Never Give Up

By Elton Camp Even when things are going the wrong way “I’ll just give up,” there’s no reason to say Even when matters appear extremely grim Kermit won’t let them get the best of him Nobody else is going to ome to his res ue !o to save the situation he alone must do Even when a big bird has him in its bea" It’s a way out that Kermit will still see" !o he grabbed the bird around it ne " “#ou won’t get to swallow me, by he "$” It ut of the blood flow to the bird’s brain %hus, alive and free old Kermit did remain &rom a frog, a valuable lesson we an learn !urrendering to fate we should always spurn 's long as there is life, there is still hope Even if an o asional bird we must ho"e

Never give up!

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