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RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan

Business Plan: Healthy Eatz Cooking Theresa Price The University of Southern Mississippi

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan Table of Contents I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII.

Executive Summary...3 Business Description and Vision...4 Definition of the Market.5-6 Description of Products and Services.7-8 Organization and Management..9 Marketing and Sales Strategy..10 Financial Management.11 a. Table 1: Pro Forma: Expenses and Revenues for First 6 Months..11 b. Table 2: Total Costs for Recipes12


References13 Appendices.14-19

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan I. Executive Summary Healthy Eatz Cooking is a local owned and operated company that provides education and cooking demonstration on healthy foods to the staff within South Central Regional Medical Center, surrounding clinics, and local community members within the Laurel, Mississippi area. The company started with the idea to provide healthy recipes and foods to community members with the main focus being on educating customers with healthy meal alternatives. Cooking demonstrations are currently unavailable within the city of Laurel. Healthy Eatz Cooking hopes to spread awareness about quick, healthy, and inexpensive meal options. The companys

cooking demonstrations will include many healthy entre and snack recipes that require very few steps and ingredients and will also be easy to make as well as beneficial for those on a budget. Recipes will include Baked Tilapia, Stuffed Bell Pepper, Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti, Sun Dried Tomato Omelet, and Hummus and Pita Chips. Healthy Eatz Cooking hopes that by providing an educational cooking demo and taste test the participants will be more aware of healthier options for cooking and be more likely to utilize healthier options for consumption.

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan II. Business Description and Vision Mission Statement Healthy Eatz Cooking is committed to providing customers with education on cooking healthy food options to increase awareness and desire to consume healthy foods. Company Vision Healthy Eatz Cooking hopes to provide general nutrition education to all customers who attend. The company also wishes to increase the customers nutrient intake by providing high quality and highly acceptable food items during the food demonstration that may motivate customers to start utilizing and cooking more healthful food items. Business Goals and Objectives 1. Goal One: Increase nutrition knowledge among customers a. Objective: Provide nutrition education during cooking demonstrations 2. Goal Two: Increase customers desire to intake more nutrient dense food items a. Objective: Provide easy, inexpensive, and good tasting entrees and snacks for customers to taste test Key Company Principals 1. Provide nutrition education during cooking demonstrations in order to increase knowledge and awareness of healthy food items

2. Providing quick, healthy, and inexpensive meal alternatives and the recipes for customers

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan III. Definition of the Market Define Customer Needs that Company will Satisfy The South Central Regional Medical Center (SCRMC) in Laurel, Mississippi does not currently provide cooking classes to the staff or public. The medial center has a large kitchen facility and access to many health professionals to make this cooking class successful. Since many of the health professional have nutrition knowledge they could potentially be a guest

speaker or demonstration leader. Many Mississippians are overweight or obese and in need of an education of nutrition and alternative ways to healthy cooking. Healthy Eatz Cooking will provide a fun and innovative way to learn new ways to cook healthy foods on a budget. Target Customers The main target customers include SCRMC employees, surrounding clinic employees, and local area residents. Other potential target customers include those who live in surrounding cities of Laurel, such as Ellisville and Hattiesburg. The demographics for the business area are located in Jones County, which covers the city of Laurel, Mississippi. Gender is nearly an even distribution between men and women. A large percentage (71%) of this county is white and the only 29% is nonwhite. The majority of the population is aged 25-44 (26%) and 45-64 (25%). The leading causes of death within Jones County include heart disease and cancer; therefore, healthier options will include food items that may reduce heart disease and cancer (Zhang, Hayes, Kopp, & Dvorak, 2007). There are an estimated 1,800 employees that currently work for SCRMC and surrounding health clinics (G. McCraw, Personal Communication, October 24, 2013).

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan Develop Customer Profile Many people who reside and work in Laurel, Mississippi have similarities such as busy schedules, lack of nutrient dense intake, and low nutrition knowledge. Healthcare employees have very busy workdays with odd hours and little time to cook. Local residents and workers often complain that healthy foods are too expensive and there is a lack of time to cook. Each of these potential customers can be satisfied by attending the Healthy Eatz Cooking classes, where the instructor will teach them how to cook healthy entrees and snacks on a budget within 20 minutes or less.

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan IV. Description of Products and Services The services provided will include hands on cooking demonstration of healthy, low cost, and easy meals to increase health and wellness among the hospital employees. Healthier meal options will include foods that may decrease heart disease and cancer among the community, such as whole grains, fruit dishes, vegetable snacks and entrees, and lean meat options. Healthy Eatz Cooking will provide nutrition education during an hour long cooking demonstration in order to increase customers nutrition knowledge, increase awareness of healthy food items, relieve customers of worries related to high priced and labor intensive meals and snacks. Healthy Eatz Cooking is a great way to learn about healthy eating on a budget in order to increase nutrient dense intake. The demonstration foods will be stored in the kitchen facility of SCRMC. A maximum of 30 participants can be present for the demonstrations. The

demonstrations will occur once a week on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm. After several months of demonstrations the increase of weekly demonstrations will be evaluated if business is thriving. There will be a sign up form for employees to sign up in advance to reserve a spot for the demonstration. The price will be enough to cover the food expenses, the cost of the cooking demonstrator, and the staff who helps clean up afterwards. The cost will be $10.00 per participant, which will cover food costs, labor costs, and the demonstration fee. Each demonstration will last an hour, which includes preparation time, cooking time, and taste testing. Additional time will be included for the staff that cleans up after the demonstration. Existing Competition There are currently no other cooking classes or demonstration business in the Laurel area. There are culinary school courses that can be taken in the Laurel and Hattiesburg areas but none that are specifically geared toward working individuals who are concerned with healthy eating,

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan

eating on a budget, and making healthy meals quickly. The college courses can range depending on which school the classes are taken, if at a community college the courses can be between $300 to $500, and if the courses are taken at a university the costs can be between $1,000 to $2,000. The prices vary depending on the amount of hours the person is enrolled in. The Kitchen Table in Hattiesburg offers a variety of cooking classes with prices of $40 to $75 which includes the meal and recipe. Many local people do not have time to drive to Hattiesburg for cooking classes with high prices; therefore, there is a need for a cooking class in a central location in Laurel to provide quick, low-cost, and healthy meal options. Potential Competition SCRMCs kitchen is working towards utilizing a healthy lifestyle for the entire staff at the medical center by incorporating more healthy items into the menu. By the medical center increasing their healthy food options it could beneficial to the Healthy Eatz Cooking company. It would benefit the customers by giving them more healthy options to eat, which was a goal for the company, but it may also decrease participation in class because employees are getting a healthier meal at lunchtime. The lunch meals at SCRMC are typically $5.00 or less and generally provide a healthy protein, grain, and vegetable.

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan V. Organization and Management Healthy Eatz Cooking is a business that emphasizes on fun learning while being well managed. Theresa Price, who has a degree from The University of Southern Mississippi in Nutrition and Dietetics, will lead the team. She will also have completed the Masters program, internship, and registration exam by the time the company is implemented. With multiple management and cooking courses completed, Theresa has the knowledge and skills to successfully manage the operation. The nutrition knowledge and love for healthy eating and cooking will be the main focus as Theresa gathers a team to produce the vision for Healthy Eatz Cooking.

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan VI. Marketing and Sales Strategy Identify and Describe Market


Healthy Eatz Cooking will focus on SCRMC employees, surrounding clinic employees, and local public. There is a need for alternative meals that are healthy, affordable, and easy to make, based on the amount of obesity/overweight statistics and complaints of high food costs and lack of time. In order to satisfy the market a company must produce highly acceptable food items that are considered healthy while being low-cost and easy to make. Distribution Channels The foods will be ordered from U.S. Foods just as SCRMC does. The foods will be delivered along with the rest of the food orders and stored in the storage sites within SCRMCs kitchen. The cooking demonstrations will be located in the kitchen area of the medical center. In the future, Healthy Eatz Cooking hopes to expand distribution and attendance to a larger scale and move into a larger facility to satisfy a larger group of customers Sales Strategy The promotion and marketing of Healthy Eatz Cooing wil take place at multiple places. All free sources of social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) will be created to advertise the new company. Promotional flyers will be sent out to all SCRMC employees and surrounding clinic employees. Newsletters and emails will also be sent out to employees and community members to increase public awareness. Radio announcements will be made on all the popular radio stations in the Laurel area to increase excitement and publicity of the company. Each session will cost $10.00 per participant and will initially allow up to 30 people to attend.

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan VII. Financial Management There only initial start up fee for Healthy Eatz Cooking will be the initial costs to


advertise and the yearly permit and licensure. The estimated revenues and expenses for the first three months are outlined in Table 1. The kitchen space will be rented monthly from the medical center at a price of $300 a month which includes using the kitchen equipment for cooking the healthy entre and snack items, and labor costs for helping with the demonstration and clean up afterwards. A more detailed list of equipment used is in Appendix B and all estimated recipe prices are in Table 2. As seen in Table 1, the first few months will be higher per month due to advertising and permits. After six months the advertising will be less and the profits will increase. Table 1 Pro Forma: Revenues and Expenses For First 6 Months 1 2 3 Revenues Sales 1,200 1,200 1,200 Expenses Demonstrator 300 300 300 Labor 120 120 120 Food Costs $166.65 $166.65 $166.65 Advertising 50 30 15 Permits 250 0 0 Renting/utilities 300 300 300 Paper goods 50 30 15 Totals $1,236.66 $946.65 $916.65 Profit/Loss $-36.66 $253.35 $283.35

4 1,200 300 120 $166.65 15 0 300 15 $916.65 $283.35

5 1,200 300 120 $166.65 5 0 300 5 $896.65 $303.35

6 1,200 300 120 $166.65 0 0 300 0 $886.63 $313.37

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan Table 2 Total Cost for Recipes MEAT/PROTEIN Tilapia Chicken Cheese Egg Whites VEGETABLES Bell Pepper Broccoli Spaghetti Squash Sun Dried Tomato Garbanzo Beans GRAINS Quinoa Pita Chips SEASONING Salt Pepper Paprika Spaghetti Sauce Lemon Pepper Olive Oil Total for 6 recipes


8lb 8lb 2lb 1 carton 16 each 2 lb 16 each 6 oz 1 lb 8 cups 30 oz 3 oz 3 oz 3 oz 6 cups 3 oz 3 cups

$23.00 $30.00 $12.00 $3.50 $16.00 $2.00 $9.00 $0.30 $3.00 $28.00 $15.00 $0.15 $1.00 $0.75 $20.00 $1.70 $1.25 $166.65

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan VIII. References Zhang, L., Hayes, S. C., Kopp, L., & Dvorak, C. (2007). Jones county 2007 health profiles. Mississippi State Department of Health. Retrieved from


RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan IX. Appendices Appendix A: Healthy Eatz Cooking Logo


RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan Appendix B: Equipment List and Supplies A. Convection Oven


B. Walk In Cooler/Freezer

C. Cuttlery

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan D. Food Processor


E. Griddle

F. Pan

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan G. Plates


H. Pot

I. Spatula

RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan J. Table


RUNNING HEAD: Business Plan Appendix C: Health Eatz Cooking Promotional Flyer


Who has the time to eat healthy? Who has the money to eat healthy?

Join us for the launch of Healthy Eatz Cooking, where we can teach you how to turn healthy delicious foods into quick affordable meals! Where and When? Every Tuesday at 5:30pm in SCRMC Kitchen All SCRMC and surrounding clinic employees and community members are welcome!