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h "#ra R l a" " Fi$#h Al%um From O&n R !or'in( La% l O!#o% r ) San Fran!i"!o* CA + S ,# m% r -.* -/0- Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra announces the release of Brahms Serenades on October 9, the fifth disc to be released since the 2011 founding of Philharmonia Baroque Productions. Music irector !icholas Mc"egan leads Philharmonia Baroque in this disc of Brahms #erenades, recorded in li$e %erformances March 10 and 11, 2012 &#erenade !o. 2' and (ebruar) 1* and 1+, 2010 &#erenade !o. 1' at Ber,ele)s (irst -ongregational -hurch. .riting of the li$e %erformances in the San Francisco Chronicle, critic /oshua 0osman stated that Maestro Mc"egan 1embraced e$er) o%%ortunit) to gi$e the music a mus,) %h)sicalit) es%eciall) in the outer mo$ements, 2hose rh)thmic force 2as arresting.3 4ll Philharmonia Baroque Productions recordings are distributed b) harmonia mundi in the 5.#., 5.0., "erman) and 4ustria and are a$ailable in both standard - and digital do2nload formats from 4ma6on, i7unes and other online outlets as 2ell as all ma8or retailers and the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra 2ebsite, 4ll fi$e of the Philharmonia Baroque Productions recordings are %roduced and engineered b) a$id $.9. Bo2les, 2ho has %roduced the orchestra:s recordings since 199;. -ritical acclaim has been high for Philharmonia Baroques recording label 2ith The New York Times calling the first release of Berlio6s Les Nuits dt 1almost forbiddingl) beautiful3 and San Francisco Classical Voice %roclaiming the third release of <i$aldis The Four Seasons 1brimming 2ith color, $italit), and imaginati$e inter%retation.3 7he most recent release, =andels o%era, Atalanta, 2as acclaimed b) the San Francisco Chronicle as 1>magnificent> the most $ibrant, e?hilarating stretch of musical sho2manshi% this organi6ation has offered in man) a long season.3 !amed Musical Americas @nsemble of the Aear in 200+, music critic /oshua 0osman said, 17his ad$enturesome band has car$ed out a niche as the nations li$eliest %ur$e)or of %eriod %erformances. 7he uncommon brilliance of its instrumental %la)ing infuses the historicalB%erformance enter%rise 2ith a $italit) and 6est that are 2orlds remo$ed from dull conformit) to the dictates of scholarshi%.3 4mong the mostBrecorded %eriodBinstrument orchestras in the 5nited #tates or in @uro%e, Philharmonia has made thirt)Bthree highl) %raised recordings including its Gramo hone a2ard 2inning recording of =andels Susanna for harmonia mundi, 9eference 9ecordings, and

BM". Cn 2011, the orchestra launched its o2n label, Philharmonia Baroque Productions, 2ith an acclaimed recording of Berlio6: Les Nuits d!t and =andel arias featuring me66oBso%rano Dorraine =unt Dieberson. 7he second - release, =a)dnE #)m%honies !o. 10+ 1Dondon3, !o. FF, !o. 101 17he -loc,,3 2as nominated for a "94MMAG 42ard for Best Orchestral Performance. 7he ensemble then 2ent on to release a commended recording of <i$aldi $iolin concertos including The Four Seasons featuring $iolinist @li6abeth Blumenstoc,. 7hese last fi$e rel eases on the Philharmonia label including the u%coming Serenades are the first the orchestra has issued since 200H, 2hen it selfBreleased li$e recordings of /a,e =eggies To "ell and #ack and Beetho$ens #)m%hon) !o. 9. ALBUM INFORMATION /O=4!!@# B94=M# &1F**B1F9H' #erenade !o. 2 in 4 Ma8or, O%. 1; #erenade !o. 1 in Ma8or, O%. 11 9eleased October 9, 2012 Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra !icholas Mc"egan, conductor Philharmonia Baroque Productions 9ecorded March 10B11, 2012 &#erenade !o. 2' and (ebruar) 1*B1+, 2010 &#erenade !o. 1' li$e at (irst -ongregational -hurch, Ber,ele), -alifornia ABOUT PHILHARMONIA BAROQUE ORCHESTRA #an (ranciscos Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra has been dedicated to historicall)Binformed %erformance of Baroque, -lassical and earl)B9omantic music on original instruments since its ince%tion in 19F1. 5nder Music irector !icholas Mc"egan, Philharmonia Baroque 2as named Musical Americas @nsemble of the Aear. 7he Orchestra %erforms an annual subscri%tion season in the #an (rancisco Ba) 4rea, and is regularl) heard on tour in the 5nited #tates and internationall). 7he Orchestra has its o2n %rofessional chorus, the Philharmonia -horale, and 2elcomes such talented guest artists as me66oBso%rano #usan "raham, %ianist @manuel 4?, countertenor a$id aniels, conductor /ordi #a$all and recorder %la)er Marion <erbruggen. 7he Orchestra has had numerous successful collaborations 2ith celebrated musicians, com%osers, and choreogra%hers. Philharmonia Baroque %remiered its first commissioned 2or,I a oneBact o%era b) /a,e =eggie entitled To "ell and #ack, in !o$ember 200;. Cn collaboration 2ith the Mar, Morris ance "rou%, Philharmonia Baroque ga$e the 5.#. %remieres of Morris highl) acclaimed %roductions of =enr) Purcells $in% Arthur and /eanBPhili%%e 9ameaus balletBo%era, &late' Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra 2as founded b) har%sichordist and earl) music %ioneer Daurette "oldberg. Philharmonia Baroque has made *2 highl) %raised recordings for harmonia mundi, 9eference 9ecordings and BM". 7he orchestras li$e recording of =andels oratorio Susanna recei$ed a "94MMAG nomination and a 1991 Gramo hone Ma%a(ine 42ard for best baroque $ocal recording. Cn 2011, Philharmonia Baroque launched Philharmonia Baroque Productions and has

released four recordings archi$al %erformances of Dorraine =unt Dieberson singing Berlio6s Les Nuits dete and =andel ariasI =a)dnE #)m%honies !o. 10+ 1Dondon3, !o. FF, !o. 101 17he -loc,3 &nominated for a "94MMAG 42ard for Be st Orchestral Performance'I <i$aldis Four Seasons and other $iolin concertos, featuring soloist @li6abeth Blumenstoc,I and =andels Atalanta' ABOUT NICHOLAS M!GEGAN !icholas Mc"egan is lo$ed b) audiences and orchestras for %erformances that match authorit) 2ith enthusiasm, scholarshi% 2ith 8o) and curatorial res%onsibilit) 2ith e$angelical e?uberance. =e has been music director of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra for t2ent)Bsi? )ears, and 2as 4rtistic irector of the Cnternational =andel (esti$al "Jttingen for 20 )ears. =e has been a %ioneer in the %rocess of e?%orting historicall) informed %ractice be)ond the 2orld of %eriod instruments to con$entional s)m%honic forces, guestBconducting orchestras including the -hicago, #t. Douis #)m%hon), 7oronto and #)dne) #)m%honies, the -le$eland and Philadel%hia Orchestras, the !e2 Aor,, Dos 4ngeles and =ong 0ong Philharmonics, and the !orthern #infonia and the #cottish -hamber Orchestra, as 2ell as o%era com%anies including -o$ent "arden, #an (rancisco, #anta (e and .ashington. Born in @ngland, !icholas Mc"egan 2as educated at -ambridge and O?ford. =e 2as made an Officer of the Most @?cellent Order of the British @m%ire &OB@' 1for ser$ices to music o$erseas.3 =is a2ards also include the =alle =andel Pri6eI the Order of Merit of the #tate of Do2er #a?on) &"erman)'I the Medal of =onour of the -it) of "Jttingen, and an official !icholas Mc"egan a), declared b) the Ma)or of #an (rancisco in recognition of his distinguished 2or, 2ith the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. PRESS AND MEDIA RELATIONS CONTACT 0aren 4mes -ommunicationsE 0aren 4mes or 0ristin #chellinger &+1K' ;+1BH+H+ or ,arenL, ,ristinL, Michael -osta, Philharmonia Baroque @?ecuti$e irectorE &+1K' K20B120H or (or a com%lete biogra%h), $isit 222.%hilharmonia.orgMaboutMhistor) Press %hotos are a$ailable at 222.%hilharmonia.orgM%ressBroomMresources 111