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Abortion Clinic Not Inspected After Allegation Babies Were Born Alive

Abortion Clinic Not Inspected After Allegation Babies Were Born Alive

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Published by Life Dynamics
Life Dynamics, Inc.,a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, responds to news that a late term abortion clinic in Texas where it was alleged that babies were born alive has not been inspected.
Life Dynamics, Inc.,a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, responds to news that a late term abortion clinic in Texas where it was alleged that babies were born alive has not been inspected.

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Published by: Life Dynamics on Apr 17, 2014
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Abortion clinic not inspected after allegation babies were born alive

Posted by Life Dynamics, Inc. on Apr 9, 2014 4:55:00 PM
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The fix was in on this case, says pro-life leader.
In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, Operation Rescue has received documents that indicate Douglas Karpen’s Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center in Houston, Texas, has not been inspected since 2010, despite supposed investigations last year into allegations that Karpen killed babies born alive during failed illegal late-term abortions. Operation Rescue also received a one-page document that indicated a routine licensing inspection was conducted at Karpen’s second Houston abortion clinic, Aaron Women’s Center, on March 13, 2013. The contents of that report were completely redacted.

Life Dynamics, Inc.,a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, worked with Operation Rescue to interview the former employees of late term abortionist Douglas Karpen. They told Life Dynamics, Inc. that Karpen was murdering babies that were delivered alive after his abortions. A portion of that interview is captured in the video below : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fhyJItGPko Operation Rescue has published a detailed report, including images of the newborns on their website. As a result of their report and Life Dynamics' interview, the Harris County District Attorney’s office conducted a grand jury investigation into the witnesses’ allegations, but disbanded in December, 2013, without indicting Karpen on any charge.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue says that since the interviews were released no one from the Department of State Health Services bothered to visit Karpen’s two abortion clinics. "In light of the gravity of the accusations that Karpen was murdering live newborns, it is inexcusable that no inspections were done with that information in mind,” Newman writes in his press release, “This really represents a failure of the system to properly oversee abortion facilities and investigate serious issues that arise. It is all too reminiscent of the failure of Pennsylvania authorities to look into complaints against Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia ‘House of Horrors.’”

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc., responds, "From day one I said the fix is in on

this deal. If this is not irrefutable proof the fix is in, I don't know what is."
This news follows information that a lawsuit was recently filed againt the late term abortion doctor by a former patient for a botched abortion. The patient claims she suffered a torn uterus, bleeding and extensive pain and claims medical negligence on the part of Karpen. According to reports, the suit claims “permanent injuries” were caused by abortionist Karpen and the patient “continues to suffer as a result of medical negligence.” The legal document says her injuries were discovered by another doctor who also found internal bleeding. On a recent episode of Life Talk Newman pointed out that, "On the same day that the Texas Medical Board penned the ‘cover-up’ letter telling us that Karpen did nothing wrong, Ms. Mendoza was in the hospital getting emergency surgery in order to save her life from horrifying injuries she says Karpen inflicted upon her,” said Newman. “We just have to wonder how many more women will suffer or even die before the TMB and other officials stop protecting this dangerous man.” The law suit also alleges that Karpen seriously injured the abortion patient and never told her she was injured. This is exactly the same allegation made by the three former Karpen employees.

In the interview Life Dynamics conducted with Karpen's former staff members, they say that Karpen would, “leave a patient on the table, 45 minutes with her legs open and a speculum inside her cervix as he went across to his office and had his sandwich.”

In addition, the former employees also said that Karpen would never tell his abortion patients if he ripped their cervix.

Crutcher emphasizes that these abortion clinics are not safe, “it’s almost mind-boggling to think that there are people in this world who argue that these abortion clinics are safe and legal for women to go to, and then you hear from the women who actually went to one and it’s incredible that these people get away with this lie.”

In the video below, a former patient from Karpen’s clinic tells Mark Crutcher about her horrific experience and says she does not want to go back there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNGSSER1lxg In 2013, the Houston Chronicle detailed more cases against Karpen. They write:

In 1989, the parents of Denise Montoya sued Karpen after their 15-year-old daughter got an abortion from Karpen and died. She had been 251/2 weeks pregnant, the parents’ lawsuit said, but they had been assured the pregnancy could be terminated safely. Montoya began to bleed heavily after the procedure and was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital, where she later died.

In 1991, Peggy Cormier sued Karpen on behalf of her minor daughter, who went to Karpen for a late-term abortion and then changed her mind after beginning the process of termination. The lawsuit alleges that Karpen became hostile and refused to attempt to reverse the procedure or refer her to another doctor. Cormier’s daughter eventually went to St. Joseph Hospital and delivered a baby weighing 1 pound, 13 ounces, who died six months later.

Quinnetta Dugas sued Karpen in 1995, alleging that he had perforated her cervix during a late-term abortion. Dugas also alleged that she believed she was later in her pregnancy than the 24 weeks Karpen purportedly had told her. Dugas was bleeding heavily after the abortion and was taken to LBJ Hospital, where she underwent an emergency hysterectomy, according to the lawsuit. A lawsuit brought by Cherise Mosley and her father brought Karpen to the public’s eye when he was sued for performing an abortion on a minor who used a fake ID to establish that she was 18, a legal requirement at the time. Mosley contended the ID card, obtained from a grocery store, obviously was not legitimate. A jury found Karpen only 10 percent negligent and Mosley received no money.

Crutcher, concludes, "The fact is, only the washouts, losers and moral degenerates of medicine end up working at abortion clinics and Karpen is no different.”

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