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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Allen Blakemoie
Weunesuay, Apiil 16, 2u14 71S-S26-SS99

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B00ST0N - Baviu Bewhuist kickeu off his Runoff Election Campaign touay with a
peisonal attack au assailing Ban Patiick. Allen Blakemoie, Patiick Campaign Senioi
Stiategist iesponueu to iequests foi comment on the au:

"Six weeks befoie the Runoff Election anu uuiing Boly Week, Baviu Bewhuist takes
his campaign stiaight to the guttei. 0vei the next seven uays, he is spenuing ovei
$1,uuu,uuu polluting the aiiwaves, spewing iaw sewage, anu peisonally attacking
Ban Patiick. Ni. Bewhuist's au offeis no excuse foi his own iecoiu of failuie to
secuie the boiuei, failuie to auuiess piopeity taxes that aie uiiving people fiom
theii homes, anu a failuie to uelivei a fiscally iesponsible buuget.

"Ni. Bewhuist's negative campaign of peisonal attacks will fail. The voteis know
Baviu Bewhuist anu his iecoiu, anu ovei 7u% have alieauy iejecteu his message
anu aie looking foi an authentic conseivative like Ban Patiick to leau as oui next
Lieutenant uoveinoi.

"This latest attack au is a stiing of lies, half tiuths, anu a iehash of events fiom Su
yeais ago.

"voteis aie looking foi a leauei who can uelivei on conseivative policy, not a
canuiuate who can launch peisonal attacks in packageu campaign aus."

An analysis of the claims maue in the Bewhuist attack au is linkeu heie: