Stress Management

Stress is a dynamic condition in which a person is faced with constraint and strains. Emotional Disequilibrium is stress.

Forms of Stress
Milder Form The milder form of stress is visible in digestive problems, high blood pressure, nervousness and inability to relax and insomnia.

Forms of Stress
Stiffer Form If the stress is not prevented at the initial milder stage, it becomes stiffer form.

Forms of Stress
Chronic Form Chronic worry, insomnia,frustration, instability and uncooperative attitude are developed if stress is not checked initially.

Chronic forms of Stress
1. Burn-Out Individuals are emotionally exhausted under “Burn-Out”. 2. Trauma The most serious form of stress is “Trauma”.

Causes of Stress
1. Environmental Factors. 2. Organizational Factors. 3. Group Factors. 4. Individual Factors. e. Personal Characteristics f. Life Changes g. Role Perceptions

Coping Strategies For Stress
Individual Strategies 1. Time Management 2. Physical Exercises 3. Behavioral Self – Control

Coping Strategies For Stress
Organizational Strategies 1. Goal Setting and job designing 2. Reducing conflicts 3. Creating healthy climate 4. Providing Counseling

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