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Matanics 11th grade American History class CREATING YOUR Paper TIMELINE (BOSTON TEA PARTY)

Information relayed clearly from research found

Exemplary: 100 pts.

Successfully shows understanding of events leading to Boston tea Party events from 17561773 through the information gathered from the web quest and extra information found on internet.

Acceptable: 80 pts.
Able to relay the information, but not a real clear understanding what the events from 1756-1773 had to deal with the Boston Tea party of 1773.

Do better: 60 pts.

Revisit: 20pts

Needs major work on relaying information about the events from French Indian war of 1756, and the events in between leading to 1773 Boston Tea Party.

Very noticeable that the student(s) didnt understand anything about the events from French Indian war 1756 and the events in the middle leading to Boston Tea Party of 1773.

Information completed

All the facts 2-3 facts or more was completed per drop down on paper for the timeline project.

Most of the facts were in 2-2 facts were on each section on the paper.

50% of the information was completed for the project.

-25% of the information was completed for the project.

Paper timeline appearance

The paper timeline shows understanding of the project. Student(s) use of color and creativeness shows a great understanding and presents the project more attractive.

Paper timeline shows some understanding (NOT ALL) of the project, some pictures do not make sense with the theme of the project.

Paper timeline does not show understanding of the project. Color, pictures do not enhance the project. Or hasnt been shown at all.

There is no paper timeline with which the project is supposed to be put together on.

Mr.Matanics 11th grade American History class CREATING YOUR Paper TIMELINE (BOSTON TEA PARTY)
Correct spelling, grammar and organization of the final project Flow/ Navigation
No errors were found and everything is spelled correctly, and no grammatical error. And organized. Some spelling and grammar errors were found. The organization was a little off. More than 50% spelling and grammar errors found. There was little or no organization to the presentation Flow and navigation is good, but quiet a lot of places that dont make sense, student(s) seem confused. More then 75% was in corrected and unorganized. Or no project at all.

The flow and navigation is great! Student(s) know what they are talking about

Flow and navigation is great, a few places on the paper timeline that the flow is distorted.

No project all together.

Total Points

Students name: