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6 Square Systems Chinna Porur Chennai.

6 Square Systems Chinna Porur Chennai.

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TRUST DEED THIS DEED of Declaration of Public Charitable Trust is executed on the 30 th day of January 2014 by 1. Mr P. B !

"#M $%&'(T)$ *D +(,T+41-200.0000/.01 23o P*TC4 * M +*C" M. M a5ed about 30 years residin5 at 66666666% Chennai District 7 /0000. Mrs P))T4* $ 2# &T+10200.000021/1 83o. 6666. a5ed about 2/ years residin5 at 666666.. District 7 /22901. Mr. ". P*TC4 * M +*C" M &*+D* + 666666666. District 7 /22901. T4 $ *D +(,40:0413092121 23o

2. 3.

4erein after called the FOUNDERS OF THE TRUST. 84)$) 2 the said ;(#+D)$2 of the Trust ha<e already set a=art a su> of $s 10013? @$u=ees (ne Thousand onlyA in cash toBards constitutin5 a Public Charitable Trust and handed o<er the sa>e to the folloBin5 ;irst Trustees. 1. Mr P. B ! "#M $%&'(T)$ *D +(,T+41-200.0000/.01 23o P*TC4 * M +*C" M. M a5ed about 30 years residin5 at 66666666% Chennai District 7 /0000. Mrs P))T4* $ 2# &T+10200.000021/1 83o. 6666. a5ed about 2/ years residin5 at 666666.. District 7 /22901. Mr. ". P*TC4 * M +*C" M &*+D* + 666666666. District 7 /22901. T4 $ *D +(,40:0413092121 23o

2. 3.

+D 84)$) 2 the Trustees ha<e also acce=ted the Trust fund as stated abo<e. +D 84)$) 2 it has beco>e necessary to declare the obCects and ter>s of the Public Charitable Trust.


This Trust contact in their rented =re>ises. 3. The acti<ities of the Trust can be carried out fro> and at such other =laces as the Board of Trustees >ay decide fro> ti>e to ti>e..NAME: The +a>e of the Trust shall be “SIX SQUARE SYSTEMS EDUCATIONAL TRUST” shortly called as “6SS EDUCATIONAL TRUST” Public Charitable Trust.3 To establish% construct and >aintain hos=itals% nursin5 ho>es% colle5es% >edical colle5es% Bards and institutions for the relief of the sicD and to aid or co?o=erate Bith other institutions and societies doin5 si>ilar BorD.. 3.9 To erect or hel= in erectin5 buildin5 or otherBise =ro<ide housin5 acco>>odation for the to establish and >aintain dhar>asalas% sanatoriu>% =ublic halls and the liDe in any =art of the country and to =ro<ide con<enience to the =ersons <isitin5 such =lacesE 3. 3. 3. so as to enable the> to beco>e useful to the Trust.112% +eB +o.1 To establish conduct and 3 or contribute to educational and cultural institutions% colle5es% schools% libraries% booDs trusts% readin5 roo>s% technical institutions% research institutes and other Public Charitable *nstitutions.4 To establish >aintain and su==ort or assist by >onetary 5ift or otherBise% ho>es and >odel institutions for the cri==led% inca=acitated% a5ed% une>=loyed and illiterate >en% Bo>en and children for trainin5 the> in handicrafts and cotta5e industries such as car=entry% Coinery% desi5nin5% draBin5s% =aintin5% cane BorD% car=et >aDin5% s=innin5% Bea<in5% laundry BorD% dry cleanin5 cuttin5 confectionery Dnittin5% seBin5% etc.1.2 To =ro<ide >edical relief by 5i<in5 free >edicines% inCections% tonic% food and the liDe and by 5i<in5 hel= for >edical treat>ent includin5 =ay>ent of ex=enses for such >edical treat>ent to the =oor./ To taDe ste=s to disse>inate scientific% technical% <edic and cultural DnoBled5e and to raise the standard of life and health a>on5 the bacDBard sections of the =eo=leE 3.OBJECTS: The obCects of the Trust are.: To conduct lectures% se>inars sy>=osiu>s on all subCects and to aBard scholarshi=s% =riFes or tro=hies for the ad<ance>ent of the abo<e obCectsE 3.OFFICE: The re5istered office of the Trust for the ti>e bein5 shall be at (ld +o. 3. 3.29% Dana> Buildin5% 2econd .loor% 1st Main $oad% 2enthil +a5ar% Chinna Porur% Chennai 7 /00 11/. To 5i<e >onetary aid or other hel= for relief fro> natural cala>ities liDe earthGuaDe% floods% cyclone% te>=est or otherBiseE . 2.

0 To hel= rural =oor by establishin5 s>all scale industries in the rural areas in order to de<elo= the BeaDer sections in rural areas. 3. 3.14 3. To =ro<ide o==ortunities for self ? e>=loy>ent and o<erall self?de<elo=>ent of the students co>>unity and the youth.% 4. +o acti<ities of the Trust shall be carried out anyBhere outside *ndia.19 3. To establish and assist hostels for students% boardin5 and lod5in5 houses and educational institutions for the or=hans and old a5e ho>es for senior citiFens. To institute and aBard scholarshi=s to the students and scholars for any course of study% research and a==renticeshi= in all or any of the aforesaid ty=es of educational institution in *ndia.10 3. .1/ To run educational institutions% a5ricultural colle5es% <eterinary colle5e% research centres for a5riculture% cattles% =oultries etc. To do all such thin5s as >ay be necessary or conduci<e for the ad<ance>ent of the obCects abo<e >entionedE and . To de<elo= in children and the youth a sense of disci=lined conduct and =atriotis>.3.13 3.2 The acti<ities of the Trust shall be carried out anyBhere in *ndia. To carry on co>>unity de<elo=>ent =ro5ra>>es and to extend assistance for the u=lift>ent of the econo>ically BeaDer sections of the society and in =articular for the de<elo=>ent of Bo>en folD and also to construct% de<elo= or assist co>>unity centres or halls for carryin5 on such acti<ities.BENEFICIARIES 4.11 3.or the ad<ance>ent of any other obCects of 5eneral =ublic irres=ecti<e of caste% creed% reli5ion and sex not in<ol<in5 any acti<ity for =rofit.12 3.1 The benefit of the Trust shall be o=en to all irres=ecti<e of $e5ion% Caste% $ace% $eli5ion etc.1: .

9 .TRUSTEES: 9.1 abo<e.2. P.4 The Board of Trustees shall ha<e the =oBer to co?o=t one or >ore =ersons in the Board of Trustees% subCect to the li>it =rescribed in 0. PREETHI ARASU and the first Trustee Treasurer shall be Mr.ounders and .. <iA ny <acancy in the office of the Trustees% due to death3resi5nation >ay be filled u= by the continuin5 Trustees by a==ointin5 such =ersons Bho> they unani>ously .3 ll the Trustees holdin5 office at any =oint of ti>e shall be referred collecti<ely as the Board of Trustees.ro> a>on5 the Trustees the Board shall no>inate one =erson as the Chair>an% cu> Mana5in5 Trustee% one =erson as the Trustee?2ecretary and one =erson as the TrusteeTreasurer. 9.1 The nu>ber of the Trustees shall not be less than tBo and not >ore than se<en% if the nu>ber of the Trustees shall fall beloB tBo% the Trustees shall not% exce=t for the =ur=ose of fillin5 any <acancy% act so lon5 the nu>ber is beloB the said >ini>u>. BALA"UMAR# the first Trustee 2ecretary shall be Mrs B./ +o =erson shall be eli5ible to be a==ointed as a Trustee and a Trustee shall cease to hold office if heE iAbeco>es a =erson of unsound >ind% iiAis con<icted of an offence in<ol<in5 >oral tur=itude iiiAhas been or adCud5ed insol<ent% i<Ais% or beco>es deaf% >ute or is sufferin5 fro> a bodily infir>ity Bhich shall render hi> unfit for acti<e BorD.irst Trustees of the Trust shall be the Trustees for their life ti>e until they resi5n.2 The .". The ter> of office of the co?o=ted Trustees shall be three years fro> the date of their co?o=tion and they are eli5ible for reneBal of their ter>. PITCHAI MANIC"AM. The first Chair>an cu> Mana5in5 Trustee shall be Mr.!. The =eriod for Bhich they shall hold such office shall be s=ecified by the $esolution of the Board no>inatin5 the>. The Board shall also ha<e the =oBer to no>inate Trustees Bith any other desi5nation also. 9. 9. <Ais otherBise disGualified to act as a Trustee accordin5 to the =ro<isions in the *ndian Trust ct%1. 9. 9.

1 The Board shall >eet as often as necessary to transact the business relatin5 to the Trust% =ro<ided that they shall >eet at least once in e<ery Board Meetin5 as Chair>an. :.9 :. :.The Minutes of each Meetin5 shall be duly authenticated by the chair>en of that Meetin5. :.3 The Board shall ado=t bye?laBs% constitution% rules and re5ulation as a==ro<ed by the Board fro> ti>e to ti>e and a>end>ents >ade on it and the Board shall folloB the sa>e for the better and efficient ad>inistration of the Trust. /. %.1 The Mana5e>ent of the affairs of the Trust shall alBays <est in the Board of Trustees and it shall ha<e all the =oBers Bhich are necessary for carryin5 out the obCects and =ur=oses of the Trust and for ad>inisterin5 the acti<ities of the Trust.BOARD OF TRUSTEES$ /. :.2 The Board shall be the ulti>ate authority to re<ieB the functions and =erfor>ance of the Trust.The Minute BooD shall be Britten u= Bithin 10 days fro> the date of the Meetin5 or the date of the next Meetin5 Bhiche<er is earlier .PROCEEDIN&S OF THE BOARD: :.3 The Huoru> for the Board Meetin5 shall be tBo. The <acancy shall be filled Bithin 30days fro> the date of creation of such <acancy 6. The Board shall ha<e the =oBer to dele5ate any of its =oBers to any of the Trustees to the extent it considers necessary and ex=edient.: . /. *n case of tie of <otes the chair>an thereat shall ha<e an additional@castin5 A<ote. *n all >atters =ertainin5 to the Trust the decision of the >aCority of the Trustee shall be final./ )<ery Trustee =resent at any Meetin5 shall si5n his na>e in an attendance BooD >aintain for that =ur=ose.decide.4 Minutes BooD Bith =a5es serially nu>bered shall be >aintained for recordin5 the resolutions =assed at the Board Meetin5 .

/ To raise loans and ad<ances fir the =ur=ose of the Trust and to re=ay such loans and ad<ances fro> the out of the inco>e or funds of the Trust.3 To sell %dis=ose of% alienate or otherBise deal Bith any =ro=erty co>=risin5 the Trust fund. ..9 To >aDe% <ary% alter or >odify sche>es% rules and re5ulations for carryin5 out the obCects of the Trust and for the >ana5e>ent of the affairs thereof and3or runnin5 any institutions in furtherance of the obCects of the Trust and otherBise for 5i<in5 effect to the obCects of the Trust Bith the =rior a==ro<al of the co>>issioner of *nco>e Tax.1 To acce=t any donation %contribution %endoB>ents 5rant or subscri=tion in cash or in Dind any =ersons% body or =ersonal body of =ersons or trust% Bith or Bithout conditions.. POWERS OF TRUSTEES ..0 To acce=t fro> *ndia or abroad includin5 donations s=onsorshi=% fees% 5rant and aid in >oney% in Dind in landed =ro=erty or in any other >ode either by Bay of addition to the 5eneral cor=us of the trust or for bein5 a==lied on anyone or >ore of the s=ecified obCect of the Trust or for the 5eneral =ur=ose of the Trust.'. .: To =urchase or acGuire >o<able or i>>o<able =ro=erties includin5 <acant sites and or buildin5s and to construct% reno<ate or de>olish buildin5s or structures for the =ur=oses of the Trust.or the furtherance of the obCects of the Trust and in accordance Bith the =ro<isions of 2ec.2 To a==ly the Bhole or =art of the inco>e of the Trust fund and accu>ulation thereof or Bhole or =art of the Trust . . . To let out% rent or hire any of the landed =ro=erties of the Trust or taDe on lease% rent or hire any =ro=erties for the use and =ur=ose of the Trust.. .und to any one or >ore of the obCect of the Trust as the Trustees >ay in their discretion for> ti>e deter>ine. ... ... .4 To o=en account in the na>e of Trust% Trustees and3or institutions run3conduct by the Trust Bith the banD or banDs to o=erate such account and to 5i<e instructions to the banD and to =ro<ide for o=enin5 and o=eration of such account by one or >ore of the Trustees and to close such banD accounts. .13@1A@dA and read 2ec. ...unds %for the ti>e bein5 in force% the Trustees Bill ha<e the folloBin5 =oBers.11@9A of the in<est>ent of use of Trust .

+o Trustee shall be >ade liable for the acts or defaults of his =redecessor but Bhere co?trustee Cointly co>>it a breach of trust% each shall be Cointly and se<erally liable for the Bhole of the loss or conseGuences occasioned by the breach. s on that date there is no >o<able or i>>o<able =ro=erty in the na>e of the Trust.LIABILITY OF TRUSTEES: 0.3 2uch of the >oneys of the Trust that cannot be a==lied i>>ediately o at an early date for the =ur=ose of the obCect% shall be De=t in<ested in such >anner and in such >odes as the Board >ay decide subCect to the re5ulations contained in the *ndian Trusts ct% 1. The in<est>ent of the funds of the Trust shall be in accordance Bith =ro<isions of section 13@1A@dA read Bith section 11@9A of the *nco>e Tax ct% 10/1. 10..ASSETS AND FUNDS 10.2 The su> of $s.10003?initially contributed by the .1 Trustee resi5nin5 his office or otherBise ceasin5 to be a Trustee shall not% by reason of that fact alone be relie<ed fro> his liability to the Trust or to his co?Trustee in res=ect of his acts of co>>ission or o>ission or defaults durin5 the =eriod of his trusteeshi=.2 The Trustees shall not be liable for any loss that >ay be caused to the Trust funds% =ro=erty or trust by a co>=etent court of laB.1 The Trust shall >aintain BanD ccounts in its na>e and the sa>e shall be o=erated by the Trustees or by any such =ersons as the board >ay resol<e fro> ti>e to ti>e. 1).. 10.(#+D)$2 of the Trust toBards the cor=us of the trust is hereby acDnoBled5ed by the trustees as ha<in5 recei<ed. The Board >ay utiliFe the =roceeds of such realiFation or dis=osal for any of the obCects of the Trust3 and or for rein<est>ents as =ro<ided in clause @bA abo<e. (. The Trustee3Trustees authoriFed by the board shall execute the necessary docu>ents on behalf of the Trust for the =ur=ose of clause @bA and @cA abo<e. 10. 0.4 The Board shall ha<e the =oBer to release or otherBise dis=ose of any or all the in<est>ents fro> ti>e to ti>e in the interest of the Trust.10 To constitute an d<isory Co>>ittee and no>inate >e>bers therein as reGuired fro> ti>e to ti>e. The =ri<ate liabilities of the Trustees% collecti<ely or indi<idually shall not affect the Trust.. . 10.9 ll *n<est>ents shall be >ade in the na>e of the Trust.2 and *nco>e Tax ct% 10/1.

1 The trustees shall cause true and accurate accounts to be De=t of all >oney recei<ed and s=end and of all >atters is res=ect thereof in course of >ana5e>ent of trust =ro=erties or in relatin5 to the carryin5 out of the obCect and =ur=oses of the trust as Bell as of all assets% credits and effects of the trust =ro=erties. 11. 13.2 The accountin5 year of the trust shall be endin5 on e<ery year on 31st >arch and for the first of it shall be on 31st >arch 2014. CYPRESS : *f% at any ti>e and for any reason% the functions of the trust fails% the net assets and funds of the trust shall be transferred to any other =ublic charitable trust or trusts or to any institutions ha<in5 si>ilar obCects of the trust% as >ay be deter>ined by the board of trustees.ACCOUNTS 11. ARBITRATION : The trust shall confir> to the =ro<isions of the *ndian trust act%1. 1 .IRRE*OCABLE TRUST : *tIs hereby ex=ressly declared that is trust is =ublic charitable trust and that itIs irre<ocable.2 in all %>atters not ex=ressly =ro<ided for herein% and in case of any difficulty or doubt arises on any Guestion in res=ect of the >ana5e>ent or ad>inistration of the trust or on any >atters failin5 hereunder% the trustees >ay% on behalf of the board a==ly to the court for o=inion% ad<ice% direction or order and the trustees actin5 there u=on shall be de>and% so far as re5ards their res=onsibility to ha<e dischar5ed their duties in res=ect thereof.The said accounts of the trust shall be re5ularly audited by a Gualified auditor e<ery year. *+ 8*T+)22 84)$)(. 12. D)C)MB)$ 2013 WITNESS . T4) T$#2T))2 4)$)BJ 2)T T4)*$ 4 +D2 4)$)#+T( T4*2 T4) 20Th D J (..11.

D+./0 12 : .-.

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