All of them are fictional characters.

You can see them in movies, comics, cartoons… Most of them fight against evil. They are not evil characters, but all of them have enemies. Most superheroes are not ordinary men , in that they have powers or strong physical characteristics. They are able to do extraordinary things, for instance they have the ability to stretch or shoot webs; a few of them are able to free e things or turn invisible. !ome of them can bend steel with their bare hands for instance. All of them wear a costume with a symbol or an outfit and ma"e use of a wide range of gadgets or accessories, such as wings to fly. All of them have good mental #ualities. They are fast, strong, powerful, intelligent, brave, nice and peaceful even if their lives are sometimes violent. Most of them lead a double life. $n real%life they are ordinary people with a secret identity li"e !piderman. Most superheroes have an alter ego. All of them have a mission & to save innocent people and the world. They protect people from danger and fight crime. They are vigilantes who

fight for 'ustice. All of them try to capture( to stop the villains. )ven if a few of them often have a partner, they sometimes act on their own.

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