Aziza, I have been work here at Annur child care centre about six weeks now.

Since I have started, I noticed you that you always like to play in the family corner with your friends. I observed you that you have played with doll taking mother’s role. While you were playing, you also liked to tell other friend which role they should take. I have noticed you took many different roles over the six weeks; you played doctor, patient, customer, seller and fire rescuer role. I always tried to come close to you to listen you and your friend’s interesting conversation when you were taking role play. However, sometimes when I came near to you, you would stop talking and walked away from me. I think maybe you are very shy. When we played outside today, you were climbing up the rope by the slide with your friend, kamila. I asked you “Azia, what are you doing?” you replied “I am fire rescuer”. While us talking, Wajiha wanted to join, so you took her hand tell her what she should do. Later I observed you from little far distance that I saw you putting the baby doll in the cot with blanket on the top and having talk with your friend Wajiha. What learning do I think is happening? Aziza develops increasing confidence in dramatic play. The variety of imaginative play can enhance her social and communication skills especially play alongside with her friends. She also develops an ability to be creative and expressive. Pathways and possibilities We will continue to encourage Aziza to take on leadership roles. We will set up some resources for her to explore her imagination such as hair dresser tools or shopping tools. Written by teacher Anar (March)