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Henderson 1 CNF Revision Response Essay Writing creative non-fiction, to me, is one of my strong-suits.

I am able to write with my feelings instead of with my brain. Of course, I do have to use my brain a little Throughout the whole process of preparing this essay (the CNF), I have realized that I have a talent for wordpainting and making each and every piece poetic in a way. Every piece is detailed but detailed in a way that uses few words. I think a good example of word-painting would be my favorite piece called What Is Life? The beautiful solid of the sky is expanding into darkened pastels with a few scrapes of feathery white. The old chapel across the way has a splatter of yellow on one side. Somehow it is calm and reassuring with its presence there. Its friends revel in its grandeur. Solid implies that the sky is a big mass of a single color that is changing into different colors as the sun goes down. Scrapes of feathery white are the clouds that hover in that mass. As for the last sentence, who/what do you think I mean by its friends? Have you considered the tiny buildings surrounding that chapel? Those buildings would make the chapel seem even grander. It is interesting to see each persons comment on that essay because each one has a different idea of where the setting is. One person said that they thought it was in a house. Another said that they thought it was in a hospital at first, but then changed their mind and said it was in a classroom. No one was right at all. It is so funny to me how my techniques work so well. I like to give clues about the setting, but I do not make it obvious because I like to see each readers thoughts. Each one is different. The answer to where the setting is in this essay is actually in the third-floor lounge at Stu East. There was an unknown, who was a girl that I had no connection with that was studying and listening to music with her ear buds (she was plugged into her laptop). I, the narrator, was just laying on one of the couches thinking of something to

Henderson 2 write about, which you would think that there was nothing to observe, but there was. Sometimes a boring situation can make the writer come out of anyone. During the workshop in class, my classmates were helpful, and they provided me with a lot of advice. I am glad that they spoke their opinions, but at the same time, I feel like they werent catching my intended vagueness. I couldnt help but wonder, was I doing something wrong? I realized that writing this way is just my style. Especially with the titles; I am really vague with them, but it is not by accident (honestly, though, I am really bad at thinking of titles). They are short because I want the audience to have a thought come to mind, and then I want them to be rerouted. My titles have to do with the essays that I write, but they are not obvious. I want them to be thought-provoking. This technique is on purpose, I promise. For example, my essay God is not really talking about God at all, but in a sense the light thinks it is God. On and off, on and off, how many times do they have to activate my powers? I hang on the wall only used as a guide in the dark times. I feel so used and abused. Sometimes, I am on all night without anyone to help. They walk through me as if I am not there. What is the point of my essence if I am just a thought, a figment of space? I am God. I should be recognized in this time of need. I am everywhere. All you need is to summon me or wait for morning. I am talking about light, not God. I gave light a personality, an essence. This essay redirects the thought process away from the original thought of God; however, the sentence I am God cooperates with the title. My first draft of the creative non-fiction essay was really short. I did not really have much material to work with. After the first workshop meeting, that changed. I was inspired by my group to write more (even though most of it was taken from my journals). As for mechanical and grammatical errors, there were not many at all. Most of the revision comments were about

Henderson 3 my vagueness, which I did not change because it held meaning to each essay that I wrote. It is an essential part of my style. I did change some things in my essay What Is Life? to add emphasis or to add internal dialogue, such as What is the life of a college student? I put this sentence in italics to emphasize that it is a question. This kind of sentence makes the reader want to think even after reading the essay as do most of my pieces. They are meant to be interpreted differently depending on each individual person.

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