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Candidate Name: Sammi Huber Date: March 27, 2014 School: EastMorland Teacher: Parker Grade Level: 3rd

Practicum Reflection-Guided Reading Lesson Name of Book: Comprehension Skills pack Level: DRA 2.5 1. What was the area of focus today during the lesson? What activities related to the area of focus did the teacher include in the lesson today? The area of focus today was cause and effect. I told the students about a story of being late for school and the events that happened after that because of being late. We had a great discussion and they even created some of the events on their own from their past memories. Next we read a story called Bats and Their Amazing Ears, and discussed the cause and effects in this story. Independently they worked on a story called A Better Running Shoe and all showed that they grasped the concept. 2. What went well with the instruction? What did students learn?

The part that went well was our discussion. These students already seemed to grasp the concept of Cause and Effect. With the introduction to the lesson, that were all intrigued as to what we were going to do next. I feel this lesson ran smoothly. The students did learn about clue words. During their last story that they were working on independtly they were stuck at first. I told them to remember their clue words that we went over during the beginning, and they remembered instantly and solved their own problems. 3. Explain a growth moment for yourself where you realized, learned, or confirmed something from today dealing with student achievement in the area of reading. (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, before/during/after reading.) I realized today that it seems like explaining something to a child seems easy at first. We already know it, it has become common sense to us. There is no way they will not understand what it is I am trying to say. And then you get in front of 10 little eyes looking at you. You explain something exactly like you did when you were practicing in the mirror, and all those eyes are looking at you filled with confusion. That is when I realized this concept is not as easy as I thought for them to grasp. In order for them to understand what it was I was wanting them too, I had to give more and more examples that they could relate to. The introduction took longer than expected. 4. Describe a moment when a student grasped an idea/concept-that got it! kind of moment. How was the teacher able to facilitate this experience? Explain the situation.

This group of kids already seemed to understand Cause and Effect. But like is stated above, they all grasped clue words at once. They were struggling with the independent read, and when I mentioned to use your clue words they all smiled and said, Oh yea! and continued on their paper without missing a beat.