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By Krushana (Jugalkishore Kalani

Copy Editor: Pam Jablonski, USA [Pls note that this article is based on Krushna’s Ayanamsa – SA]

Krushnaji is one of the most popular
names on the net for bringing out a system of Ashtakvarga (KAS) contrary to what we know of Ashtakvarga. His Guru’s system, which he has painstakingly taught free of cost to members throughout the world, is in the Yahoo group ‘astrology and timing.’ It has become extremely popular due to its accurate method of timing events. Krushnaji was born in 1943. Following his dharma, he started a school for mentally retarded children.


o find the timing of an event, we must know the period ruled by the significator planet. There are so many types of dasha systems, but I found the Vimshottari dasha most reliable. This system is based on the longitude of the Moon. The total Dasha period is 120 revolutions of the Sun. Shake is an Indian system of counting years and starts from the Chaitra Sukla paksha. The ancient sages discovered the life of a human being to be 120 years, and that is currently supported by scientists in the present day. By testing particular parts of the body, scientists have ascertained that it can work for 120 years and have thus concluded that the maximum life of a person can be up to 120 years. In astrology, these 120 years are comprised of the 12 signs and 27 constellations. Each Constellation is divided in four padas. Thus total 27X 4 = 108 padas and 12 signs make 120. This is the total of the Vimshottari dasha. The starting

120 years are divided in two equal parts of 60 years each and allotted to inner and outer grahas. Uttarashadha 4. These are inner planets. 20 years to Venus. Mercury. Each planet is allotted years. 9 Ashlesha. “Graha” means sources of energy and attraction and so it may be a distinction. The years to each planet is allotted considering the Sign and Constellations padas as per the friendship or uccha neech rashi. 7 years. and 27 Revati. Bharani ruled by Venus. Rahu and Ketu are grahas. 6 Ardra. Ardra 4. Chitra 3. Jupiter and Saturn are the outer grahas. 4 Rohini. Those are as per following: Venus is allotted maximum years in the Vimshottari dasha as it is a friend to many signs lords and nakshtra lords. which is ruled by Mercury. and Pushya ruled by Saturn 19 years. 24 Satabisha. Rohini by Moon. The total period of 120 years (120 revolutions of the Sun in the zodiac). After that again it starts from Aries for first pada of Rohini. Purva 3. four padas of Ashvini with the first pada denoted by the first sign Aries. Satabisha 4. “Planets” and “Stars” are the words used for heavenly bodies. 26 Uttara Bhadrapada. third as Gemini and so on. Uttara Bhadrapada 3. 22 Shravan. and Revati 4 and two years due to its two signs Taurus and Libra. Ashvini ruled by Ketu. 12 Uttaraphalguni. Purva Bhadrapada 2. 8 Pushya. Ardra ruled by Rahu 18 years. Mula 2. and 10 years to Moon respectively. 23 Dhanishta. 2 Bharani. 19 Mula. Shravana 2. One year is one revolution of Sun in the zodiac. starting with Mrigrashira ruled by Mars. Mrigrashira 3. Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter 16 years. By allotting 17 years to Mercury. Dhanishta 3. I will use the word “Graha” which is different than the word “planet”. which includes the Sun. Mars. 13 Hasta. In Krittika there is 4. 14 Chitra. Ketu is also included in the inner grahas. Each pada is referred to by sign names. There are inner grahas and outer grahas. 20 Purvashadha. 17 Anuradha. There are 27 stars or constellations. has been allotted to 9 grahas. Krittika by sun. . Rohini 2. 18 Jyeshtha. and Rahu is treated as an outer graha as well. as per the uccha rashi or own rashi pada of the Nakshtra and the relation with the sign lord and karakatva. 10 Magha. In this fashion all the 108 padas are given the names of signs. 25 Purva Bhadrapada. This is the way that names of all 12 signs are given to each pada for first three stars. 7 years to Ketu. 6 years to Sun.point is taken as longitude of the natal Sun in the birth chart. One month is equal to the time taken by the Sun in one sign. but they are not planets. totaling another 60 years. second as Taurus. Venus and the Moon. Swati 4. Purvashadha 3. names as 1 Ashvini. “Inner grahas” mean grahas between the Earth and the Sun. 15 Swati. 11 Purvaphalguni. 3 Krittika. 21 Uttarashadha. 5 Mrigrashira. The outer Grahas are then allotted. For example. 7 Punarvasu. 16 Vishakha. and one day is one degree of the Sun. The calculations begin from Revati. we arrive at a total of 60 years. Punarvasu 2. Venus gets 20 years.

Chitra 1. Punarvasu 3. Vishakha 1. Shravana 3. Pushya 1. Anuradha 2. Rohini 4. Rahu gets one year each due to Bharani 2. Hasta 2. Bharani 3. Anuradha 3. Ashlesha 3. Jyestha 2. Ashlesha 2. Ardra 2. Pushya 3. Ardra 3 . Jyestha 3. Purva Bhadrapada 4. Uttarabhadra 2. a total of 18 years. Rohini 3. and one year due to Cancer sign total 10 years. Hasta 1. Satabisha 3. Jupiter gets one year from each Nakshtra pada as follows: Bharani 1. Purvashadha 4. Uttara 1. and Revati 2 and two years due to own signs of Mercury. getting one year in Ashvini 4. (There is no sign owned by Rahu). Hasta 3. Next planet is the Moon. and Revati 3. Jyestha 4. Total 19 years. Swati 3. Capricorn and Aquarius. Krittika 1. Mrigrashira 4. Uttarashadha 3. Purva Phalguni 2. and 2 years due to signs (Aries and Scorpio) Total 7 years. Dhanishta 2. Uttara bhadrapada 4. Magha 2. Magha 4. Thus total years allotted to each planet are given in following Table 1: . Chitra 4. Punarvasu 4. Magha 1. Uttara Bhadrapada 1. Anuradha 4. Next planet Mars gets one year each due to Purva Phalguni 4. Purva 1. Remaining seven years are allotted to Ketu for remaining padas of Nakshtras. Uttara Phalguni 4. Mercury gets one year each from Ashvini 2 and Ashvini 3 . and one year due to its Leo sign. Pushya 2. Dhanishta 4. Ardra 1. Swati 2. Bharani 4. Uttara 3. Mrigrashira 1. Satabisha 1. Purvashadha 2. Punarvasu 1. Pushya 4.Next planet is the Sun and it gets a year in Ashvini 1. Krittika 2. Uttara 2. Krittika 3. Satabisha 2. Total 17 years. total six years. Rohini 1. That is 7 years. Ashlesha 4. Mula 1. Magha 3. Hasta 4. Mula 4. Chitra 2. and Revati 1 and two years due to its own signs Sagittarius and Pisces for a total of 16 years. Saturn gets dasha years as follows: Mrigrashira 1. Purvabhadrapada1. Jyestha 1. Swati 1. and two years due to own sign. Ashlesha 1. Uttarashadha 2. Uttarashadha 1. Vishakha 3. Purva Bhadrapada 3.

Table 1 Planets Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Ashwini Ashwini-1 Aries Ashwini-2 Taurus Ashwini-3 Gemini Ashwini-4 Cancer Aries Bharani Bharani-1 Leo Bharani-2 Virgo Bharani-3 Libra Bharani-4 Scorpio Aries Taurus Krittika Krittika-1 Sagittarius Krittika-2 Capricorn Krittika-3 Aquarius Krittika-4 Pisces Taurus 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

Rohini Rohini-1 Aries Rohini-2 Taurus Rohini-3 Gemini Rohini-4 Cancer Taurus Gemini Mrigashira Mrigashira-1 Leo Mrigashira-2 Virgo Mrigashira-3 Libra Mrigashira-4 Scorpio Gemini Ardra Ardra-1 Sagittarius Ardra-2 Capricorn Ardra-3 Aquarius Ardra-4 Pisces Gemini Cancer Punarvasu Punarvasu-1 Aries 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

Punarvasu-2 Taurus Punarvasu-3 Gemini Punarvasu-4 Cancer Cancer Pushya Pushya-1 Leo Pushya-2 Virgo Pushya-3 Libra Pushya-4 Scorpio Cancer Ashlesha Ashlesha-1 Sagittarius Ashlesha-2 Capricorn Ashlesha-3 Aquarius Ashlesha-4 Pisces Leo Magha Magha-1 Aries Magha-2 Taurus Magha-3 Gemini Magha-4 Cancer Leo 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

Purvapha Purva-1 Leo Purva-2 Virgo Purva-3 Libra Purva-4 Scorpio Leo Virgo Uttarapha Uttara-1 Sagittarius Uttara-2 Capricorn Uttara-3 Aquarius Uttara-4 Pisces Virgo Hasta Hasta-1 Aries Hasta-2 Taurus Hasta-3 Gemini Hasta-4 Cancer Virgo Libra Chitra Chitra-1 Leo Chitra-2 Virgo Chitra-3 Libra 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

Chitra-4 Scorpio Libra 1 Planets Swati Swati-1 Sagittarius Swati-2 Capricorn Swati-3 Aquarius Swati-4 Pisces Libra Scorpio Vishakha Vishakha-1 Aries Vishakha-2 Taurus Vishakha-3 Gemini Vishakha-4 Cancer Scorpio Anuradha Anuradha-1 Leo Anuradha-2 Virgo Anuradha-3 Libra Anuradha-4 Scorpio Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

Scorpio Jyeshta Jyeshta-1 Sagittarius Jyeshta-2 Capricorn Jyeshta-3 Aquarius Jyeshta-4 Pisces Sagittarius Mula Mula-1 Aries Mula-2 Taurus Mula-3 Gemini Mula-4 Cancer Sagittarius Purvashada Purvashada-1 Leo Purvashada-2 Virgo Purvashada-3 Libra Purvashada-4 Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Uttarashada Uttarashada-1 Sagittarius 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

Uttarashada-2 Capricorn Uttarashada-3 Aquarius Uttarashada-4 Pisces Capricorn Shravana Shravana-1 Aries Shravana-2 Taurus Shravana-3 Gemini Shravana-4 Cancer Capricorn Aquarius Dhanishta Dhanishta-1 Leo Dhanishta-2 Virgo Dhanishta-3 Libra Dhanishta-4 Scorpio Aquarius Satabisha Satabisha-1 Sagittarius Satabisha-2 Capricorn Satabisha-3 Aquarius Satabisha-4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

Pisces Aquarius Pisces Purvabhadra Purvabhadra1 Aries Purvabhadra2 Taurus Purvabhadra3 Gemini Purvabhadra4 Cancer Pisces Uttarabhadra Uttarabhadra1 Leo Uttarabhadra2 Virgo Uttarabhadra3 Libra Uttarabhadra4 Scorpio Pisces Revati Revati-1 Sagittarius Revati-2 Capricorn Revati-3 Aquarius Revati-4 Pisces Total (See table 2) 1 1 1 1 17 7 20 6 10 7 18 16 19 120 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

If we look at the table in Table 2. as shown in Table 2. we want to find the sub period of Mercury in the Main period of Saturn. The sub period can be found from the following formula: Let M = Mahadasha period Let S = the sub lord of the Mahadasha period Let s = result of sub period in decimal years. which can be converted into sign and degree of the Sun.Table 2 INNER GRAHAS Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon TOTAL YEARS OUTER GRAHAS Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn TOTAL YEARS 17 years 7 years 20 years 6 years 10 years 60 7 years 18 years 16 years 19 years 60 The periods. are known as Mahadasha (Main Periods). It is further sub divided into nine sub-periods. s = M X S divided by 120 s = 19 X 17 divided by 120 s = 2. we can see that Saturn (M) = 19 years and Mercury (S) = 17 years. The first division is always that of the Mahadasha Lord. The formula now becomes: s=M X S divided by 120 For example. The division for each of these sub-period planets is in proportion to its Mahadasha period.6916666 .

This means number of signs. the Sun travels. If this is converted to sun’s transit it will be two rounds of zodiac and 8 signs and 12 degrees. This means in this period the Sun will travel 32 signs and 9 degrees. Let’s see. let’s take Rahu. so that the remainder is 32. Number of signs = M X S divided by 10 Number of signs = 19 X 17 divided by 10 Number of signs = 32. If we want to take the sub period of Rahu in the Mahadas ha period of Rahu.This converts into 2 years. (49  10 = 4. (4X3) it gives 12 degrees. we will have this: RAHU Mahadasha = 18 Rahu Sub-period = 18 Total = 324 (leave out the 4) Leave out the last digit. which is 4. means 32 signs and . For example. there is an easier way to do this by dividing the original formula by 10 instead of 12. This will automatically give you the number of signs.3. which then converts to 2 years (two revolutions of the Sun) and 8 signs. 8 signs and 9 degrees. Sun makes two rounds of the Zodiac and 8 signs and 9 degrees in next sign. which is equals to 4 signs and 27 (9 X 3) degrees.9.  Mars sub in Mars main = 7X7 = 49 = four signs and 27 degrees of Sun.  This can be done orally also. which comes to the same thing as the first formula where we divided by 12. Therefore.3 The 32. the sub-period of Rahu in the Rahu Mahadasha = 2 revolutions 8 signs. Now multiply the last digit of the number 324 by 3.  However. but we must know the Mahadasha period first. .3 of a sign = 3 X 3 = 9 degrees. In this period.)  Sun sub in Moon main = 6 X 10 = 60 = six signs and 0 degree. 12 degrees. We can now see that 32 signs = 2 years (revolutions of Sun) and 8 signs (plus the 9 days). These are the number of signs.

It lasts for 20 years. This means Native was born 17 minutes after the Sunrise. 1986 approximately. This means Moon has passed 7 degree and 26 Minutes and 47. These are 42 Pals and 30 vipals after Sunrise. Now suppose we have to find the sub period of Mars in Venus main. This means that the Sun will reach.55 seconds of Vishakha. 11 months and 6 day and 54 Ghatis 21. So we multiply 36 by 20 (the main period of Venus) 36 X 20 = 720 leaving out the last digit. This may come to 1st Jan. 1980. we can find the sub period of any planet in the Main or Mahadasha period of any planet. Thus the end of the dasha will be on the day when Sun will reach the same sign and degree after a complete revolution equal to the years. Add the total years of Venus + Sun + Moon up to Mars = 20 + 6+ 10 = 36. 1980. This means that the Mars sub period in Venus Mahadasha will start after 6 revolutions of the Sun from 1st Jan. after six complete revolutions. The last digit of 720 stands for degrees which give us zero degree. This means the Moon is in Libra 27 degrees and 26 Minutes. Total Mahadasha of Jupiter is passed proportion to passed degree of Moon in Vishakha. Example: Birth data 23rd Jun 1972 at time 6:40 am and Sun rise was 6:23 at the birth place.55 seconds. The years of a dasha are a complete revolution of the Sun. which gives us 72 (signs) = 6 years.83 seconds and Moon at 27degrees: Lib: 26 minutes: 47.From the above equation one can find the sub period of any planet.06414 years is .  Now suppose the main period of Venus starts from the 1st of January. Hence 7. The Mars sub-period in Venus Mahadasha will be 7 X 20 = 140 = 14 signs and zero degree. and 47. This means 446. which is equal to 8 years.93585 years passed. Similarly. The calculation of the Vimshottari dasha is based on the Suns longitude in the birth chart.7925 minutes out of 800 minutes of Vishakha. Hence if we cast the chart we get natal longitude of Sun as 9: Ge: 5minutes and 55. The balance of the dasha at the time of birth is added to the natal Sun. The Vishakha starts from 20 degree 00 minutes in Libra.55 seconds. Moon is in the nakshtra of Vishakha ruled by Jupiter. Now we have to find the start of the Mars sub period. Hence 8. the same sign and degree which it was on 1st Jan 1980. with the month being the sign and the days the degrees of Sun. That is one complete revolution and 2 signs.6 Pals. This means the Mars subperiod will end when the Sun completes one revolution and two signs ahead in the same degree as it was on 1st Jan 1986.

83 second 0 sign 21 Degrees 53 Minutes and 43.72 seconds 3 Signs 23 degrees 34 Minutes and 35.55 seconds. 15 hours.72 seconds.55 3:23:34:35.balance. On the end dates and time of each Mahadasha the tropical Sun will be in Cancer sign 23 degrees.72 seconds ahead of Tropical Sun at the time of birth. Jupiter Mahadasha will end. 15 hours. Hence Jupiter Mahadasha will end when Sun will complete 7 revolutions of the zodiac and pass zero signs. 44 minutes and 53 seconds. TABLE SHOWING MAHADASHA WITH TROPICAL SUN Mahadasha Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Start 1963-Jul-17 01:36:32 1979-Jul-16 22:24:53 1998-Jul-16 12:24:47 2015-Jul-16 14:58:39 2022-Jul-16 07:23:16 2042-Jul-16 03:23:24 2048-Jul-15 14:08:16 2058-Jul-16 To 1979-Jul-16 22:24:53 1998-Jul-16 12:24:47 2015-Jul-16 14:58:39 2022-Jul-16 07:23:16 2042-Jul-16 03:23:24 2048-Jul-15 14:08:16 2058-Jul-16 00:01:50 2065-Jul-15 When Tropical Sun is at 3:23:34:35. (All the Mahadasha are in full figure of year hence full revolutions of Sun.) In above time period Sun will make 7 revolutions and move ahead by 21 degrees.55 3:23:34:35. This means on the day of birth and at birth time 7 years. Adding this to tropical sun at the time of Birth: 3 signs 01 degrees 40 Minutes and 51.55 . 34 minutes and 35. 44 minutes and 53 seconds are balance of Jupiter Mahadasha.55 3:23:34:35.55 3:23:34:35. which is equal to 7 years 0 months 23 days. 53 minutes and 43. 0 months 23 days. Adding this figure in tropical Sun at the time of Birth will give the Sun’s Tropical latitude when Jupiter Mahadasha will end.55 seconds Hence after 7 revolutions when tropical Sun will reach 23 degrees of Cancer 34 minutes and 35. and next Mahadasha of Saturn will start.55 seconds.55 3:23:34:35. Now to find the date when Jupiter Mahadasha ends we must find the transit revolutions Signs and degrees of Sun in the above period (balance dasha period). This tropical latitud e of Sun will be same for all the ends of other Mahadasha. Saturn Mahadasha will end after 19 complete revolutions of tropical Sun and when it reaches the same degrees as stated above. 53 minutes and 43.55 3:23:34:35. 21 degree. In other words the Mahadasha ends when the tropical sun reaches to the longitude shown in last column of the table in the year given. Following table will give the starting date and time of each Mahadasha and end of the Mahadasha and the tropical degree of Sun on ending date.55 3:23:34:35.

56 2042-Jul-16 2048-Jul-15 03:23:24 14:08:16 2:29:55:02.Rahu 00:01:50 2065-Jul-15 16:36:57 16:36:57 2083-Jul-16 00:46:49 3:23:34:35.26 2015-Jul-16 2022-Jul-16 14:58:39 07:23:16 3:00:17:08.55 1979-Jul-16 1998-Jul-16 22:24:53 12:24:47 3:00:37:32.55 Mahadasa Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu TABLE SHOWING MAHADASHA WITH NIRAYAN SUN When Nirayan Sun is at following degrees Start To 1963-Jul-17 1979-Jul-16 01:36:32 22:24:53 3:00:53:40.74 2058-Jul-16 2065-Jul-15 00:01:50 16:36:57 2:29:40:36.97 2022-Jul-16 2042-Jul-16 07:23:16 03:23:24 3:00:00:08.75 2048-Jul-15 2058-Jul-16 14:08:16 00:01:50 2:29:46:32.22 2065-Jul-15 2083-Jul-16 16:36:57 00:46:49 2:29:25:17.52 Table Mahadasa Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Start 1963-Jul-17 1979-Jul-17 1998-Jul-16 2015-Jul-16 2022-Jul-16 2042-Jul-16 2048-Jul-16 2058-Jul-16 2065-Jul-16 To 1979-Jul-17 1998-Jul-16 2015-Jul-16 2022-Jul-16 2042-Jul-16 2048-Jul-16 2058-Jul-16 2065-Jul-16 2083-Jul-16 .21 1998-Jul-16 2015-Jul-16 12:24:47 14:58:39 3:00:23:05.

Scanned copies of the old charts is given below to show the method how Vishontary dasha was written with reference to longitude of Sun. Old Chart Showing How To Write Dasha Table LONGITUDE OF SUN AGE OF NATIVE .


To find the date when the Sun will be in a particular sign and degree needs astronomical calculations. To make this easy we can use the Christian calendar by which we get a period within a few days difference that is within acceptable limits.The Dasha system time period is based on the Sun’s transit. .

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