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That Troublesome Pair

Using LIE and LAY Correctly Reading and Discussion

Irregular verbs are verbs that can change form to make the main parts of the verb. They are verbs like to think and to write. The main parts of these two verbs are: think, thought, thought write, wrote, written

Unlike regular verbs, irregular verbs are often confusing. It is not easy to know which one to use in a sentence when the words have similar meanings. Lets look at this troublesome pair: lie and lay. This pair wins the award for most confusing irregular verbs. Why? Probably because the past tense of lie is identical to the verb lay. So how do you tell the difference? By understanding the definitions. lie, lay, lain lay, laid, laid

Lie means to rest or recline. Its something you do to yourself. I lie down on my cozy bed.

Lay means to put or place. Like the verb to set, you must have a direct object in your sentence when you use the verb to lay. You must have something to lay down. Mandy will lay the pears on the table.

What did Mandy lay down? The pears. Mandy laid the pears on the table.

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Activity A: Lets do a quick review. 1. What verb should you use to mean rest or recline? ____________________ 2. What verb should you use to mean to put or place? ____________________

Activity B: Which verb should you use in the sentences below? Use either lie or lay to fill in the blanks. 1. Did you _________________________ those books on my desk? 2. Mom told Sally to _____________________ her coat on the bed. 3. I like to _____________________________ on the beach. 4. ___________________ down and take a nap, the babysitter said. 5. The boy said, Im so tired. I could _________________ here all day. 6. Amber will______________________ the drawings on the bookcase. 7. Its time for the baby to ______________________ down , Grandma said. 8. Our class will _________________________ our projects on the art table. 9. Berts lazy kitten will _________________________ on the floor all day. 10. Mary Sue will __________________________ her kite on my shelf. 11. Sammy, ____________________ those toys down! Mom said. 12. The puppy likes to _______________________ in the wet grass.

Activity C: Do you remember the meaning of these verbs? 1. To lie means ______________________________________________ 2. To lay means ______________________________________________

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