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Self Evaluation

Evelyn Ayala Mr.Gango, 3 English 12

1. Describe what you did for your physical project in at least 25 words. Include the total number of hours you spent on the project. Please BOLD the number of hours.

I assisted in the organization an art show/promotional event in Indio, California on the weekend of Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival of 2014. I assisted in the production of an event that invites artist and clothing brands to visit the house and receive free merchandise and participate in art collaborations. I (27 hours)

2. Explain how your physical product (project) relates to, supports and/or builds upon the content of your research paper. Be specific and give examples. My physical projects relates to my actual topic because it shows the impact that music festivals can have on a company. In my case the company that was affected in a positive way was the clothing brand the hosted the art show and other collaborating brands. The clothing brands received many new followers and new customers.


What is the most important skill you have acquired during the project phase? The most important thing I got out of this project was my communication skills. I learned how to get in contact with other companies and invitations to the event. I taught me how to communicate better with people in a professional manner.

4. On an emotional, intellectual, and/or physical level, what did you learn about yourself during the process of the entire Senior Project here at Sierra Vista High School? I learned that I was capable of becoming a leader. When it came to planning and organization, I was able to be calm and objective when working with a group of people. I learned how to be level headed and also be creative with the idea process.


In what way(s) did your advisor assist you in the completion of your project hours? My advisor would tell me what the main objective of the art show was and what was needed to be accomplished. I always had deadlines and I would report my work and questions to her.

6. Describe problems you encountered during the completion of your project hours and explain how you handled/solved these problems. I did not encounter any problems with the completion of my project. We usually always had weekly meeting to make sure everything was on track leading up to the date of the event. The people I worked with were very helpful and cool. We all worked great together. Maybe the only problem for my personally was transportation, but it all managed to work out in the end.

7. If given the opportunity to redo the physical product/project, what would you do differently? I would not redo my physical project. I love how the event turned out. A lot of people showed up and a lot of new customers were made. I met new people in the process and it was a great experience overall. I am proud of how the event turned out and I am glad that I was a part of making it all possible.

8. Did your project turn out the way you envisioned it in the beginning or did you have to modify your plans/vision? How did you adjust it? I think the project turned out the way envisioned it. Plans did not change, some ideas worked and didnt work but overall it came out better than I expected. Most of the people invited showed up so it was great that it happened the way it did. People had fun and got free stuff, it all worked out fantastic. 9. How does the entire Senior Project relate to your future goals? How will this area of interest continue to be a part of your life? If not at all, why? As for my future goals I am unsure. This area will always be interesting to me and in the future I will probably do it again. I will probably help out my sister next year with the art show. Now that I know what it takes I will probably come into it more prepared and knowing what to do.

10. What grade would you give yourself for your project? Justify the evaluation of your grade in at least 25 words, giving specific support. For my project I think I would give myself a B/A-. I think I put in the right amount of dedication and time to make the event possible. I feel like I was a

vital person on the production team. I was always willing to meet and discuss new ideas. I did a lot of the PA for the event so I was responsible for the people that showed up and RSVPd based on their social media following. So to conclude I think my role in this project was vital to the success of the event.