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Jeni Freiburger Classroom Management Plan Middle/Secondary Physical Education 3-2-14 Key Points of Discipline Plan To begin my discipline

plan we first need to know what discipline in the classroom means. Discipline is what teachers do to help the students behave acceptable in the school setting. Through my discipline plan I must have teacher-self-discipline, which is where the teacher only rarely loses their composure and will always treat the students with respect. Throughout my discipline plan I will try and keep everything positive, as I believe the students perform better if they are in a positive environment, and are disciplined in a more positive way. The consequences the students receive in my classroom will be simple consequences, rather than harsh. In my discipline plan I will be a more democratic kind of instructor, as I will try to motivate my students from within. As for high school my discipline plan will stay the same for the most part, but they will have more freedom and with that freedom comes more responsibility. Plan for the Establishment of Classroom Expectations Creating a positive classroom environment is very important for the students to be successful in the classroom. I believe for this to happen you need the students and the teacher to have knowledge on responsibility, respect for others and themselves, caring, and enjoyment. In my classroom I will implement Redl’s and Wattenberg’s theory on supporting self-control within the classroom. If the misbehavior is mild or just beginning I will not confront my students, but rather give them more opportunities to work on controlling their behavior. If a student is misbehaving I will make eye contact with them, and a look of disapproval letting them know that the behavior they are engaging in is not appropriate. If the misbehavior is mild I will ignore it, which also sends a signal to the other students to ignore it, therefore not giving the student the attention he or she desires from the misbehavior. Throughout my classroom I will make sure that the students are engaged and interested in the activity they are engaging in, as students get bored they tend to misbehave more. I will walk around the classroom and keep asking questions about the activity and make modifications for the activity if I see that they are getting bored. For high school I will implement Redl and Wattenberg’s appraising reality concept, as it helps the students examine a behavior situation and determine a consequence for that misbehavior. This will be implemented at the high school level because as they grow they will need to determine how to handle different situations, and what the consequences of their decisions may be. In my classroom I will implement some guidelines for the students during active learning time. Some expectations that I will have for my students are when the whistle is blown/music stops you stop the activity you are engaging in and listen to the instructor, eyes open but the mouth is shut when instructor is talking, no inappropriate comments, if you have nothing nice to say do not say anything at all, be respectful, do the best that you can, always positive words, and have fun! I expect my students to give the instructor respect, as the instructor should give the students respect. I will expect the students to come to class prepared and excited for what the day holds. As I will be coming to class excited to teach, I expect my students come excited to learn. Consequences of Misbehavior

Some consequences for misbehaviors are: 1.) Eye contact/ The look 2.) Verbal warning 3.) 3 Minute time out 4.) Think sheet to fill out 5.) Meeting with me 6.) Note home 7.) Principal’s office If a student misbehaves there will be consequences within my classroom. I will implement Redl and Wattenberg’s principle of the pleasure-pain. I believe that the consequences should not be punishment, but more of an understanding from the student, that he or she misbehaved and now they must deal with a consequence. I will also implement the Threats vs. promises theory in my classroom. I do not believe that threats are good for students, and the instructor should explain to the students what an unacceptable behavior is and the consequence that goes along with that misbehavior. In my classroom I will implement the consequences listed above throughout the school year. If a student is misbehaving I will make eye contact with the student, letting them know that the behavior they are engaging in is inappropriate, if that does not stop the student from misbehaving, he or she will then get a verbal warning from the instructor, next the student will get a 3 minute time out from the activity they are engaging in, or will not get free time to do an activity they want to do at the end of the class period, if the misbehavior continues the student will fill out a think sheet after class, explain why they were acting the way they were, and think about how to prevent this consequence from happening next time, if the misbehavior continues throughout the year, a meeting with me after class will be addressed and we will discuss the issue, if that does not eliminate the misbehavior a note will be sent home to the parents or guardian and we will all meet to talk about the misbehavior going on, lastly if the behavior continues we will all meet with the principle and discuss an action plan to eliminate the behavior. For high school eye contact may not be as effective as it might be for middle school, the instructor will need to develop a look to give to the high school students, to let them know that the behavior is inappropriate. Also you will have to speak with different language between high school and middle school students. Plan for Recognition or Celebration of Good In my classroom I will implement a chart for participation and appropriate behavior. At the end of the school year if both the charts are filled 90% of the way the students will be able to attend a Zumba, kickboxing, or yoga class with certified instructors. The students and the instructor will determine if they get a sticker on their charts for each day. I will also implement positive reinforcement within my classroom. I will be giving high fives throughout the class period and will use phrases such as, very nice backhand now let’s see that forehand, or you did great today in class you behaved very well, but for next time let’s try to work on our listening

skills. I believe that if a student receives a compliment they will realize the teacher is paying attention and they will want that praise next time they are in my class. I will also implement time at the end of some class periods for the student to participate in an activity that is their favorite or use different equipment, if they have behaved appropriately for the day. For high school I may have to limit the high fives and say more positive phrases, as high school students might not like high fives as much, but they still like to be noticed and given praise. Plan for Involvement of Parents Getting the parents of the students involved is very important for success in the classroom. At the beginning of the school year/semester I will send a note home to the parents, and explain what their child will be learning in my class, and what I expect out of their child. I will send newsletters home every month for them to see where we are at in the class, because as things change I feel that the parents should be aware of that change. These newsletters will also include upcoming events for physical activity such, as a color run or a family marathon, and a schedule of the districts athletics schedules. I will set up open gym for the students and parents to participate in, that way during the winter months the students and parents can stay active and still do physical activities as a family. I will be at the open gym for students who want to come but do not have a parent or guardian to come with. I will also keep a blog and post new things once a week, the parents can go read about what we did in class that week and why it is important to their child’s health. I will also send an email to the parents once every two weeks to show them progress of their child. I will explain how their child is behaving, progressing, etc. If the parent/parents of a child would like to meet with me they may email me or call me on my school phone, and we will set up a time to meet. I believe that respect for the students’ parents is very important and communication between the teacher and the parents is the key to success. For high school I would basically keep everything the same as the parents/guardians are still a huge factor at this age level. Procedural Rules or Protocols for Monitoring Attendance-I will monitor attendance by getting to know my students by names and having a laptop with their pictures on it, so I can mark it down if they are present, absent, tardy, dressed properly, not dressed properly. If I do not know if someone is here because they are late, I will be able to ask a friend of the student if they have seen him/her. Equipment use and care-In my classroom I will give proper instruction for equipment. I will expect my students to abide by these rules. The equipment will be organized and in piles. The equipment is not to be touched unless advised by an instructor. At the end of class the equipment that is being used, will be put back in a nice and organized fashion. The equipment will be placed in the equipment closet after each activity. I will have labels where certain equipment goes. If anyone wants to use the equipment they will come talk to me, sign a sheet, and state what piece of equipment they took on it. If equipment is broken I will need to fill out a sheet and turn it into the office. Starting/Stopping activity-In my classroom I will have music playing throughout the class period. When the music stops the students stop what they are engaging in and put their

equipment down on the floor. If the students here a whistle along with the stopping of the music, this means that they need to put their equipment away, as it is the end of the class period. To start activities the instructor will say “Go” and the music will begin playing. Safety/Accidents/Injury- In my classroom before every activity the safety concerns will be addressed and ways to prevent any type of injury from happening. If a mild injury occurs in my classroom the students are supposed to stay away from the injured student, stop the activity, and come get the teacher right away. The instructor will go to the student, get him or her in a safe spot, and get ice as needed. If the injury is very serious I will need to call 911 and the main office, who will then call the parents or guardians. I will need to fill out an accident report for both types of injuries. If a student knows that someone is hurt I would expect him/her to come tell me that another student is hurt and needs assistance, and then I would proceed with the proper procedure. In my classroom I will have the procedure we will follow for a tornado and fire drill on a poster board, on the wall. I will explain what we will do in case of a tornado and fire 4 times a year, and we will practice these. For a tornado and fire warning I will blow my whistle twice, and have the students line up next to the door. I will then count the students and make sure I have everyone. We will then head outside or to the shelter where we are supposed to go. When we get there I will be sure to do a head count to make sure no one got lost on the way. We will practice this many times. If we are outside when these drills happen I will blow my whistle twice and the students will line up on an assigned spot, we will practice this. I will then go on with the proper procedure as done inside. Behavior Rules Individual During Physical Activity- I expect my students to stay actively engaged throughout the whole activity. I will expect my students to respect one another and play by the instructions the instructor gives. I also will expect my students to give full effort and participate in the activity to the best of their ability. Turning in assignments- In my classroom I expect assignments to be handed in on time and at the beginning of each class period. I will have a basket on my desk for the students to hand in their assignment. If an assignment is late they will get points deducted for every day it is late. I understand things happen so please come talk to me and we will figure something out if the assignment will be late. Group: Locker room pre/post activity-Before class begins the students are expected to come to class dressed to participate in physical activity. While dressing in the locker room the students are expected to get dressed, put their clothes in their locker, and lock it. After class the students are expected to shower, dress, and go to their next class. There will be no towel snapping, running around, or messing around. The students will be expected to take their dirty laundry home every 2 days and will keep the locker room clean and neat. Group: During physical activity- In my class room during group activity I expect my students to respect each other and work as a team to get the goal accomplished. I will expect my students to cooperate with each other and communicate with one another. Also during group activity the students will involve each member of their group. They will cheer on their group

members and be positive within the group. The students will demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout the activities. For high school I will have to walk around and make sure that all students are involved, as there will be more cliques in high school than middle school.