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2*%,"7(846,"()"+9",1$( ( :*"7: To inform the greater skateboarding scene of Colorado and beyond about the positive programs and
events being offered by Launch: Community Through Skateboarding. Additionally, to connect with potential members, donors, volunteers and board directors in support of Launchs non-profit cause.

;990*"%&: Utilize a WordPress blogging platform to dispense long-form news developments, as well as
share event and program information, a Twitter feed to attract new members and donors by sharing shortened and more frequent versions of updates given on the blog, and a Facebook Group to harbor Launchs network of members, donors, volunteers and board directors, as well as to function as a venue for the sharing and discussion of creative ideas, event involvement, constructive criticism and concern, member and director testimonials, and more.

<=(>7*1(Launch: Community Through Skateboarding could utilize a WordPress blog for the purpose of
giving members, donors, volunteers and board directors in-depth updates on the progression of the nonprofits overall mission, both within the Launch Creative Center headquarters in Fort Collins and beyond. WordPress offers easy organization of multimedia in threaded posts, which allows the incorporation of images, such as digital renderings of the LCCs proposed additions, along alongside a long-form written piece detailing the expansion. The blog invites readers to share their own thoughts via the organizations Facebook group. The WordPress account acts as a more expansive version of Launchs Twitter feed, and would likely be a more appealing alternative to Twitter for those who are not inclined to receive updates on their smartphone. Because of the WordPress articles lengthier status, appropriate frequency for posts could vary from several per week to two per month.(


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As many of you may be aware, we at Launch: Community Through Skateboarding are preparing for a slight remodel to the Launch Creative Centers indoor skateboarding facilities. We have recently expanded into a second room within our building, and have relocated our office space and skate-media library into this recently acquired space. With the new emptiness of the eastern wall of our skate facility we are working on adding a handful of new obstacles, including a bank-to-curb in the Northeast corner and a midsize cheese wedge ramp against the center of the eastern wall. Digital renderings of our proposed obstacles are viewable below. An open discussion on our new design is currently underway within our Facebook group. What do you think? Follow the link below to have your voice heard!

Launch: Community Through Skateboarding Facebook Group:

<<=(/F,--40(Launch: Community Through Skateboarding can use Twitter as a way of reaching

smartphone-savvy members, volunteers, donors and board directors with updates on the Launch Creative Centers continuous expansion and evolution, monthly schedules, developments on upcoming events and recurrent happenings, as well as volunteering hour openings. Tweets will link to the URLs of blog posts and Facebook Group discussion forums for the purpose of perpetuating an open dialogue on Launchs developments, in which all of the aforementioned interest groups may have their voice heard. Launch could maintain their account by tweeting several times per day as event updates become available.(


<<<=(H"%45**3(:0*#9 Launch: Community Through Skateboarding can utilize a Facebook group as a

way of maintaining an open discussion forum with the aforementioned interest groups. After receiving updates from the Twitter or WordPress feeds, the group could be a moderately privatized venue for serious cohorts of the organizations cause to voice their opinions on developments at the Launch Creative Center or the development of events attached to Launchs name. In addition, members and volunteers could easily use the group as the medium for Launchs event schedule is shared and approved.