Week 7 - Tutorial (Classroom) A.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Lesson
By the end of these lessons, students will be able to: Identify and correct most common types of fragments and run-on sentences.

B. Suggested Learning Activities for Tutorial 7
Textbook Exercises on Fragments, and Run-ons (Selected by the Lecturer) o Unit 4, Ch 1, Activities on pp.303-316 o Unit 4, Ch 2, Activities on pp.317-329

C. Supplementary Learning Activities
Revision Exercise: Parallelism, Fragments & Run-Ons (Worksheet 7)

D. Useful Resources
Online Language Practices on Fragment, Run-ons and parallelism at Coursebook Companion Website http://highered.mcgrawhill.com/sites/0073384089/student_view0/index.html o Ch 24 - Interactive Exercises: Fragment o Ch 25 - Interactive Exercises: i) Comma Splices, ii) Run-ons

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