will be using these things throughout their whole life. I did not include Glasser’s choice theory, because I feel at the elementary level the students are not ready to make big decisions for themselves. I believe in letting them choose an activity they may want to do on a fun activity day, but not huge decisions. I implemented the gold star program into my classroom, because I feel that elementary students love being able to put a sticker next to their name, it is very rewarding for them. I believe this program will help the students understand the meaning behind the consequences for their actions, for example the student that misbehaved one day will realize that he or she does not

get that warm fuzzy feeling of putting a gold star next to their name. I also will use high fives for the students. As elementary students they love praise and attention. I also believe that the teacher should come to class each day excited to teach, elementary students love to have fun and run around. I think if the teacher comes to class dull and boring the students will not perform to the best of their ability, because they will not be excited for the activity they are doing. I believe you must make the classroom fun and enjoyable for the students by being excited and enthusiastic. I implemented the use of music in my classroom, because all students like music and it is a good method to use for them to stop the activity or begin the activity. I will stop the music if I want them to stop the activity and play the music when they should begin the activity. I believe this will help the students understand what I expect and this way they do not have to hear that annoying whistle all the time. I implemented the conflict bench because I felt it was appropriate for the elementary level. At the elementary level I feel that the students do not want to sit out of the activity, so if there is a conflict they can go over to the conflict bench and resolve the issue quickly. I believe this will help as both the students will want to resolve the conflict fast, as they will not want to miss any of the activity. Communication with the parents is very important, I decided to do a newsletter home, this way the parents can see what their child learned and what they will be learning about in class. I believe that parents want to know what their child learns, after all they are sending them to school to learn. I also feel that sometimes physical education can be pushed aside and I want the parents to know that physical education is important for their child. I also did a blog, because I know that teachers are starting to do more blogs for the parents to see, and to get to know the teacher. I feel that a good relationship with the parents is very important in creating the best learning experience for the student.