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Vast distance from God .... End ....

The fact that peop e ha!e distanced themse !es from "e to such an e#tent is an o$!ious sign of the times% for there$& the& hasten the end themse !es since earth & ife no onger fu fi s its purpose .... that peop e oo' for and find unification (ith "e .... Their earth & e#istence (as on & gi!en to them for one reason) to ta'e the ast step of return to "e% to e iminate the distance the& once had created themse !es through their apostas& from "e. *n earth & ife the& are no( granted the fina opportunit& to understand their (rongdoing (hich made them fa into an a$&sma distance from "e ....+s a resu t of "& o!e and grace this distance has a read& $een so reduced $& (a& of the path through the (or's of creation that the& ha!e no( reached the point of return to "e (hich% ho(e!er% has to occur in free (i % and therefore the once fa en spirits (ere granted the short time of earth & ife (hich fu & suffices in order to reach the fina goa .... the union (ith "e. ,et peop e fai to consider the purpose of their earth & ife% the& oo' at e!er&thing (ith earth &-minded e&es% the& don.t decrease their distance from "e% in fact% the& are more i'e & to increase it $ecause the& ac' o!e and this a (a&s signifies a !ast distance from "e. +nd thus the time has come (here earth is no onger ser!ing as a p ace of spiritua education% (here it is missing its purpose .... (here it has $ecome point ess for the human $eing to i!e on earth $ecause he on & uses his sta& (rong & and is far more

inc ined to e#tend his distance from "e. +nd this means that the human $eing.s sou is in utmost danger to $e $anished into matter again% to descend into the deepest a$&ss once more. +nd therefore a arge transformation is a$out to happen to &ou humans to ena$ e the earth fu fi its purpose again) he ping the sou to attain maturit&. /ence present-da& peop e hasten the end of the o d earth themse !es% for * (ant to restore the o d order and et the earth $ecome a p ace of education for the spirit once more (hich% ho(e!er% necessitates disintegrating and reshaping the creation% inc uding those peop e (ho do not recognise the meaning and purpose of earth & ife and 0ust i!e a pure & materia ife (ithout ta'ing their sou s into consideration. +nd regard ess of (hat * (i sti a o( to happen unti then% it (i no onger ead to a change in peop e e#cept in a fe( (ho (i find "e in the ast hour% and (hom * a so (ant to sa!e from the do(nfa . 1eop e no onger $e ie!e in "e (ith a i!ing faith% and a dead faith cannot a(a'en the sou s to ife. For peop e i!e (ithout o!e. The& no onger ta'e notice of their fe o( human $eings. hardship% the& 0ust fee great o!e for themse !es and this o!e dri!es them $ac' into the ad!ersar&.s arms again% and so the& steadi & (iden their distance to "e% gi!en that o!e a one esta$ ishes the unification (ith "e and heart essness mere & pro!es their remoteness from "e. /ence the time (hich separates &ou humans from the end gets e!er shorter .... (hether &ou $e ie!e it or not ..... *t is the a(fu conse2uence of humanit&.s heart essness (hich on & the !er& change into o!e (ou d $e a$ e to re!o'e $ut (hich can no onger $e e#pected on this earth. Earth & ife is pure & a matter of the sou $ecoming fu & mature .... &et no-one is a(are of this tas' incum$ent on him apart from the sma f oc' of "& O(n (ho% a though the& (i $e una$ e to stop the transformation of this earth% (i ne!erthe ess

inha$it the ne( earth as root of the ne( human race. Their fate (i $e an e#ceptiona & g orious one% (hich peop e shou d tru & regard as the most important to stri!e for in these ast da&s .... &et it is ne!er $e ie!ed and no person can $e forced to $e ie!e it. /o(e!er% time and again &ou sha $e informed of it% for * (i et "& !oice $e heard unti the end and remind and (arn a peop e% and unti the end e!er& person (i sti ha!e the opportunit& to change himse f .... to stri!e for another goa $ut pure & the materia (or d .... +nd $ essed% (ho sti uses the short time to change his nature to o!e3 for he (i not ha!e to fear the end $ecause then he% too% (i $e ong to "& O(n (ho (i $e protected and sa!ed $& "& strong arm ....


1u$ ished $& friends of ne( re!e ations of God 4 *nformation% do(n oad of a trans ated re!e ations% theme-$oo' ets at) http)55(((.$ertha-dudde.info5eng ish5inde#.htm 6 http)55en.$ertha-dudde.org5

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