April 10, 2014

Help make San Antonio’s 2nd Annual Public Health and the Built accessible EDEnvironment UC AT I Oconference N H I G HL IGH T to S the entire community

NOWCastSA, a nonprofit community news organization, is seeking sponsors to underwrite the live webcast of the Public Health and the Built Environment: Healthy Communities by Design Conference on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. NOWCastSA webcasts allow anyone to participate from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device live or to replay archived video later. Sponsors are recognized throughout the live broadcast and video and on NOWCastSA.com with logos and direct links.

2014 Public Health and the Built Environment Sponsorship Special
Webcast Sponsor: $500

Maximize ROI on your advertising dollars while supporting public media
NOWCastSA.com has seen 62,846 unique viewers in the past 12 months. On March 25, 2013, NOWCastSA recorded the morning plenary session of Public Health and the Built Environment and posted the video on NOWCastSA.com The story page(http://nowcastsa.com/blogs/webcastpublic-health-and-built-environment) has received 76 unique views and 108 total pageviews. The video has had 55 views on YouTube (http://youtu.be/toGWoNtdtZ0). NOWCastSA has webcast Voices for Children of San Antonio's day-long annual conference, Congress on Children, for three years in a row. The story page on NOWCastSA.com garnered an average of 221 unique views and 293 total pageviews each year. NOWCastSA has webcast the following events on similar topics: 9/21/12 - American Institute of Architects San Antonio's 2nd Annual Sustainable Urban Development Luncheon "Designing Healthy Communities" - http://nowcastsa.com/blogs/webcast-designing-healthycommunities - 175 unique views, 198 total pageviews 2/20/13 - Building Out of SA's Comfort Zone - http://nowcastsa.com/blogs/webcast-building-out-sascomfort-zone - 184 unique views, 240 total pageviews 2/25/14 - Citizen Planning: The Philadelphia Story - http://nowcastsa.com/blogs/webcast-citizen-planning - 179 unique views, 225 total pageviews Contact Amanda Evrard, Development Director, at (970) 222-1847 or by e-mail at amanda@nowcastsa.org for more information on how to take advantage of NOWCastSA’s 2014 Public Health and the Built Environment Sponsorship Special.
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