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ácidos y bases conjugadas

ácidos y bases conjugadas

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South Pasadena • Chemistry

Name __________________________________ Period ___ Date ___/___/___ Answers

3 • What Happens When Chemicals Are Mixed Together?
NAMING ACIDS An ionic compound in which the cation is H is an acid. § Fill in all of the negative ions (anions) in your list. § Write the formula of the compound formed between H+ and your anion. This is the formula of the acid. § Name the acid according to these rules: o “_______ide” → “hydro_______ic acid” o “_______ate” → “_______ic acid” o S add “ur” P add “or” Anion acetate nitrate permanganate chlorate chromate sulfate carbonate dichromate phosphate C2 H3 O2 NO3 MnO4 ClO3 CrO4 2SO4 2CO3 2Cr2 O7 2PO4 3Acid Formula HC2 H3 O2 HNO3 HMnO4 HClO3 H2 CrO4 H2 SO4 H2 CO3 H2 Cr2 O7 H3 PO4 Acid Name acetic acid nitric acid permanganic acid chloric acid chromic acid sulfuric acid carbonic acid dichromic acid phosphoric acid

chloride fluoride bromide ** hydroxide iodide sulfide ** oxide


HCl HF HBr H2 O HI H2 S H2 O

hydrochloric acid hydrofluoric acid hydrobromic acid water hydroiodic acid hydrosulfuric acid water

** be careful… these are NOT acids.

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