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April 2014
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* any items with a red star mean more detail is on page 2 1 2 Pray for the school bus for Haven of Hope, shipped and on its way to Ghana * 9 Pray for Ghana staff worker Mary’s mother & that the Gospel will not be hindered * 16 Pray that God will guide & show us the next steps as we seek to reach the K’jong 23 Pray as we develop leaders at Haven of Hope * 30 Pray for Joseph Crentsil, coordinator, Ghana, Central Region *





Every Child Ministries
* any items with a red star mean more detail is on page 2 6 Pray as the Rousters speak at Salem U.M. in Hebron, IN, 10:00am. Pray God bring new supporters. 13 7 Pray for Mary, working with the Tegotatoo counseling project, N Uganda * 14 Pray for Prince Atiglo, who had his 2nd major spinal surgery in March * 21 Pray for wisdom & grace for Mission Central staff & volunteers * 28 Pray for the over 2700 Sunday schools started through ECM training *


5 Pray for Ug Acting National Director, Resty, and Treasurer Sophie * 12 Pray for Kizito Twaha in the Ug Kamwokya project. He was hit by a car and cannot talk. 19 Pray for the UG Bible clubs that meet Saturdays, their leaders, the kids * 26 Pray that God would guide the Rousters & the Board through eventual transition * PRAISE Jesus has risen and He is coming back for us !

Pray for Uganda missionary family the Luckeys * 8 Pray for shrine owners & a priest of a shrine who have requested to hear the Gospel. 15 Pray for Tommy Afari, Ghana Nat’l Dir., & other Ghana staff * 22 Pray for Mayele, Congo Nat’l Dir., & other Congo staff * 29 Pray that our Haven of Hope kids will be fully prepared for life after leaving HH

Pray for the next slave liberation as a couple shrines have expressed interest 10 Pray for a key contact in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo) to aid Congo staff 17

Pray for a Board of Directors meeting this evening * 11 Pray we will find the most effective ways to relate to government at every level 18

Pray for ECM’s long term missionaries * 20 Pray for two young boys in the Ug K’jong proj that were just orphaned * 27 Pray as the Rousters speak at Pleasant Lake Mennonite Church in Pleasant Lake, IN, 10:30 am

Pray for Muslim kids in the Ug Gayaza project * 24 Pray for strong, regular giving to support the work *

Pray for needed child sponsors *

25 Pray for a renewed emphasis on evangelism in 2014 for all our projects *

Ghana Haven of Hope Academy Street Ministry Initiative vs. Ritual Servitude & Abuse Central Region Anti Child Trafficking Center

Uganda North Tegotatoo South Gayaza Kamwokya Karimojong Lwengo Way Home grannies project Afayo project

Congo Sunday Schools Street Ministry Prison Ministry

Orphan Ministry Leadership Training

Apr. 1 Luckeys daughter Janae, 12, after a misdiagnosis and wrong medication, has been diagnosed with Bilharzia, a disease caused by parasites. The family is now in the U.S. for treatment. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, complete recovery for Janae, and strength for the family. Apr. 2 Pray the bus gets cleared quickly & easily, and that no further money is expected. Apr. 4 Pray for wisdom for decisions that need to be made as important issues are discussed. Apr. 5 Pray for God’s wisdom to fill Resty as she confronts family issues & children’s emotional problems continuously. Pray she will have favor with the families. Pray for Sophie as she handles large sums of money, that she will continue to serve with integrity. Sophie also has a heavy administrative load. Apr. 7 Pray for the Tegotatoo Mothers’ Family Counseling. Pray for wisdom in the many family issues Mary confronts. Most of these women were widowed by Joseph Kony & the LRA, and have endured extreme hardships. Apr. 9 Our last report was that Mary’s mother cannot move or talk. Our understanding is that Mary’s mother recently accepted Christ. Mary is afraid that if her mother dies, people will say she died because she accepted Christ. This is a common superstition in Africa. Apr. 13 Pray for the effective selection of missionary candidates, for effective recruiting efforts, and for the time to devote to the process. Ug-Baugh family—pray for the funds & plans for The Way Home’s Discipleship Center. Pray for Cathy Hayes who still needs support after losing a major supporter, or needs wisdom to make cutbacks. Luckeys are in the U.S. seeking treatment for their daughter Janae, who has Bilharzia. Pray for the other Afayo team members, Courtney Wrinkle and Chris & Michelle Fisher, as they work with St. Paul school to raise funds & build additional classrooms. The Fishers also need to obtain their work permits. Pray for Nancy Cardoza’s vocational work with the women, that she would build relationships & disciples. Pray for Bruce & Janine Coker raising funds to work with the Afayo project. Pray that someone will be found to replace Melissa Rogers who was providing informal education in the north. Gh-Pray for Doug & Sally Wayner, home until July. Jim & Carolyn Driscoll just arrived back in Ghana and will now be serving in the Central Region. Pray for a good adjustment. CaSandra Williams has completed her six months with ECM working with the Slave Project in Aflao. She will continue on with ECM as a liason from the U.S., working from home and taking short term trips to check on the work. Pray for God’s wisdom & guidance. Apr. 14 Doctors installed another rod, this time in his upper back. He was to stay 6 weeks at the hospital, then go to an orthopedic training center until Haven of Hope missionaries the Wayners return to Ghana in July. But he was released early on March 20 and is now at Haven of Hope. Pray for healing from the surgery and his adjustment to Haven of Hope.

Apr. 15 Pray that Abby, Felicia, Mary, Judith, Rita, Stephen, and all our Ghana staff will be effective in their work, have a strong sense of priorities, work effectively with staff, and serve with integrity. Apr. 17 One has recently accepted Christ and we believe one is very close. There may be family interferences. Apr. 18 Pray for kids still needing sponsorship, especially those that have lost sponsors. Apr. 19 Gayaza, Kamwokya, Lwengo, Karimojong & Tegotatoo. Leaders Allen, Richard, Amos, Recho & the committee in the north (Denis, Mary, Nyamchika & Eric). Denis Acire is now the leader of the committee in the north. Pray for him as he assumes this new responsibility. Apr. 20 Sponsored boy Meddy Maruk and his younger brother Matthew Angolere were orphaned the day before Christmas. The mother’s cousin took them in and she passed away the day after New Years Day, also leaving a baby boy, Emmanuel, who passed away during Lorella’s trip to Uganda in February. Pray for Meddy &Matthew that they would have understanding of the situation and that God would comfort them. Apr. 21 Monica Miles, Ira Taylor, Sandi Enyeart, Becky Crum, and John & Lorella. Pray also for bookkeeping volunteers Pat Horner & Denise Elder who assist staff. Ask God to give each wisdom, a sense of priorities & ability to manage time well, grace in dealing with issues. Apr. 22 Pray for Mayele, Mala, Mupepe, Kuyimba, Munguba, Kongolo, Etienne, and all our Congo staff. Pray they will serve faithfully in spite of the many difficulties as they live and serve. Apr. 23 Rita has been named Haven of Hope Director, and Stephen Assistant Director, both Ghanaians. Pray that they would develop as leaders, and that we would find more Ghanaians able to fill leadership roles. Apr 24 Pray that sponsors that are not able to continue will notify us as soon as they know there is a problem. Pray for support partners for our African staff, especially those that have long been faithful & extremely useful over an extended time: Tommy in Ghana; Mary, Sophie & Resty in Uganda; Munguba, Moise & Ipala in Congo. Pray for more support for specific projects, and more undesignated funds. Pray for speaking engagements to share opportunities to partner for the Lord’s work. Apr. 25 In 2014 we are asking all our staff & missionaries to place a renewed emphasis on evangelism with a goal of making sure every person in all our projects has the best opportunity we can give them to hear the Gospel this year. Apr. 26 Rousters are hoping to transition from Directors to other leadership, with a goal of 2016. Pray God will be preparing the right leaders and will reveal them at the right time. ECM also needs an English speaking staff member in Congo. This is necessary so the Congo work can continue after Rousters. Apr. 28 Pray that teachers will be committed, faithful, and true to the Word. Pray they will make Sunday school fun, interesting, and significant to the children. Apr. 30 Joseph is coordinator of the Ghana Central Region sponsorship project. Pray that Joseph will have a full understanding of his responsibilities and serve with integrity. Pray that the children under his care will thrive and understand the Gospel.