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6 HS SERIES High speed WASHER EXTRACTORS MODEL Capacity Controls kg 1/9 kg 1/10 HS-6008 9 8 Coin / Logi / Logi Pro HS-6013 14 13 HS-6017 19 17 Coin / Logi / Inteli HS-6023 25 23 STAT / EASY LOAD / TILT HS-6040 44 40 STAT / EASY LOAD / TILT HS-6057 63 57 Inteli STAT / EASY LOAD / TILT HS-6110 122 110 Machines with an 8kg to 110 kg capacity. versatile. eco-friendly and quiet. Various types of control are available: Coin Control for coin-op services. reliable. all the programmed parameters: time. There are three control options to meet the precise needs of each customer BW SERIES SANITARY BARRIER WASHER EXTRACTORS MODEL Capacity kg 1/9 BW160 18 16 kg 1/10 BW260 29 26 BW360 40 36 BW450 51 45 BW630 70 63 BW840 92 84 BW1200 133 120 BW1400 155 140 BW1700 189 170 BW2000 222 200 Washers for sanitary barrier. GDRIVE control and MDS suspension system which does not require bolting down. They guarantee an excellent hygienic washing process by carrying out. Maximum spin speeds up to 387G. Logi Pro for OPL and industrial laundries. . as well as dry cleaners. The LS range of washing machines are sturdy. and Logi PRO for those looking for flexibility and ease of use in the control of more precise processes. Controls available: Coin Control for coin-op laundries. Logi Control for OPL laundries and industrial laundries. Various types of control are available: Coin Control for coin-op services. Logi Pro and Inteli Control for those looking for flexibility and ease of use. Loading and unloading are performed through separate doors to separate the clean area from the dirty area. 6 MG SERIES High speed HARD-MOUNT WASHERS MODEL Capacity Controls kg 1/9 kg 1/10 MG-613PRO / COIN 14 13 MG-617PRO / COIN 19 17 MG-623PRO / COIN 25 23 Coin / Logi Pro High speed hard-mounted washing machines. with the utmost precision. GDRIVE control. 6 MS SERIES HARD-MOUNT WASHERS Medium Speed LS SERIES HARD-MOUNT WASHERS MODEL Capacity Controls kg 1/9 kg 1/10 MS-610 11 10.1 MS-613 14 13 MS-617 19 17 MS-623 25 23 MODEL Capacity kg 1/9 kg 1/10 LS-332 35 32 LS-355 61 55 Coin / Logi / Logi Pro Controls PM / CM / SM Medium speed hard-mounted machines that require holding down. Logi Control for OPL laundries and industrial laundries. achieve spin speeds of 750 rpm (200-205 G factor). with GDRIVE control. temperature and the chemical product dosage.

Due to their ergonomic design. environmentally friendly drying tumblers with a high capacity and built to last. Comfortable working height for the user. with the holes in the drum being pressed in to prevent the linen from making contact with sharp edges.5 ED660 26.37 The ED series dryers optimise energy use and achieve excellent results in less time. together with SPIROTILT. The Care Touch Drum system ensures the linen is treated with care.25. cares and extends the life of the linen.5 . They are easy to maintain because the filter is easy to clean.19 Gas / Electricity ED460 18. the width of the door aids loading and unloading. guarantees an easy and optimum unloading. . They are equipped with a rotating reverse system which.5 . which allows an easy loading and unloading of the trolley. and accurately controls all the parameters of the drying cycle. SLI SERIES ROTARY DRYERS (axial flow) MODEL Capacity Heating kg SLI-9 9 SLI-14 14 Gas / Electricity SLI-14D 2 x 14 The SLI drying tumblers optimise drying whilst offering maximum energy efficiency. which enables fully automatic unloading without needing to use the turbine. an integrated system for re-circulating the drying air. The filter cleaning. The dryer’s special features include its exclusive axial air flow for increased performance and to aid unloading.5 ED340 13. Ecoflow. We can automatically activate the crease-guard function at the end of the cycle (cooldown). It provides added efficiency (using only 1 kWh per litre evaporated) and speed (from 3 to 4 cycles/hour). Its reliability and long life guarantee the laundry’s profitability. which appears on the display. together with the large door.ED SERIES ECODRYER DRYERS (cross flow) MODEL Capacity Heating kg ED260 10. It is extremely easy to use for the operator: a wide door facilitates easy loading and unloading.5 . guarantees the machine´s high performance. STI SERIES DRYING TUMBLERS (radial flow) MODEL Capacity Heating kg STI-14 14 Gas / Electricity STI-23 23 STI-34 34 STI-54 54 STI-77 77 Gas / Electricity / Steam Efficient. ST-1300 INDEPENDENT DRYER (axial flow) MODEL Capacity Heating ST-1300 kg Up to 63 Gas / Steam / Thermal oil The ST-1300 dryer is designed for drying linen in commercial laundries. thanks to its suction loading.14. It saves energy.5 .

It offers the possibility of fully automated loading and unloading when integrated into a continuous washing system. performance and functions.TBS-50 BATCH WASHER MULTITUNNEL HYGIENTUNNEL ECOTUNNEL FLEXITUNNEL MODEL TBS-50/5 TBS-50/6 TBS-50/7 TBS-50/8 TBS-50/9 TBS-50/10 TBS-50/11 TBS-50/12 Continuous batch washer. together with SPIROTILT. multiple options and accessories allow the TBS to adapt to the different washing needs. The dryer’s special features include its exclusive axial air flow for increased performance and to aid unloading. steam and thermal oil. an integrated system for re-circulating the drying air. Wide range of options and accessories to increase production. Four basic models: MULTI. Ecoflow. The extracted water is reused by the batch washer. The ST-1300 dryer is designed to dry and condition a cake or a load of up to 63kg. SPR WATER EXTRACTION PRESS MODEL SPR-50 Hydraulic press for water extraction in a continuous washing system up to 50kg of linen. It provides added efficiency (using only 1kWh per litre evaporated) and speed (from 3 to 4 cycles/hour). or up to 120 kg. HYGIEN. The efficiency and the low energyconsumption of the SPR-50 press save time and costs in the drying process. It saves energy. which enables fully automatic unloading without needing to use the turbine. cares and extends the life of the linen. It offers a programmable pressure of up to 40bar on the clothes. Its exclusive SPIROTILT system allows an automatic unloading without having to tilt the machine. Heating is available in the form of gas. outputs are available from 400kg up to 1500kg of clothes per hour. . Available in gas. ECO & FLEXI. With the possibility to configure from 5 to 12 modules. with a 50kg capacity per module. ST-100 DRYERS MODEL ST-1300 MODEL ST-100 MODEL ST-1300 A dryer with a capacity for drying or conditioning up to two loads of linen from the batch washer. steam and thermal oil heating . and accurately controls all the parameters of the drying cycle.

Easy to use: 20 preset programs and 20 free. steam and thermal oil heating. 2 or 3 cylinders. Cylinder’s diameter of 800 mm. They provide maximum ease of installation and use. cylinders Speed m/min PSN-8030/1 PSN-8033/1 PSN-8035/1 PSN-8030/2 PSN-8033/2 PSN-8035/2 PSN-8030/3 PSN-8033/3 1 4 . It allows ironing speeds of up to 40 m/min. Available in Standard option: cross folding on a single lane.PB/PBP SERIES WALL-TYPE FLATWORK IRONERS MODEL Cylinder Ø Speed mm m/min PB3215 325 PB3221 PB5119 PB5125 PB5132 510 PBP5119 PBP5125 PBP5132 1 . Available heating gas.9 (option 15) Wall-type strap ironers with a great capacity for evaporation and a high ironing quality that allow the linen to be processed directly after washing (HS).15 COMPACT1200 1200 4 . dried. The speed is adjusted automatically depending on the degree of moisture in the linen. Feeding clamps option. COMPACT IRONING SYSTEM MODEL COMPACT600 600 4 . which aids the feeding in of the linen. Cylinder’s diameter of 1200 mm. PBP models. The folds are made using an air blowing system and a reversible conveyor. which allows ironing speeds of 50 m/min. which allows the linen to be fed. A single operator can operate the machine using a foot pedal. Available heating gas. 2 or 3 cylinders. durability and low cost maintenance. and incorporate various ironing support systems that automate the processes to maximise productivity and effectiveness. It includes a vacuum system on the table. The linen enters and leaves at the front. They have better control and flexibility.40 PSN-8035/3 Girbau’s flatwork ironer PSN-80 is the result of more than 35 years of experience in the field of ironers manufacturing.5 (option 11) 1 .25 A compact high output flatwork ironing line. are fitted with sensors that detect the length of the linen automatically and apply the selected fold. They can be installed in a confined space. electricity or steam. or Multiline: cross folding on two lanes. electricity or steam.50 PC-12035/2 PC-12030/3 PC-12033/3 3 PC-12035/3 The most advanced flatwork ironer on the market. efficiency.12 Cylinder Ø Speed mm m/min COMPACT800 800 4 . performance. Available in gas. PSN-80 FLATWORK IRONERS MODEL No. PC-120 FLATWORK IRONERS MODEL No. with a single operator being able to iron the linen. folded and stacked in a small space. with the option of 1. .25 2 3 4 . It allows the user to work with one. with the possibility to provide 1. steam and thermal oil heating. cylinders Speed m/min PC-12030/1 PC-12033/1 1 PC-12035/1 PC-12030/2 PC-12033/2 2 5 . two or four work lanes. The input and output of the linen from the front and its installation close to the wall allows the space in the laundry to be optimised to the full. offering control. P SERIES WALL-TYPE IRONERS MODEL Cylinder Ø Speed mm m/min P-2510 P-2514 250 2-4 Perfect for ironing flat linen. ironed. with primary folding. Available in gas.

duvet covers. DRF LITE is an automatic feeder with basic performance. It accepts a wide range of laundry: king size sheets. You can feed up to 650 pieces/articles per hour. it performs a cross-fold and stacks the articles on 4 lanes. It can work independently as a stand-alone machine or incorporated into a flatwork ironing line after an FL Series folder or even after a Compact ironer. Girbau has a suitable FL series folder at your disposal. Following the primary folds of the FL folder. Low maintenance and great low cost. on a single lane. Several folders can be attached for the different lanes. up to 450 articles can be processed per hour. You can feed up to 1200 pieces/articles per hour. productivity and and top finishing quality in folding. For any folding requirement . It admits articles up to 1100 mm long by 560 mm wide. and with two people. DR-1: Allows one person to feed in up to 250 pieces of linen per hour. DRM is a manual feeder. type of laundry and budget. which can be folded into two sizes: 190x190 or 190x350. table linen. FL SERIES FOLDERS MODEL FL-KING FL-SMART FL-LITE The FL series folders offer reliability. You can increase the feeding quality. FS-LITE THE FOLDER FOR SMALL ITEMS MODEL FS-LITE PLMULT MULTI-LANE CROSS-FOLDER FOR SMALL ITEMS MODEL PL-MULT The folder has the capacity for folding up to 1000 items per hour. DRF is an automatic feeder which has maximum performances. quality. fulfilling the different folding and stacking needs . integrate into Girbau’s folders. This connects to the primary output of an FL series folder. STACKERS ROT ROT-2 AP-LITE AP2-LITE VOL VOL-2 A range of Stacker’s that.DR SERIES FEEDERS MODEL DRF DRF-LITE DRM DR-1 DR series feeders comprise of a range with different models and versions that adapt to the key parameters in feeding systems: production. it improves productivity and makes the worker’s labour easier.

With the FT folders. FINISHING MODEL S/AAR S/AVR S/AVC S/MP4 S/EIP4 S/AV S/VC S/MTA S/MTV High performance equipment with ergonomic solutions for all kinds of finishing. laundry. bedrooms and wet clothes… ROOM TROLLEY MOVING BOTTOM TROLLEY SHELF TROLLEY KANGAROO TROLLEY CONTAINER TROLLEY WET LINEN TROLLEY HANGER TROLLEY SELECTION TROLLEY NET BAG FABRIC BAG . TROLLEYS/TRANSPORT Solutions to all kinds of laundry transport and storage.FT SERIES INDEPENDENT FOLDERS MODEL FT-LITE FT-MAXI FT-POLY FT-VEST The FT folder range is capable of folding any type of article with efficiency and quality. adapting to the demands of each particular laundry. so that each customer can easily find the solution they are looking for in terms of laundry products and services. Girbau reinforces its Easy & Best Solutions philosophy: creating flexible laundry solution packages that are adapted to any sector. It makes the final working process easy and it provides laundry with excellent finishing.

we can offer full support for your equipment.La Habana . Ctra de France .Hitchin Australia . utilising a wide net of technicians particularly trained to carry out repairs with maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. We will work with you to plan delivery of the equipment and installation including full commissioning .Sao Paulo +33 1-49388585 .Venezia . What sort of service do you need for your installation? ■ Do you have maintenance staff with sufficient experience and training on GIRBAU´s equipment? Then you should consider.Tel.A. +91 11 4166 3456 . ■ Would you like to minimise the time and effort to keep your installation working in optimum condition? The GIRBAU Managed Service guarantees your peaceof-mind offering a full equipment management including Italy . +351 22 3758909 . +971 4-8839951 .A.Punta Cana . +86-755-8211 1330 – 12/12 GIRBAU AUTHORISED TECHNICAL SERVICE Our service operation has a high level of technical expertise. Ca .E. Aiming to offer a global solution tailored to suit the needs of each individual customer Girbau offers service and maintenance options through a choice of maintenance contracts. we guarantee the reliability and safety of the components used. during this process we will provide you with all operating and safety information related to the installation ■ Spare parts service: through Girbau Technical Support and authorised distributors. reserves the rigth to change design and/or specifications without notice BRANCHES Argentina .K.S. including all Labour and spare parts as well as a periodical supervision of the condition of the equipment.girbau@girbau. both from specialist in-house departments and through a wide net of authorised technical support agents which offers: ■ Authorised Technical Service: we provide you with a fast and effective solution to the problems that arise from any equipment malfunction offering a rapid fix. Additionally you will receive special spare parts pricing.Dubai . ■ Managed Service (Global maintenance): total maintenance cover .com.Fax (+34) 93 886 0785 . +39 335 7294655 .Tel.sales@girbau. Wi & Los U. (+34) 93 886 2219 . ■ Do you have a medium – sized installation with limited specialized technical resources and a low budget? The preventive maintenance service will provide you with the necessary help to check your equipment periodically and guarantee its optimum performance. By doing so. ■ Extended Guarantee: optional extended warranty to allow you to increase the standard warranty period offered by the Portugal Cuba .Tel.A.New Delhi . an “ Extended Guarantee”.Tel. Girbau S. 1 .Tel.girbaudobrasil@girbau. as well as periodic check of the equipment through scheduled visits to your premises.Castle Hill. km.girbau. . +61298940399 . . ■ Installation and start-up projects: we can confirm planned installation meets all relevant requirements to allow optimisation of machine performance.Roissy (Paris) . +54-1 149017600 .cu Dominican Rep. Sydney .Tel. labour and spare parts used in the HEADQUARTERS GIRBAU. you will increase the useful life the equipment and you will have access to the Hot-line specialist technician who will provide you with the assistance needed at any time. .Shenzhen & Hong Kong .pt GROUP Corporate video +1(920) 2318222 Germany .br China . avoiding unexpected failures and extending product Brazil .Hannover .Oshkosh. This gives you the peace of mind that your investment is fully protected for an additional period allowing you the bin benefit of known costs that can be tailored to your business plans. ■ Preventive maintenance: we can also offer to carry out preventative maintenance in order to ensure you always benefit from maximum performance of your +44(0)-1462 427780 . together with the equipment +55 11-29820446 . we provide you with original Girbau spare parts. +49-511 60099389 .ae U. S. +1 809-959-0615 .Tel.Porto . (+53-7) 8662071 al 73 .com Tel.Buenos Aires -Tel.08500 Vic (Barcelona) Spain .de India . We will then deliver and install the equipment carrying out full commissioning and training as required.

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