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Football for Charity Football for Causes Football for Community

Who we can help. 1 - Charity - A registered charity, with a charity number issued by the Charities commision. 2 - A Charity can also be registered as a charity by the HMRC but may not be registered with the Charities commision. 3 - A Cause - This could include people in distress with paying bills when a loved one is in hospital, or in help with travel and food when visiting loved one's in hospital. Proof should be given that all avenues of payments from government agency's have been exhausted first. Could be help to parents whose estranged wife or husband gets help as the main carer for a disabled child, adaptations are needed to house as parents have equal or nearly equal custody of the child. Could be help in sending children to anywhere in the world where an operation is required and no help is provided by the Government Or NHS. But could also help with parents travel and food for the period they are away. 4 - Physiopherapy Departments - Helping local hospitals who make contact and request the help from us for equipment etc. 5 - Community - this is anything that helps the Community, which includes sponsoring events that are to the benefit to people within it. It To help schools with books and play equipment. To help all sports clubs with equipment, to help with financing paint etc to local communkty centres and charitable causes. The community is where a game is played or county or bordering county. Note 6. It is at the Trustees discretion who Football FC Help. But we will try to call any unsuccessful applicant to let them know why they have not been given funding. The information above is a guideline and not an exhaustive list of who we will help.

1 All applicants must send in a Letter for request for help. 2. All applicants must fill in the questionnaire. 3. All applicants must come within the 'who we can help' area above. and/or come within our aims and objectives. 4. A representative will always need to go and see the charity, cause and community project, 5. Before a decision is made, the Chariity, Cause or Community project must state how they are going to prove how the money is spent. 6. Any grant from us is subject to people within the Charity, Cause or Community project etc, help us on an event day, and to promote the events etc we do. by website, Facebook, leafleting etc. 7. There is no maximum or minimum grant or pay out. 8. Any payment will be agreed and paid out in july and December. this will be relayed by the Trustees when a date is in the diary.
9. When it comes to items that we can buy for the Charity, Cause and Community project, we will do that for them and that may happen before a specific payout date.

9. All payments made should come with a picture of the handover of a cheque. 10. A letter is required from the Charity, Cause and Community Project, stating the funds raised and their thanks for the funding / help. 11. A follow up meeting, with information supplied to us showing where the funding has gone, and any pictures / receipts showing items bought by them. The importance of ensuring the funds are being spent where we were told they were being spent is paramount to any funding carried out in the future for any charity, Cause and Communtiy project. 12. If a project is long term then we will need information that the monies given are still the the fund and what they are earmarked for. If the project is long term we may withhold the payment until such time when the money is required. We will ensure the funds are ring fenced. ALL DECISIONS BY THE TRUSTEES ARE FINAL.