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Science With Biology Pre Interview Tasks 2014-5

Science With Biology Pre Interview Tasks 2014-5

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Published by: Qaisar Ahmad on Apr 14, 2014
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The University of Huddersfield School of Education and Professional Development PGCE Interview for Science with Biolo y Please

complete these activities and bring with you to the interview. Name Date . SECTION ONE There are two aspects to the science curriculums !or"ing Scienti#ically$ %&ey Stage ' called (ow Science !or"s$ in the &S) curriculum* and sub+ect "nowledge content. Consider these two aspects o# the curriculum and bring with you a short written !"## word$ overview o# your thoughts about these two aspects o# the curriculum. ,ou will also need to include an e-ample o# how you could introduce it into either a &ey Stage ' or &ey Stage ) .iology lesson. SECTION T!O Prepare a short e-planation o# a scienti#ic concept in .iology/ as appropriate #or a &S' or &S) pupil. The concept will be o# your own choosing and the e-planation should not last more than " minutes. ,ou can %rin with you models or resources to support your e-planation/ however the use o# PowerPoint or similar will not be available. SECTION T(0EE This third section considers your own sub+ect 1uali#ications and begins an initial audit o# your perceived sub+ect "nowledge #or teaching which will be further developed with su%&ect 'uestions at interview( This will include 1uestions about .iology as well as about the other main Sciences o# Chemistry and Physics/ you will need a calculator to complete this activity. 2evel 3CSE4O 2evel 3CSE4O 2evel 6 2evel42evel ' 6 2evel42evel ' 6 2evel42evel ' 6 2evel42evel '
Science with Biology 2014-15

Sub+ect 5aths English 2anguage



Certi#icates %y4n*

iology 3CSE .6 2evel42evel ' Degree 7uali#ications %or pending* Degree title Institution .iology &ey Stage ' Chemistry &ey Stage ' Physics 3CSE Chemistry 3CSE Physics 3CSE 6pplied Science 6 2evel Chemistry 6 2evel Physics 6 2evel 6pplied Science The #ollowing 1uestion will also #orm part o# your interview 1uestions. !hat activities have you planned to develop your sub+ect "nowledge prior to beginning a P3CE8 Science with Biology 2014-15 .ear Class Certs Please indicate below your perceived competence at present in the di##erent aspects o# the Science Curriculum. Sub+ect 3ood 6verage Poor &ey Stage ' .ear Class Certs Post Degree 7uali#ications 4 6dditional Science 7uali#ications %i# appropriate* Title Institution .iology 6 2evel .

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