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Main Idea and Supporting Details

Directions: Read the passage. Then read each question about the passage. Choose the best answer to each question. Mark the letter for the answer you have chosen. A Sport Unlike Any Other Baseball is a sport unlike any other. It is a team sport that depends largely on individual effort. The pitcher must make his pitch and get it in the spot he wants to hituntil he releases the ball, his teammates can do nothing to help him. Teammates back one another up on all plays, but each fielder has to catch the balls within his reach and make accurate throws to get runners out. Each player is responsible for covering his own territory. In no other sport does the defense hold the ball. The idea of basketball, football, and hockey is to take the ball (or puck) away from the opponent; the two teams fight for possession of the ball throughout the game. In baseball, the point is to cross home plate more often than the other team. When the first batter comes up in a game, he is his teams only active player, against the nine active players in the field for the other team. In no other sport are the sides designed to be uneven at all times. The greatest number of active players on the offensive team is fourif the bases are loaded and a man is up to bat. Professional baseball teams play a 162game seasonmore than twice as many games as basketball teams, and more than ten times as many as football. The season lasts for six months, with a game almost every day. 1. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Baseball is the best sport. B. Baseball is just like any other sport. C. Baseball is unlike any other sport. D. Baseball is duller than any other sport. 2. The main idea of the first paragraph is that F. the pitchers teammates cannot help him until he throws the ball. G. baseball depends on individual effort. H. outfielders cover a lot of territory. J. fielders have to make accurate throws. 3. The main idea of the second paragraph is A. that football is similar to basketball. B. that baseball is not a battle for possession of the ball. C. that hockey is played with a puck. D. that a football has a shape all its own. 4. The main idea of the third paragraph is F. that there are never more than four offensive players at one time. G. that there can never be more than three runners on base. H. that the first batter faces nine opponents. J. that in baseball, the sides are never even. 5. Which of the following is not a supporting detail of the last paragraph? A. Baseball is the most popular sport. B. Professional basketball has fewer games in a season than baseball. C. Teams play every day for six months. D. Professional baseball has a 162game season.

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Notes for Home: Your child has identified the main ideas of a passage and the details that support those ideas. Home Activity: Review a magazine advertisement with your child. Challenge him or her to identify the main idea and supporting details. Main Idea and Supporting Details