I am niranjan kaushik a professional consultant in BANGALORE my gurus are poojya,Dr.B.

V RAMAN,Mr Sanjay Rath and Mr Narasimha Rao along with my guruji Mr Ramesh of Bangalore

ANALYSING THE HOUSE OF KARMA The house of karma is also known as mesurana as per puranas and this is denoted by the 10th house of the natal chart. Before analysing the house of karma or profession or occupation one must not forget the principle of SUDARSHANA or the tripod method of analysing any house or bhava.As per this dictum the house concerned has to be analysed from ascentant(lagna),moon langa and sun lagna which ever is strong.The criterion for the selection of the bhava is based on a strong base which is shown by the strength of the lagna.Now how does lagna become strong..this is basic astrology technique,but still I shall mention the methodoloy. See whether these points are occupied by planets,if so ascertain the number of planets and their placement and their lordship,are they in their friendly sign and if they are being aspected by any benefic planets.Just as a plant needs water,fertiliser and good quality soil so is the boosting effect on the planets occupying the lagna,now from this point one has to ascertain the 10th house,10th bhavaetc,etc. The next criterion is the strength of the 10th lord so selected in the navamsa chart or the D 9 chart.This chart as per vedic shastras is a supportive chart to that of rasi.This chart shows the improvement of planets and development of it during the life of the native. Suppose one of the planet in natal chart is in debilitation and goes to a friendly varga or portion in the navamsa chart,this trend indicates good things to come in future in the major/minor/sub periods of the planet in question. The nakshatra or the star occupied by the 10th lord is very very important to determine the nature of profession.The placement of the 10th lord along with the star lord is also important in all the charts,namely rasi chart,navamsa and dashamsa charts. Thus this is a small note on piciking up the karma bhava to be analysed.I shall give certain hints in the form of notes during my future upload.This is my first up load.

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