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Tajima TMFX User Manual

(C) 2009-2010 PLR Electronics


Control Panel Keys

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MENU KEY A: Memory and read operations MENU KEY B: Color change programming, scaling, rotation MENU KEY C: Maximum RPM and stitch counter MENU KEY D: Manual operations, ATH SET KEY: To select, reset errors, install FRAME TRAVEL KEY: At top right. Activates jog dial, returns to main menu JOG DIAL: Spin inner dial to make menu selections, or to change sewing speed F1 KEY: Jump settings F2 KEY: Inch parameters, upper thread break settings F3 KEY: ATH, UTC, CAP settings F4 KEY: Network connection F5 KEY: Not used in TMFX, is START button on TMEX F6 KEY: Not used in TMFX, is STOP button on TMEX

Press the SET key to select the design shown. Spin the inner jog dial to scroll. 8. 6. 1. and it will default to the first available. 2. 7. SET + POWERUP: Start installation and configuration process F3 + POWERUP: Start configuration without installating SET + F2 KEY: Maximum RPM setting D + POWERUP: Color change potentiometer setting Start Stop buttons   START BUTTON: Press to start. Spin the jog dial or press SET when ready. 4. The file will now be loaded. The first file found on the disk will display. Press the SET key to start reading from the disk drive. FLOPPY FORMAT: Picture of floppy disk. . Load a new design Loading from the Disk Drive or USB Floppy Emulator. Please wait. You will now be asked for a memory location. Formatting of disks. 3. 5. Finished! You don't have a USB replacement yet? Purchase a new USB Floppy Disk Drive for your Tajima TMFX machine! Look at the front page of PLR Electronics for more! Loading from the Tape Reader or USB Reader. hold to move frame continuously Frame move  ARROW KEYS: To manually move the pantograph. Press MENU KEY A until number 2 F: is displayed. Data editing.      DATA EDIT KEY: Picture of scissors. hold down to inch STOP BUTTON: Press to stop or move frame one stitch.

It is now asking you to program the first color. When you press MENU KEY B. Finished! NOTE: Designs loaded from the tape reader port will not be able to use the TRACE function. 8. Press MENU KEY A until number 1 M: is displayed. Setting color change 1. Spin the inside of the jog dial to select desired design. 4. Now select a memory location with the jog dial. 2. 5. wait for completion. You will now be asked to identify the tape data. 2. Finished! Erasing design in memory . 6. Press SET. Spin the inner jog dial and press SET when ready. Tajima designed it this way. 3. 4. then spin the dial until it says AC:o and press SET twice. Press SET twice at the end. The outer jog dial will move between codes if you make a mistake. If auto color change is not active. Press MENU KEY B until number 2 NDL(01): is displayed. Press MENU KEY A until number 3 T: is displayed. 8. 6. Press SET to finish. it should say 1 AC:o AS:o.1. Spin the jog dial and choose T for Tajima tape. Repeat until done. Be sure that automatic color change has been activated. 3. 3. Select a design in memory 1. 7. The reader will now start downloading. 2. 7. 5. Press SET.

Press SET to finish. Press MENU KEY D until number 1 M_NDL: is displayed. Manual color change 1. 2. 4. Spin the inside of the jog dial to select design to delete. Press MENU KEY A until number 5 DM: is displayed. 3. Spin the inner jog dial until a circle is displayed instead of a minus. 3. 2. first! Configuration .is displayed. Press SET. 3.1. The speaker will beep continuously to warn you that you are in delete mode. 4. Press SET to finish. 4. Make sure the needle will not hit the hoop. Erasing all designs 1. 2. 2. The speaker will beep continuously to warn you that you are in delete mode. Press MENU KEY A until number 5 DM: is displayed. 3. Spin the inside of the jog dial until it says 5 DM:00. Immediate thread trimming 1. Spin the inner jog dial and press SET. The needle will change to the new location. Press MENU KEY D until number 2 M_ATH:. It will list the current needle position.

Reinstall. 2. Check card. 2B6: Tape reader error. No data coming in. 291: Thread break. 8. Please check or re-center. 2B7: Please load data first. Erase designs. 4. Turn off machine. It will ask for number of needles. 2BC: No data in memory here. 322: The X-card is giving an error signal. B01: Floppy disk format is not correct. or the floppy drive configured correctly? B03: Floppy is marked as read-only. select 2 and press SET. 2B4: Tape reader error. 3D6: CPU card detects problem with main program. 3D1: Battery error. choose N1 and press SET. please change. Please reset all units. It will ask for what kind of floppy disk drive. 312: Main shaft encoder giving incorrect signal. and press SET. 382: Color change motor is not moving. Check connections. 2CE: Beam sensor is tripped.1. Data is corrupted. so spin the dial until it says MINUS -. or the floppy drive configured correctly? B02: Floppy file system is not correct. 281: Color change cannot reach needle position. Hold down F3 and turn on the machine at same time. Is the disk bad. Make the proper selection and press SET. 323: The Y-card is giving an error signal. It will ask for the type of head cards. . if you have a TMFX or TMEX or TMFXII. Finished! Error codes                               211: Main shaft not at fixed position. In most cases. Check for bind. 311: Main motor not spinning. It will now blink FX:2. 2B3: Tape reader error. 383: The color change location is not valid for running the head. Re-do this selection if you get false thread brakes continuously. Data is out of order. Is the disk bad. 2BA: Memory full. 2C2: Incorrect option. 7. 3. Check for binds. It is usually 2 but not always. Check connections. press SET when ready. Try erasing all memory. 316: The S-card is giving an error signal. Check card. 6. Check main shaft if it is bound. 2B8: Trying to run machine while data is still loading. 2B9: Memory writing error. 2B2: Tape reader error. 5. 2B5: Sequin data has an error. 2BB: Cannot frame back any more. Spin manually or use the ATH function. Check potentiometer. Check card. It will ask if you have the optional ATH sensor. 225: Stitching outside of cap frame space. 2B1: Tape reader error. No reader is detected. make sure both mirrors are aligned. Check the S-card if it is active. In most cases NO. End code data is incorrect.

C01: No response to floppy drive activation signal. BC1: No tajima designs found. 1B2: Stop due to stop code. 3D6. Re-try. If error code 311. 1B5: Stop due to sequin code. please contact our repair department at PLR Electronics. 1B1: Stop due to frame stepping. BC4: Floppy write failed. 323. Click here for other embroidery machine manuals (C) 2009-2010 PLR Electronics . BC2: Cannot overwrite same name design. 1B3: Stop due to end of design. Check drive configuration. BC5: Floppy disk is full.            B04: Floppy drive says no disk is inserted. Check drive configuration. or blank screen on power up. 1B4: Stop due to thread trim. 322. 1C1: Stop due to stop button.