OUTLINE Topic: The study of ethics surrounding woman in the era of Jesus. 1. A. Intro – a.

Opener Hook – Eve –Jezebel – Deborah - Ester b. Statement of the order talked about. c. Paragraph end with intro to next topic B. Israel law – surrounding women. a. Current b. Old Testament 2. A. Roman Law – a. Their law b. Draw comparisons and differences from that and 3. A. Jesus and Women – a. Born of virgin Mary – the laws that made it scandal b. Widow of Nain! – Gentile B. Jesus and Women (Continued) - a. Jairus’s Daughter – b. Women with hemorrhage. 4. A. More Jesus and Women – a. Woman that was Judged and forgiven. b. Mary Magdalene c. Samaritan woman (John) B. Significant facts- a. Jesus’s death (role of the women.) witness- the tomb b. and resurrection (His appearences to them) 5. A. Parables that included women – a. The Parable of the Leaven b. The Parable of the Lost Coin c. The Parable of the Judge and the Widow d. The Parable of the Ten Maidens B. Conlusion

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