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Business Plan

Business Structure Business Owners name: Malia Pitzer Business Name: Magical Ukulele Lessons Slogan: Write a catchy phrase or ingle that lets others know more a!out the !usiness" #ll e$en teach a unicorn how to play% Basic Business #&ea 'o teach people how to play the ukulele" Speci(ically) what goo&s or ser$ices will your !usiness o((er* On Mon&ays) one on one or group lessons teaching !eginner le$el chor&s an& songs to per(ormance le$el" Why is there a nee& (or your !usiness* What pro!lem are you sol$ing* 'here are a lot o( people that might want to learn !ut) they &ont want to pay a lot o( money or get a !a& lesson (or (ree" # will ha$e a goo& lesson (or a cheap price to help people learn" Why &o you think this type o( !usiness coul& !e success(ul* What types o( challenges might make success har& to achie$e* # think this !usiness will !e success(ul !ecause a lot o( people will !e intereste& in our community" Some challenges are that there is a lot o( competition on the Westsi&e o( Maui alone" # might !e a!le to !e success(ul i( # ha$e a reasona!le price an& goo& teaching" # (eel that my !usiness will !e har& to start !ut en& up with a !ig pro(it

Target Market +ustomer ,escription: Who is the person that will !uy your pro&uct or ser$ice* Why &o they N--, your !usiness* # will !e teaching e$eryone) !ut (or ki&s the parents will ha$e to allow an& pay" 'hey nee& my ukulele lessons to satis(y their wants to learn an& get !etter at playing" +ompetition .nalysis: Who will you !e competing with when selling your pro&uct or ser$ice* Be speci(ic /you will nee& to &o some research here0 Ukulele Mele) 1onathan 1erome: 2aanapali !each an& Pineapple +annery Mall" Lahaina Music) Bounty Music"

Resources: +apital 3esources: What e4uipment or supplies are nee&e& to start your !usiness* Ukuleles) a teaching room) tuner) song sheets) chor& chart) an& packages o( snacks" Lets Talk Money! +osts (or pro&ucing your pro&uct or o((ering your ser$ice" .&& a&&itional rows i( nee&e&" 3esources Nee&e& Packages o( snacks Ukulele 'uner 'eaching room Song sheets +hor& chart 'otal -stimate& +ost: 567* Price you can charge (or your pro&uct or ser$ice in the market" What are you !asing this price on* /+ompetitors pricing) research) market sur$ey) etc"0 #( you ha$e multiple goo&s or ser$ices) inclu&e price an& usti(ication (or each" 58 (or group lessons an& 567 (or pri$ate lessons" # am !asing this o(( my Market Sur$ey" .ppro9imate Unit +ost Barter 5< # ha$e 56 # ha$e # ha$e =or (i$e weeks 5< :uantity Nee&e& 6; cookies a week (or (i$e weeks Whene$er group lessons 'otal +ost Barter ***