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Libyan PM ousted after tanker escapes to sea with crude oil
The Libyan parliament ousted Prime Minister li !eidan on Tuesday after a tan"er laden with crude oil from a rebel#held terminal in eastern Libya bro"e throu$h a na%al bloc"ade and escaped to sea& MPs said that a no#confidence motion was appro%ed by 124 of the 1'4 members of the (eneral )ational *on$ress +()*,, four more than the re-uired ma.ority& Libya/s former 0efence Minister bdullah al#Thani was sworn in as prime minister of the careta"er $o%ernment late Tuesday, a ()* statement said& The )orth 1orean#fla$$ed ship, which had loaded at least 224,000 barrels of crude, is the first %essel to ha%e loaded oil from a rebel#held terminal since the re%olt a$ainst the Tripoli authorities erupted in 3uly last year& lthou$h !eidan/s $o%ernment had threatened armed action to pre%ent the tan"er $ettin$ away with its car$o of oil bou$ht from the rebels/ self#declared autonomous re$ional $o%ernment, bad weather pre%ented the )a%y/s %essels from followin$ the hu$e ship out into the Mediterranean from the port of l#4idra, ()* members said& 5The oil tan"er too" ad%anta$e of poor weather conditions to head for the open sea& The ships that were surroundin$ it were not in a position to follow,5 one ()* member told reporters& bdel"ader 6ouili, who sits on the ()*/s ener$y committee, told l#)abaa tele%ision that the na%y/s warships, which mainly consist of fast patrol boats, had been forced to sail close to the coast because of the weather& 5The tan"er then too" ad%anta$e of the $ap to head for the open sea,5 he said& +With inputs from 7P,


fell o%er and hit the 84 on his head& The 84 was conscious and bleedin$ from his head and face& The *8 as"ed one of the assistin$ shore personnel to call an ambulance& 6e called the master and applied first aid to the in.ontal position. e%en thou$h a lar$e amount of $as cylinders used to be e9chan$ed at each port call& The wor" was not planned and or$anised to ensure safe wor"in$ conditions& The cylinders were not secured one by one because no instruction to do so was $i%en& R!%OMM!N#"TION& The In%esti$ation 0i%ision recommended to the shippin$ company to in%esti$ate how to handle and store lar$e amounts of *82 and o9y$en cylinders in a more safe and easy way& 4ource= 0M I: . one cylinder.INJURY TO T ! $"%T& !"# 8rdinary 4eaman suffered hea%y facial and head contusions when a *82 cylinder he and others were placin$ on rac"s on dec" fell on him while he was in a s-uattin$ position& While in port. where it was determined that he sustained hea%y bruisin$ on his ri$ht face near the eye but no fractures& %ONLU&ION& The rac" $a%e no trans%erse support to the cylinders& The cylinder tilted because of mo%ement of the ship and because it was not yet secured& <ach one needed to be lifted nine centimetres from dec" and $uided into the rac" for stowa$e& crew member s-uattin$ on the dec" beside the cylinder rac"s is in a %ulnerable situation and can be hit by a tiltin$ cylinder& )o 4afe 3ob nalysis was laid down for this specific tas". each wei$hin$ about '0 "ilos& The*hief 8fficer assi$ned a bosun. an : and an 84 to perform the tas"& They wore helmets& The cylinders were loaded by means of a car$o net from ashore and landed on dec" ri$ht behind the accommodation area& The cylinders were landed in a hori. from where they were pushed towards the stora$e rac" and a piece of wood was placed at the end of each rac"& <ach cylinder was canted with the bottom to position them onto the rac" lane& The : was holdin$ the cylinder on top while the 84 was s-uattin$ on the dec" holdin$ at the bottom helpin$ to push the cylinder to the rac" lane& 4uddenly. a ship was to load some 120 cylinders with pressurised *82 and o9y$en.ured 84& The 84 was disembar"ed on a stretcher and brou$ht to the hospital. already placed in the rac" but not yet secured.

thou$h thin$s are still uncertain& The $rain terminals of the Port of 4e%astopol on the *rimean Peninsula. the Port of 1herson in southern part of the country is loo"in$ 5more a$$ressi%e5.Philippines lod'es protest o(er ships )blocked) by %hina The Philippines said on Tuesday it had lod$ed a formal protest after two 7ilipino %essels were pre%ented from brin$in$ supplies to marines by the *hinese coast$uard on a disputed shoal in the 4outh *hina 4ea& The 7orei$n Ministry said the *hinese char$e d/affaires was summoned o%er the March ' incident on 4econd Thomas 4hoal. 0ias Marine added& *ompared to the Port of 1herson. 0ias Marine *onsultants *o Ltd said in a statement& 5The same can be said about leadin$ ports on the .o.5 read the statement& 6owe%er. 8"tyabrs"iy ports.o% 4ea.5 the 0epartment of 7orei$n ffairs said in a statement& It said the two Philippine#fla$$ed ci%ilian ships had been contracted by the Philippine na%y to deli%er supplies and e-uipment as well as replacement troops to the isolated outcrop& *hina/s 7orei$n Ministry spo"esman >in (an$ said the two %essels 5infrin$ed *hina/s territorial so%erei$nty5 and 5%iolated5 the code of conduct for the 4outh *hina 4ea& Philippines 7orei$n 0epartment spo"esman ?aul 6ernande. later told reporters that two *hinese coast$uard boats bloc"ed the Philippine %essels and used 5si$nboard. )ibulon pri%ate $rain terminal as well as )i"olae% ?i%er and )i"olaye% seaports are more stable. Mariupol and :erdyans". shipment operations are reportedly runnin$ normally& The future of @"rainian ports in terms of pri%atisation is un"nown& 0enys ?abomi. 8dessa.hny are 5stable5 and 5under control5 but other ports are less secure. Ilyiche%s" and Au. said= 50ue to the chan$e of state power in @"raine. the country/s three lar$est ports. sirens and me$aphones5 to order them to lea%e the area& + 7P. the ports of 0neprobu$s"iy. which sits around 200"m from the western Philippine island of Palawan and is part of the contested 4pratly island $roup& 5*hina/s actions constitute a clear and ur$ent threat to the ri$hts and interests of the Philippines. Ukrainian ports stable * under control 0espite the current crisis in @"raine. it is -uite possible that ad.o Law 7irm. a spo"esperson from ?abomi.ustments will be made in the process of pri%atisation of @"rainian sea ports&5 . where the situation in the towns is -uiet and "ept under control.

with added %alue down E&EG year#on#year. and 2H&12 million people wor"ed in ocean#related . the London PBI *lub reported& COMMERCE %hina)s +ariti+e (alue e. spo"esman with the 4tate 8ceanic dministration& 4hi said that in 2012. accordin$ to 4hi& PORT NEWS Protest rally in Piraeus a'ainst port pri(atisation protest rally was held at 1arais"a"i 4-uare in central Piraeus./0bln The $ross product %alue $enerated by *hina/s marine industry in 2012 was @40 DD4&' billion. wea" downstream industries and increased imports of sea salts. @4 limited sanctions due to the situation in @"raine& 8perators whose %essels are due to load car$oes from 1erch and Theodosia. (reece on Tuesday. security and stability of @"raine. up E&FG year#on#year.obs& ffected by the international mar"et. should be aware that customsClocal authorities may deny @"rainian car$oes customs clearance and may pre%ent andCor cause delays to loadin$& The <@ has issued 0ecision 2014C11'C*74P and *ouncil ?e$ulation )o 20DC2014 which relate to the free. *rimea. the London PBI *lub has issued news alert to pro%ide information on the new <@. said 4hi >in$fen$.ceeds U&# --. howe%er. 4hi told Iinhua& The added %alue of the sea salt industry in 2012 declined by D&1G from 2012. $ross oceanic production accounted for '&HG of the country/s (0P. accordin$ to a report released by the country/s maritime authority on Tuesday& 6owe%er. affected by rainy weather. to oppose the pri%atisation of . the President has si$ned a new <9ecuti%e 8rder imposin$ sanctions a$ainst any indi%idual or entity responsible for or complicit in actions that undermine the democratic process or threaten the peace. *hina/s shippin$ industry in 2012 showed a declinin$ trend in profits and e9ports. followed by a march to the shippin$ and e$ean$ of funds and economic resources of desi$nated persons identified as responsible for misappropriation of @"rainian state funds and %iolence& In the @4. de%elopment of the shippin$ industry and sea salts industry continued to decline.

who said the port should stay in the hands of the municipality.on Locsin Montelibano Memorial ?e$ional 6ospital in :acolod *ity.tra (i'ilant when transitin' 2 "frica The International Maritime :ureau +IM:. as piracy in the re$ion has become a cause of concern& . particularly around )i$eria.plosion onboard car'o ship 4i9 crewmembers suffered se%ere burns followin$ an e9plosion onboard a Philippines car$o ship. left#win$ politicians and trade union members were amon$ those demonstratin$ a$ainst the plans of the 6ellenic ?epublic sset 0e%elopment 7und to sell a ma. the Philippine *oast (uard +P*(. who warned that len$thy stri"es would be a 5serious mista"e5 at a difficult period for the producti%e process. said in a statement& n initial in%esti$ation indicates the blast occurred when crew members were conductin$ weldin$ operations in the %essel/s en$ine room to repair lea"s to the ship/s fuel tan". the P*( said& 6owe%er. the other crew members immediately responded to the accident and were able to contain the fire. ) reported& The port/s pri%atisation was also opposed by Piraeus Mayor Jassilis Michalolia"os.ority share of the port to pri%ate interests& The march be$an at 12=20 local time and reached the Jassiliadi coast rou$hly half an hour later. which would also allow central $o%ernment to e9ercise strate$ic policy by appointin$ the board chairman of the port& INCIDENT 1 crew+e+bers hurt followin' e.Piraeus port& 0oc" wor"ers. in its annual piracy report has warned of the dan$ers to ships transitin$ West frican waters. where a dele$ation of wor"ers and left#win$ MPs met with 4hippin$ and e$ean Minister Miltiadis Jar%itsiotis. 4hippin$ Ministry ci%ilian staff. Philippines& The crewmembers were rushed to *ora. :enin and To$o& It has as"ed ships to be e9tra cautious when transitin$ West frica. added the statement& 7ire officer confirmed that the crew members were not wearin$ protecti%e $ears when the fuel tan" e9ploded& 7urther in%esti$ation is underway& &hips asked to be e. which was doc"ed at :redco Port in :acolod *ity.

efficiency and e9cellent manoeu%rability for these %essels. each featurin$ two ?olls#?oyce HF 2 stainless steel water technolo$y for the ne9t $eneration of <uropean wor"boats bein$ deli%ered by 4outh :oats I8W& They are one of the leadin$ builders of wind farm support %essels and we loo" forward to continuin$ our relationship with them in this e9pandin$ mar"et& 5?olls#?oyce water . one 24m and two 2Fm aluminium catamarans.ets for three wind farm support %essels to be built by 4outh :oats I8W for the offshore wind transfer %essel operator 4eacat 4er%ices& In one of the bi$$est orders made for wind farm wor"boats. the pirates released the %essel& The IM: said that since pirates had ne%er attac"ed so far south. said= 5We are deli$hted that ?olls# ?oyce has been selected to pro%ide water .5 :rett said in a press release& This latest order brin$s the number of ?olls#?oyce powered %essels in ser%ice or on order from 4outh :oats I8W and their sister company licat Wor"boats to 24& SHIPPING DATA 5"LTI% !6% "N7! Market snapshot: 1100 GMT .ac"ed the Liberian#fla$ product tan"er. one %essel has been hi. )i$erian pirates hi. will be used to transfer people and car$o to the $rowin$ number of offshore wind farms around the coast of <urope& ndy :rett. it is li"ely that %essels in the area are not aware of the dan$er& HI-TECH Rolls3Royce secures contract to supply water 4ets ?olls#?oyce has secured a contract to supply water .ac"ed and si9 ha%e been boarded in West frica since the be$innin$ of the year& In technolo$y offers a combination of speed. which will re$ularly operate in challen$in$ sea conditions with stron$ winds and currents& These are essential factors when safely transferrin$ people and e-uipment onto the turbine structures.ccordin$ to IM:/s Li%e Piracy Map. spar"in$ fears that these $an$s were now %enturin$ further south& <i$ht days later after the car$o was ille$ally transferred in a ship#to#ship operation alon$ the West frican coast. ?olls#?oyce Marine 4ales Mana$er # @1.

/n C%rren0y in 1$D Britain +!o%nd12## & Canada +Do.oty023 84 5%ssia +5%9.ippines +!eso020 5 !o./n C%rren0y 02#014 121105 #21401 024 10 #02&550 113&5200 10 2&100 52&5 1 4424800 320500 3#244 # 12 #44 &2 408 ..s.ar02&005 China +*%an021# & 3%ro 123840 India +5%pee0201#4 Indonesia +5%piah.ar0248&0 1kraine +'ry:nia02108 1$D in .and +8.e020 44 $in/apore +Do.Dry Index Capesize Index !ana"ax Index $%pra"ax Index 'andysize Index BDI BCI B!I B$I B'$I 1580 3045 1104 114& ### +18 + +1# +1 +3 !6% "N7! R"T!& (e) *ork +T%e C..02000088 6apan +*en0200&414 (or)ay +7rone021#80 !hi.

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