FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, April 16, 201

CONTACT: !ri""ney Fi#rini $erred %1&'&()'&1)&* +ell: %1&')06'02&,

!ar+lay: Disapp#in"ed $-d.e /p0eld SAFE A+" in S"a"e S-pre1e C#-r"
Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski)released the followin statement today followin the news that Actin !tate !u"reme Court #ustice $homas %c&amara's u"held the !A() Act* “I’m disappointed to learn that a State Supreme Court justice has upheld the SAFE Act and concluded that it did not infringe on our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I hope the challenge to the SAFE Act pending in federal court produces a different decision. I will continue to sponsor and support egislation that repeals this o!erreaching law that was rushed through the egislature in "anuar# 2$%&'( said )arcla#. ***

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