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Consumer Buying Behaviour while purchasing Refrigerator Final Project

Consumer Buying Behaviour while purchasing Refrigerator Final Project


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How external and internal factors effect consumer buying behaviour
How external and internal factors effect consumer buying behaviour

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Published by: bharatchauhan on Oct 30, 2009
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Respondent is loyal towards the Samsung and would anytime prefer the refrigerator of this
company only. In the future also, if the company comes out with any exchange offer, he would
like to exchange his old refrigerator with a new refrigerator of same brand only.

Brand personality of Samsung as perceived by the respondent

•Samsung is stylish, innovative and quality oriented brand.

•It is reliable & successful

•It is a rugged and tough brand

Respondent’s attitude towards Samsung

•Samsung is a market leader in electronics and electrical products and hence worth


•Samsung always provides good quality products with latest features.

Positioning of Samsung in the mind of the respondent

•Samsung is a stylish brand and it provides quality products at reasonable Price.

•Its products are reliable and require less maintenance


Executive PGDM

Group 142

Effect of consumer behaviour on the purchase of Refrigerators

Respondent name: Vivek Saxena

1Extrovert and flashy

2Stable with less mood swings

3Polite & sympathetic towards others

4Likes to experience new things


Model: LG

•He bought the refrigerator just before marriage because of the need of refrigerator in

the house after marriage

•He Bought LG because of the brand image and its image in the market as a high

quality product.

Classification of need as per Maslow’s hierarchy

•Respondent’s need for the refrigerator was physiological as he wanted it for daily

household needs.

•His need was that of a esteem need too as he bought LG brand because of the brand

image and being perceived by his relatives and friends as a high quality product and
he wanted others to perceive him as a user of high quality goods.

Motives for purchase of refrigerator

i) Manifest motives

•He does not own a refrigerator so he wants to buy one.

•Need of a two door model as use of ice in summers is quite high.

Executive PGDM

Group 143

Effect of consumer behaviour on the purchase of Refrigerators

ii) Latent motives

•Wanted to impress his relatives and friends by purchasing a product which is a market

leader in its class.

•Went for a large size as he wanted him and others to see him as someone who looks

forward for the future needs too.

Emotions of Respondent while buying refrigerator

Respondent is a pleasure-seeking guy who believes that usage of high price goods is good
because he perceives high priced goods as a mark of high quality.

Attitude of Respondent towards refrigerators

i) Cognitive component

•High priced goods have better quality

•As LG is a market leader it must be a high quality product.

ii) Affective component

•Respondent feels that LG refrigerators are best in quality and thus has a positive

emotional reaction towards them

•Wants to impress others by purchasing a large size refrigerator of a market leader brand.

iii) Behavioral component

•While purchasing the product he enquired about package deal on the product

•He also bargained for the price and got discount on the product.


i) Actual Private

Respondent feels that he is a sincere and humble guy

Executive PGDM

Group 144

Effect of consumer behaviour on the purchase of Refrigerators

ii) Ideal Private

Respondent would like to be more participative in daily household chores and would like to help
his wife in household chores which he is not able to do due to lack of time.

iii) Actual Social

Respondent thinks that he is a level headed guy with control on his emotions.

iv)Ideal Social

He would like to be seen in the society as a successful guy who has achieved his success due to
his own hard work.

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