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My philosophy, just like myself as a teacher, learner, and individual, is something that is ever developing. I know that I have a strong impact on each child who I work with in my classroom. As an educator, I know that each child is a unique individual who has a variety of intellectual, social, and personal developmental needs. With this, I hope to prepare each individual student to become a knowledgeable, well-rounded child. I will do this by building positive relationships; serve as a role-model, facilitator, mentor, motivator, and supporter. I know that I am teaching them the foundation for their future, the life-long skills they need for their growth and development. My role as a teacher, while supporting optimal learning, will be to take each child that is in my classroom into account for each lesson and use a variety of tools, techniques, and styles that I have had to opportunity to develop. I will develop a classroom environment where students will feel safe, secure, and comfortable to learn. My goal is to have rules set and a classroom management in place where children will be able to achieve Maslows second need of being safe and having security. Within this environment and community my students will have a positive and fun learning experience that has very high yet achievable expectations set by themselves, their peers, and myself. In our room students will have the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them as well as celebrate success. Inside our classroom and school community it is important for the students to realize that they are just as responsible for their learning as we are of their teaching. We, educators, will be working together to provide the best education they can possibly receive. Overall, I will create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self motivation (Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice, 5). To support optimal learning, I feel that I need to make sure that I am flexible in my plans so that students can have their own wonderful ideas and ah-ha moments in their discoveries. I want to also be willing to learn from my children as well as to watch them grow over the year. I will be a mentor to multiple students who have a large variety of learning abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. I will give each student their own opportunities to learn from success, grow from mistakes, and take responsibility in their own learning. I will help them continue to grow and develop their minds and their own learning tools. I will lead by example, modeling, Scaffolding (Vygotsky), along with using the methods of Gradual Release of

Responsibility (Pearson & Gallagher). I have come to the realization that each child may not stay or grow on the same level as their peers. I will use a large variety of teaching techniques that will help each child have their own success and growth rates. While teaching I like to use multiple different styles, depending on the subject and the students who are learning it. I will use whole group direct instruction, guided instruction, peer instruction, differentiation, and individual work. Most of my teaching styles will depend directly on what works best for the children. Sometimes I will have specific curriculum that I will need to follow, yet I realized that some students will need these lessons to be differentiated to their specific needs. I have learned that assessing my students and getting to know each child individually will help me gain understanding of how best to teach a lesson. In addition, I think it is important to try to integrate different subjects together in a learning environment for students. I believe that in integrating subjects it shows children more of real life situations and makes it more engaging. As an elementary educator, I know that to be the best possible teacher to my students I actually need to be a learner first as said in the quote, to teach is to learn twice. This also gives me the wisdom in knowing that, it is my duty to keep developing as a student to become the best teacher that I can be. I am excited to flounder and be scared when something does not go right, such as a change in the curriculum. It is then that I know if I am not 100% comfortable, I am truly learning (Zone of Proximal Development). I will continue to use multiple professional development techniques such as classes, trainings, learn about new curriculum, and new teaching techniques. I believe that as a teacher it is important to develop a strong partnership and relationship with that of the students parents/guardians, the community, in addition to the school. Having a strong partnership with parents/guardians is important because although a large portion of learning happens at school, there are still things that need to be worked on at home. If the support is not happening at home, then students could fall behind simply because they did not get that extra time reading or practicing words. I think it is most important for the children to know that their parents/guardians support their learning. In addition to this partnership, I think it is also important to bring the community into the classroom and talk about real life situations for students to grasp or relate too. After all, the community is where most of these children will end up in the long run and it is important for them to know that they are welcomed into the community. Furthermore, the students and myself need a strong relationship with our school and our principle to have a successful and positive year.

With that being said I have a lot that I want to accomplish within this year. One of my goals actually comes in the form of a quote, I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, because of you I didnt give up. This quote can be seen in many different lights, but I think the most important way I see it is that I want to be the teacher in a students life that makes a difference. I want to be the teacher th at not only teaches them the academics but also helps them learn the lifelong skills they will need for many years to come. Overall my goal is; to teach and inspire in an inclusive, diverse, positive, and responsive classroom environment, where student learning and building a classroom community is a fundamental focus; to be a contributing team member and to grow as a professional.