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Go to: http://www.epa.

gov/oar/oaqps/gooduphigh/ Click on: Good Up High Answer the following questions in your own words: (On separate piece of paper) 1: How can ozone be both good and bad? The ground-level (bad) ozone is an air pollutant that is harmful to breathe and damages life, it generall e!tends about " miles up to meet the second la er, the stratosphere which is the #good$ ozone, it protects life on %arth from the sun&s harmful ultraviolet ra s' (: )hat is happening to the #good$ ozone la er? *t is being destro ed b man-made chemicals +nown as ozone depleting substances, li+e chlorofluorocarbons, h drochlorofluorocarbons, halons, meth l ect' These substances were formal and still are used as coolants, foaming agents, fire e!tinguishers, pesticides ect' ,nce it is released into the air the degrade slowl ' The can remain intact for ears as the move through the troposphere until the reach the stratosphere which is where the are bro+en down b the sun&s -. ra s and release chlorine and bromine molecules, destro ing the #good$ ozone' /: How much damage can 1 0hlorine atom do? %!plain' 111,111 #good$ ozone molecules because the are bro+en down b 2un&s -. ra s and release chlorine and bromine molecules' 3: How does the #good$ ozone protect the %arth? *t decreases the amounts of -. radiation which can lead to more cases of s+in cancer, cataracts, and impaired immune s stems' ,vere!posure to -. is believed to be contributing to the increase in melanoma' -. can also damage crops' 4: )hat is being done about ozone depletion? *n 1565 161 countries and the -'2 adopted to the treat 7ontreal 8rotocol to phase out the production and use of ozone depleting substances' %89 has regulations to phase out ozone depleting chemicals in the -'2, warning levels must be placed on all products containing 0:0s or similar substances' Click on: Bad Nearby 1: )hat causes #bad$ ozone? *t is created b chemical reactions between o!ides of nitrogen (;o!) and volatile organic compounds (.,0) in the presence of sunlight' (: )hat are some sources of bad ozone? The ma<or sources are emissions from industrial facilities and electric utilities, motor vehicles e!haust, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents'

/: How does #bad$ ozone affect human health and environment? =reathing ozone can trigger health problems li+e chest pains, coughing, throat irritation, and congestion' *t can worsen bronchitis, emph sema and asthma' *n the environment is can damage vegetation and ecos stems b reducing agriculture crop and commercial forest ields' 3: )hat is being done about #bad$ ozone? 0lean 9ir 9ct, %89 has set protective health based standards for ozone in the air we breathe' %89, state, and cities have instituted a variet of multifaceted programs to meet these health based standards 4: )hat can we do>actions can we ta+e to reduce our ris+s? 0arpooling is the most common wa to reduce harmful emissions' !one" #ir Now Go to: In the far right corner- choose Ozone- found under Air Quality asics! "ead a#out good and #ad ozone and answer the following questions! 1: )here is the good ozone located and what is its function? *t naturall occurs in the %arth&s upper atmosphere " to /1 miles above the %arth&s surface' *t has a protective la er that shields us from the sun&s -. ra s' (: )hat depletes good ozone? 7an-made chemicals li+e chlorofluorocarbons' /: )here is the bad ozone located and what creates it? )hat does ;,? and .,0 stand for? *t is located in the %arth&s lower atmosphere near ground level' *t is formed when pollutants emitted b cars, power plants, industrial boilers, ect' ;,? stands for sources of o!ides of nitrogen and .,0 stands for volatile organic compounds' 3: @ist three health problems associated with bad ozone' ($int: %ou &ay need to go to Ozone and your $ealth- $ow can ground-le'el ozone affect your health() ma+e it more difficult to breathe cause coughing and sore of scratch throat inflame and damage the airwa s

4: )croll down to the Air Quality Inde* +olor +hart- ,rite down a one-word descriptor of each color code! Green" Aood Good $ellow" 7oderate range" -nhealth %ed" sic+ &urple" deadl ": 9fter answering this Buestion, go bac+ to #ir Now at: *n the far left corner, choose National verview and then choose !one Now. 'hat is the current o!one reading (or our area) CCCmoderateCCCCCC *use color code+ ,he #-. (or /tudents Go to: How Go to:

!one is 0or1ed- ,atch the 'ideo and ta-e notes!

Good Up High3 Bad Nearby- ,atch the 'ideo and ta-e notes!

ozone is created from nitrogen o!ides and volatile organic compounds the come from factories, power plants, cars in the presence of sunlight ,zone is formed /1og City 4" /ave the /1og City (ro1 Go to: .nstructions: +hange the settings in )&og +ity and notice the effects that those changes ha'e on the a&ount of s&og the city produces and the air quality! ,n our paper, take notes about what the various condition changes do to the #-.' Which set of conditions produce the best possible scenario for the city? small population not man consumer products not man industries more trees small amount of off road transpiration not too man cars mostl renewable energ temp' between 41 and 61 somewhat high levels of wind low altitude clouds !one

Which set of conditions produce the worst scenario for the people, animals and plants of Smog City? high population man industries a lot of cars and truc+s no nonrenewable energ source /u11ary: ,n our paper, write a 2-3 paragraph summary about what ou have learned about ozone, ozone depletion, ozone destruction and air quality b completing this assignment' 5ake sure to use the new vocabulary that you have learned. ,zone is a gas that occurs both in the %arth&s upper atmosphere and at ground level' Due to the release of pollution containing the chemicals chlorine and bromine the ozone la er is deteriorating' This allows large amounts of ultraviolet ra s to reach the earth which can result in s+in cancer and cataracts in humans, as well as harm animals' ,zone occurs in two la ers of the atmosphere' The la er closest to the %arth&s surface is called the ground-level or better +nown as the #bad$ ozone' This is an air pollutant that is ver harmful to breathe causing various health problems as well as effects to the environment li+e damaging crops, trees and other vegetation' The troposphere e!tends upward for about " to /1 miles up, where it meets the stratosphere, but better +nown #good$ ozone' This part protects life on %arth from the sun&s harmful -. ra s' How ozone is produced is naturall in the stratosphere, but sadl it is slowl but surl getting destro ed b man-made chemicals li+e chlorofluorocarbons (0:0s), h drochlorofluorocarbons (H0:0s) ect' ,nce the are released into the air the degrade ver slowl sometimes remaining intact for ears as the move through the troposphere until the reach the stratosphere' ,nce the get there the are bro+en down b -. ra s resulting in the release of chlorine and bromine molecules which in the end destro the #good$ ozone' 9ir Bualit for ozone is ver important because if Bualities are unhealth the can lead to problems breathing, even low levels of ozone can cause effects' 8eople with lung diseases, children or older adults, and people who are active outdoors ma be particularl sensitive to ozone' ,zone e!posures ma also increase the ris+ of premature death from heart or lung disease' )a s to +eep the air clean is to conserve energ at home, wor+, ever where, carpool or use public transportation, bi+e or wal+ instead of driving' These are little acts an one can do or advice others to do' 8lus a little e!ercise never +illed an bod '