RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2014 SUBJECT: S&URCE: Ashley Sterritt name !

emale Athlete "# the $"nth in $ar%h C"a%h 'J Ana i", ())*0+00, E,t- ((0. "r %ell at .1(*(4(*))/+

HERKIMER, NY - Sophomore infielder Ashley Sterritt, Accord, NY, was named Female Athlete of the Month in March Sterritt, an Ed!cation" #hysical Ed!cation ma$or at Her%imer &olle'e, scored ei'ht r!ns on () hits d!rin' the team*s sprin' trip It helped her acc!m!late (+ R,Is, fi-e of which came a'ainst Mercer &o!nty &omm!nity &olle'e, winnin' the 'ame (.-/ Additionally, two fo!r R,I 'ames a'ainst 0o!is1!r' &olle'e and the &olle'e of So!thern Maryland came -ia the home r!n, tallyin' three in (( 'ames, helpin' the 2enerals finish their trip 3-+ playin' mostly 4I and 4II colle'es Sterritt*s Head &oach #eter Anadio stated, 5Ashley is 'ettin' e-erythin' that she deser-es She po!red into her 1ody and fitness this past year tryin' to 1ecome the 1est athlete that she co!ld 1e Her dedication to her stren'th trainin' alon' with her n!tritional ha1its has translated into 1ein' one of the stron'est and most dynamic players that we ha-e e-er had come thro!'h the pro'ram She is a1o-e a ) 6 in the classroom as well and she has 1een a1le to parlay her academic and athletic s!ccess into a f!ll scholarship to Armstron' Atlantic 7ni-ersity ne8t fall9: -)6Photo Attached: Is an action shot and head shot of Ashley Sterritt.

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