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Published by: Coli George on Apr 14, 2014
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ETABS Tutorial 23. Select the Design menu > Composite Beam Design > Verify all Members Passed command.

The resulting message indicates that all members passed the steel frame design check. Click OK to close the message. 24. Select the Design menu > Composite Beam Design > Verify Analysis vs Design Section command. This opens a message box that tells us that analysis and design sections differ for 54 members, all composite beams in the structure. Clearly we need to iterate on the analysis and design procedure. 25. Click No to close the form without selecting the members.

Iterate for Final Design
For the first analysis, ETABS used the median-weight section for each auto-selection section property set. For subsequent analyses, the program will use the current design sections for the analysis section properties. In this example these are the minimum-weight sections chosen by the steel frame and composite beam design checking procedures. The analysis results may change since the new sections may have different weight and stiffness than the sections used previously, and this in turn may affect the design results. We proceed as follows: 1. Perform the analysis: • • , on the top toolbar. Click the Run Analysis button, Click Run on the Run Options form. When the analysis is complete, scroll through the analysis messages to see if any warning or error messages are present, then click the OK button to close the analysis window.

1. Perform the steel frame design check: • Select the Design menu > Steel Frame Design > Start Design/Check of Structure command.

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Iterate for Final Design

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