Worksheet 3 – Structure of Medical and Health Care Terminology (A) Define the following terms, as used in the study of medical

and health care terminology: 1. A word root is the foundation of a medical term. 2. A prefix is a word part added before a word root to modify its meaning.

3. A suffix is _a word part added to the end of a word root to modify its meaning.

(B) Use the word parts provided to form the medical and health care terms required:
arteri/oarthr/ocardi/onat/oneo= = = = = artery joint heart birth new neur/orhin/o-algia -itis -logist = = = = = nerve nose pain and suffering inflammation specialist -otomy = -scopy = -rrhea = surgical incision visual examination abnormal flow or discharge

1. A specialist concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease is a/an __cardiologist____.

2. The visual examination of the internal structure of a joint is a/an __arthroscopy___________________.

3. The medical term for a pain in the nerves is _________neuralgia________________.

4. A surgical incision into the heart is a/an _____ cardiotomy ________.

5. A specialist in the disorders and diseases of the newborn is called a/an ___neonatologist______.

6. The medical term meaning the inflammation of a joint is _____arthritis______.

7. The medical term for a runny nose is _____rhinorrhea_______.

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