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Wheat flour mill

Presented By:Amit Kumar MBA FM Roll No-41

Keys to success

High standered of living More Protein than Rice

Quality consistency Less competition High density of people Easy transportation Availability of Raw material New Improvements in agriculture sector

Industrial Revolution

City A Look
Total Population of Gaya City-4,391,418 Estimated Average consumption of Wheat flour In Gaya=4391418*0.150(kg)=658712kg Nearest City Patna Bhagalpur Samastipur Rohtas Aurangabad Consumption (in kg) 875769 455663 639234 443987 381010

The Milling Process

Grain cleaned prior to milling
Width grading - sieves Length grading - rotating drums Density separation - gravity tables

Projected Budget Trading and Profit & Loss Account As on 31st March 2015 To opening stock To Purchase To Carriage inword To Lighting To Wages To Store To Gross Profit To Stationary To Telephone To Insurance To Advertisement To Depreciation On Machinery To Interest On Capital To Misllenious Expenses To Salary To Interest On Loan To Carriage Outward To Net Profit 500000 By Sales 1260000 By Closing Stock 9000 420 1000 180 15000 1775600 100 By Gross Profit 200 200 200 60 154 5200 200 614 6000 2072 15000 Balance Sheet as on 31st March 2015 Amount Assets Current Assets Cash in hand 3322 Fixed Assets Machinery 2000000/365 =5080 4998 Depreciation=60 8320 1350000 425600

1775600 15000

15000 Amount 3300

Liability Capital 400000/365= 1096 + Net Profit = 2072 + Int. On Capital= 154 Loan 1600000/365 = 4384 + Int. On Loan = 614

5020 8320

Local TV Channels SONY TV STAR PLUS ZEE TV ZEE smile

Gaya Patrika Dainik Bhaskar Dainik Jagran Prabhat Khabar Hindustan Pamplets

Strength Broad market coverage. Manufacturing Technic Good Marketing Skills. Appropriate management style. Appropriate organizational structure. Ability to manage strategic change. Good financial management. Quality Of Product. Opportunity New market segments. Extend cost or differentiation advantage. Expand into Multi state Expand core business(es). Overcome barriers to entry. Reduce rivalry among competitors. Apply brand name capital in new areas.

Weakness Rising manufacturing costs. Shortage of electricity Bad portfolio management. High conflict In politics.

Threat Change in consumer taste. Inrease in regional competition. Changes in demographic factors. Rising labour cost. Slower market growth.

Future products

With above SWOT Analysis the situation does look quite positive for ATTA" & other brand of ATTA of suncity. Feedback gives an opportunity to increase product line. Finally, I Can say that Suncity will acquire a big market share in the Coming years and it will be expended to worldwide.