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Throughout the semester we maintained regular contact in a variety ways: on-site visits, email, phone, and bi-weekly seminars

. As Carmen’s University Consultant, I also oversaw all aspects of her internship, including the Professional Study component. Prior to the beginning of the semester, Carmen completed the Faculty of Education piano proficiency exam - a requirement for all music majors. She also identified goals for her Professional Growth Plan and her Professional Inquiry Project (PIP) and developed an action plan to achieve her goals. Carmen’s successfully completed her PIP, which focused on effective strategies for teaching vocal technique to elementary students. Another aspect of Carmen’s professional study was attending and actively contributing to five professional development seminars. The interns assumed ownership for these seminars by identifying the topics for discussion and taking turns working in committees to plan and present the sessions. The committees set the agenda, arranged for any guest speakers and/or resource materials needed, and presented the session. Carmen’s committee presented a very successful session on “More on assessment/evaluation in music classes/Parent-Teacher Interviews.” Finally, interns were responsible for ongoing portfolio development. The portfolio is used as a powerful tool for reflection, as well as for showcasing the intern’s professional knowledge, skills, and attributes. Portfolio Showcase Interviews were conducted during the first two weeks of December with the Intern Teacher, Teacher Mentors, Administrator, and University Consultant in attendance. Using her e-portfolio to showcase her professional attainments, Carmen demonstrated her achievement of each of the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes) required for Interim Certification in Alberta by discussing aspects of her professional teaching practice and responding to questions. As part of her Portfolio Showcase Interview, Carmen also presented the findings of her PIP. Based on the my observations and interactions with Ms. Carmen McDowell described above, and input from her Teacher Mentor Ms. Julie Vereshagin and Administrator Mr. Marlin Hogg, I am happy to report that Carmen McDowell has met or surpassed all requirements of her Professional Semester III internship. Ms. McDowell successfully completed her Portfolio Showcase Interview on December 13, 2013. Her portfolio provides tangible evidence that she meets all of the KSAs described in the Teaching Quality Standard required for Interim Certification in the province of Alberta. It has been a pleasure working with Carmen over the past semester and I have every reason to believe that she will be a very effective teacher! I have read the complete Final Report and certify that the assigned grade is PASS.

____________________________________ Signature Dr. Edwin B. Wasiak Associate Professor of Music Education University Consultant

Date: December 13, 2013