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WPF Relational Data Source

WPF Relational Data Source

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IBM Websphere portlet factory data source access
IBM Websphere portlet factory data source access

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Published by: sbalajisathya on Apr 15, 2014
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IBM Websphere portlet Factory

Using data from a relational data sources

and similar applications. and they hide the implementation details to connect to and access databases. • The SQL builders offer a simple mechanism to define the statements. Oracle.SQL Data Services • SQL Data Services provide access to relational database back-end systems like DB2®. Cloudscape™. .

SQL builders • They are part of the Data Integration category in the Builder Palette .

The SQL statement (select. insert.SQL builders • SQL Call: This is a top-level builder for calling SQL statements without writing any Java code. • SQL Statement: This builder creates JDBC statements that are ready for execution. update. • SQL Transaction: Top-level builder for creating a list of Statements that are ready for execution as a transaction. • SQL Data Source: This builder accesses the JNDI resident Data Source and uses it as a JDBC™ connection factory. delete) can be easily created even if it requires parameters. • SQL Transform: – To XML: Transformation from SQL result set into XML variable. – To XML Schema: Generates XML schemas from the execution of SQL statements. .

SQL Call Builder – Build the sql statement .

SQL Call Builder – Result set handling .

SQL Call Builder .

SQL Call Builder – generated methods .

SQL Call Builder – logging .

Thank You! .

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