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Desa Tirong Palakka Kab.

Bone Mobile : 082 349 549 248 19 th Head of the hospital The hospital wahidin Makassar 02 118

Dear Madam : I was interested in your advertisement new paper Bone and I want to apply for a position of nurse in your in hospital. I am 20 years old and have just got back from traveling in four moths bone. I am get the highest value from the many students and get GPA : 4,00. I Get some experience or knowledge since I graduated from the Academic Nurse Bataritoja Watampone. Well as labor or as one of the health care team in the hospital this because hospital this is good in my opinion. My reason for applying for this position is that I hope to go to university S1 but with the fruits of their own without the help of parents. I feel that would be a very interesting job that I would enjoy the opportunity to meet many people and treating or caring for patients with sincerity. The nurses actually work very precious in the sight of Almighty god and all the people, and the refore I am interested to apply in this hospital. I would be free to attend for interview on any day after 10. A.M.

Yours sincerely,

Ulvia Ningsih