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KHS Dance Team Tryouts 2014- 2015

Thanks for your interest in the KHS Dance Team! The following packet is intended to cover the tryout process and obligations should you be selected. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Deborah Smith, Required Paperwork: The following forms are due by April 21st, PRIOR to participation in tryout clinics: *Tryout Application *Current Physical Form (If already on file in the athletic office, it must be up to date) If new to the Dance Team program, you will need to turn in an Emergency Medical Waiver as well (prior to ANY participation, including open gyms). If you were a member of the Dance Team last season (KJH or KHS), we do not need an updated emergengy form at this time. Pre- Tryout Open Gyms (April 14-17): The KHS Gym will be open and supervised by coaching staff the following days/ times if you would like to practice skills prior to tryout clinics: Monday, April 14th, 2:30- 4:30pm Tuesday, April 15th, 4:00- 6:00pm Thursday, April 17th, 4:00- 6:00pm Tryout Week (April 21- 26): Please wear clothing that allows you to move, and appropriate shoes for dance (jazz shoes or lightweight tennis shoes) during clinics. Hair should be back out of face. For Saturday auditions, you must wear all black- solid black shorts or boy shorts with a black tank, cami or leotard. No print or Dance Team logos of any sort. Judges and coaches will look at your appearance, so come “put together”. Final tryout score will be a compilation of your skills test score, coaches’ scores (including interview and clinic assesments), and the audition in front of judges/ coaches on the final day. Clinic #1/ Choreography and Skills: Monday, April 21 6:00- 9:00pm Clinic #2/ Choreography and Skills: Tuesday, April 22 6:00- 9:00pm KHS Gym KHS Gym

Clinic #3/ Open Practice and Skills Assesments: *Will make initial cuts if needed this night Wednesday, April 23 6:00- 9:00pm KHS Gym Clinic #4/ Open Practice and Interviews: Thursday, April 24 6:00- 9:00pm KHS Gym

Judged Audition/ Choreography: *Will learn some new choreography in front of judges Saturday, April 26 9:00am- 1:00pm KHS Gym Announcement of Teams: Each candidate will meet with coaches to receive feedback and results. Team lists will be posted on our website after all girls have received results individually. All team sizes and placements of dancers are at the discretion of the coaches, and all team results are final. Tuesday, April 29 5:00- 9:00pm *By appointment KJH Multi- purpose room

Team Commitments: The KHS Dance Team has both a JV and Varsity level. The teams perform at home basketball games (for both men and women) during the winter, as well as other events (Knight Madness, pep rallies, recitals, youth clinics, soccer games, etc.) in the fall and spring. The varsity team is also a competitive team, which requires some travel on weekends (usually 4 or 5 times). The team’s season begins in late May/ early June with preparation for our youth dance camp. The team continues to work periodically during the summer months on conditioning and technique, and attends a 4-5 day dance camp to learn choreography. When school begins, we practice 6 -10 hours per week working on choreography for the winter performance season and the varsity competition schedule. Practice and performance commitments increase during the winter season (including Sunday evening gym practices), and end in mid-March. Parent Commitments: Parents are asked to sign up for at least one committee to work on props, clinics, fundraisers, etc. In addition, we require that each family work a minimum of one concession shift in the fall or spring. Finally, we ask that you make every effort to support fundraising efforts we take on as a team, and pay your fees in a timely manner. Team Costs: The participation fee for a dancer on the JV or Varsity Team is $375 (helps cover camps, props, choreography, costuming, and the coaches’ salaries). The "spirit pack" runs $125- $175 depending on items a dancer needs/ already has (required team practice attire, shoes, bags, etc). The collection of the participation fee and spirit pack total is spread out over several months in the summer. An additional fundraising goal is set for each member- $50 for JV, $100 for JV competition alternate, and $125 for varsity member (helps with social events, food, awards, banquets, competition costuming, equipment). We track individual profits on SCRIP and Kroger rebates as well as sponsorships toward this goal. If you do not reach the goal by January 1, we ask that you donate the remaining amount to the team fund in order to complete your fundraising expectation. Finally, competition group members will likely incur added personal expense for items like shoes, tights, travel, etc. A $200 payment (a portion of the $375.00 participation fee) will be due no later than May 5th at initial parent/ dancer meeting. Team Expectations: All Dance Team members (JV and Varsity) maintain membership on their respective teams throughout the season, but continue to audition for specific routines/ parts as the year progresses. All placements/ removals for performances are at the coach’s discretion. Keeping our teams looking their best and expecting our athletes to work to their potential is a high priority. Following all other rules regarding practice attendance, dress codes, punctuality, and the like is also important. In addition, we will follow all OHSAA/ Kings Athletic Department regulations regarding grades and behavioral issues as they pertain to the privilege to practice/ perform. Competition Expectations: In regards to competition routines, the entire varsity team is designated as the competitive squad, and all varsity members are expected to attend all competitions. However, just as with other routines, no varsity member is guaranteed a spot in a competition routine. Alterations to groups of dancers competing may be made by the coaches throughout the season based on the individual dancer’s ability to grasp choreography, injury, skills mastered (or not), attendance, commitment, routine category, etc. There will be some dancers designated as “alternates” for each competition routine. Alternates may “move up” into a spot, and group “members” may move back into an alternate spot. All decisions pertaining to competition placements are at the coaches’ discretion and will likely fluctuate throughout the season. Alternates are not guaranteed a chance to compete, but will be expected to attend all practices, performances, and fundraisers involving the competition group for which they are currently an alternate. Substitutions are often made at the last minute, so we need a set of alternates who know the competition choreography and are prepared to jump in quickly.

Upcoming/ Summer Dates: May 5 KJH Parent/Dancer tryout Info Meeting, 6:30- 7:30pm, KJH multi-purpose KHS Parent/Dancer Meeting, 7:30- 8:30pm, KJH multi-purpose (one parent rep for each dancer required to attend) May 18 JV and Varsity Officer tryouts, 2:00- 5:00pm, KHS Gym (all KHS team members attend) June 22-26 Youth Camp prep/ Youth Camp/ KJH Clinics (JV and Varsity required to teach) July 22-25 NDA Camp at University of Louisville (Varsity officers only) July 27-Aug 2 UDA Camp at KHS (JV and Varsity Teams) and Competition Practices August 11- 16 KJH Tryouts Week (Returning Varsity to help) KHS Dance Team 2014 Skill Requirements During tryout clinics and skills assesments, the dancer will be required to execute many of the skills listed below (randomly selected by coaches in a variety of areas). In addition, the dancer will be asked to show 2-3 8 counts of skill work (of their choice) the day of tryouts in front of judges. More difficult skills, executed properly, will score more points. More variety shows versatility. Flexibility Splits Heel Stretch Leg Hold/ Extention Turning Leg Hold Scorpion Needle Illusion Arabesque Penche Grand Battement Fan Kick Jump Kicks Leaps Grand Jete Saut de Chat Surprise Straddle Fairy Switch Switch Straddle Reverse Turning Stag Calypso Barrel Turning “C” Turning “C” Drop Turning Punch and Roll Turning Disc and Roll Double Disc

Jumps Ring/ Firebird Stag “C” Single/ Double Toe Touch Pike to Toe Touch Toe Touch to Straddle on floor Hurdler Split Tilt Turns Chaine Single/ Double Pique Double/ *Triple/ *Quad Pirouette Double/ *Triple/ *Quad Coupe Double and Drop Fouette Fouette a la Seconde, Front Spot Fouette a la Seconde, Corners Reverse a la Seconde Fouette a la Seconde, Combos (with floats, doubles in between, multiple spots) Tricks Backbend/ Stand Cartwheel/ Handstand/ Headstand Stalls Kip (rolling back, forward, or from headstand) Rubberbands/ Headsprings Front Handspring

KHS Dance Team Tryout Application
Name ____________________________________________ Grade ’14-’15 _____ Home Address ______________________________________________________ Home Phone ________________ Student Cell ________________ Text: YES or NO Student Email __________________________________Check regularly: YES or NO Current Overall GPA from this school year ________ Parent Names _____________________________________________________ Parent Cell (mom) _________________ Parent Cell (dad) _________________ Parent Email __________________________________________
List any conflicts with summer practice/ camp dates and other activities (Kings or otherwise) in which you participate during the summer or school year:

Potential members and a parent- Please initial each agreement below: ______, ______ I understand that the being a part of the Dance Team at KJH or KHS is a longterm commitment (June- March) and that practices and performances with my team will need to take precedence over outside, non- Kings groups or work. There is, of course, flexibility when preapproved by the coach, or when coordinating with other Kings sports or clubs, but I understand that I may jeopardize my position if other activities conflict with Dance Team events on a regular basis. ______, ______ I understand that I need to maintain my grades in accordance with OSHAA regulations. KDT takes great pride in the academic strength displayed by our members and I understand that my schoolwork should be a priority. ______, ______ I have read through the informational packet and agree to all stipulations within pertaining to fees, auditions, expectations, and obligations.

Student Signature: __________________________________ Date: _________ Parent Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _________