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Ramses Segundo Ms.

Frank Capstone 10/10/13


Prevention of HIV: Am I Taking Care Of Myself? Senior Capstone Fall 2013 R. Segundo Proposal
1. Introduction Two years ago a senior from SIS (Sharpstown International School) did a Capstone project about HIV and AIDS. This student brought someone, a person that lives with HIV and this person talked about how he lived every day with this virus and the difficulties that he had go through in his life, as well as the medication that he had to take. When I saw and heard him talk about his problem, I was amazed that he had the courage to talk to these teenagers sitting in the auditorium. HIV is a virus that destroys ones immune system, which later can cause a person to have a very low immune system. After that, the individual can die of a simple cold. People can get HIV through sexual contact, injection drug use, and blood transfusion (MP) more than. The Individuals who are more affected to this virus are teenagers, research has show that young people are not concerned about becoming infected with HIV (CDC) and to be more precise about the data young people account 39% of all new HIV infections in the U.S. (CDC). There is also an estimate that 38.9% of young people did not use condom (CDC). Knowing the symptoms of HIV can save a lot of lives, one of the symptoms are The asymptomatic phases generally benign and Acute seroconversion manifest as a flulike illness this can be prevented. This lack of concern among youngsters is very critical since teenagers have a higher tendency of getting infected. Its important for high school students to be aware of HIV because many people dont realize they are sick until they have symptoms. By then, its too late, so early detection should be enforced.


My Capstone will address the four pillars that every citizen needs to have in order to be globally competitive: It is obvious that people throughout the world have HIV, but not everyone gets the attention that is needed for example not every country has HIV institutions, where you can check yourself up and every country in the world has similar problems where they dont have the HIV institutions. I have to be able to recognize different perspectives and different points of view of other people dealing with this virus and how they mange to control the spread of this virus. Based on the research that I have Im going to propose a solution to this problem and it can be locally but I have to be able to share ideas. With all the research that I make about my topic, I get started with simply going outside of school and fill out applications for volunteer to work or I can fundraise and donate the money. This project will help me communicate with people and prepare me for college when I need to do research and write papers based on my findings. 2. Learning Objectives A. To learn different point of views B. To learn to work on my communications skills C. To learn on manage time on my work D. To make other people to get interested on my topic E. To how to try to solve a local problem

3. Activities and Timelines Activity I will research my topic online I will have my first meeting with my sponsor I will turn in my final proposal Me taking action I will turn in my final draft I will review my outline with my sponsor Timeline 9/15/13 9/17/13 9/27/13 10/01/13 10/11/13 10/18/13

I will turn in my argument outline



I will present my final, draft defend my research and present it to Mrs. Frank


4. Form I will review my research draft with my sponsor There will be 3 parts to my Capstone. First will be the 6-8 page research paper with citations and Works Cited Page. The Second part will be to raise awareness, but mostly to inform students in putting posters around school, and handout flyers. The third part of this capstone would be presenting and defending my research and learning experience to the students of Sharpstown International School. 5. Preparations A. I will need a binder where I only put my Capstone Information B. Public speaking skills C. Help from my sponsor D. Approval in given flyers about containing information about HIV E. Access to the internet One great obstacle Im going to encounter in doing this Capstone is speaking publicly, no matter who the audience may be. Managing my time will also be a crucial part of my Capstone; because I need to manage in order to be prepared to do all the work I need to do.


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