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Boim Room Pizza

1 Whole uiain English Nuffin
2 tablespoons Pizza Sauce
cup Reuuceu Fat Nozzaiella Cheese
6 Tuikey Peppeioni Slices
Pull English Nuffin apait. Spieau one tablespoon of pizza sauce onto each half of the
muffin. Auu cheese to each half of the muffin. Auu peppeioni slices. Put in the
miciowave foi 1-2 minutes, oi until cheese is melteu. Enjoy!
Nutiition Facts:
Total 27S caloiies 1ug fat S4g caibohyuiates Sg sugai 9g piotein

!"#$%&'( *" *+',' -.*&/*/"- 0%1*,233

uianu total: 27S kcal, 1ug fat, S4g cho, Sg sugai, 19g pio

S4u caloiies, 16g fat, S6g
caibohyuiates, 4 sugai,
11g piotein

S7u caloiies 22g fat,
S1g caibohyuiate, 8g
sugai, 1Sg piotein

42u caloiies, 12g fat,
66g caibohyuiate, 8g
sugai, 14g piotein

What else is an easy miciowavable option.

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