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In every part of India where you find Amway, you

would find milestones listing its success story. To be part

of this success is to walk the path with us. ABOs across
the World are walking through this path and touching
millions of lives by using Amway products as their
building blocks.

One of the biggest strengths of the Amway opportunity

is the unparalleled quality of its World Class products.
With over 500 scientists and 57 laboratories, stringent
standards are maintained, along with continuous
process for further improvement in each segment.

Backed by this confidence, Amway products come

with a 100% satisfaction or money refund guarantee.*
Concentrated formulas enhance the efficiency of many
Amway products which offer excellent value-for-money.
They are also biodegradable, environment friendly and
not tested on animals.

So, come and experience the World of Amway through

the extensive portfolio of its quality products.


Nutrition and Wellness

Beauty - Artistry

Beauty - Attitude

Home Care

Personal Care

Great Value Products

Price List

*based on 2007 sales Source: Euromonitor * Refer policy for details

Amway XL - “Energy Drink”
A great tasting ‘Energiser’ drink to help you
boost your mental and physical alertness.
Packed with ‘energizing’ B vitamins and
essential amino acids all with the goodness
of Natural Himalayan Spring Water, helps you You need to be

Nutrition and Wellness take on everything from hard workout to a

hard day at work.
energized to:
Achieve your Goals
The enriching combination of B vitamins Attain peak Performance
gives you the power to:
Sustain Endurance &
- Rejuvenate your body and mind Power

- Increase stamina and endurance Keep up with the Kids

- Enhance concentration and alertness

- Stimulate metabolism
Gives you only 8 - 12 Kcal per
Nutritional Information
Typical Values per 300ml bottle. Low on Calorie, High
No Carbs Energy 8.01 Kcal on Taste
No Sugar Protein 2.01 g
No Fats Fat 0.00 g
Carbohydrate 0.00 g Citrus Blast : 23-1229-ID
Niacin 20.01 mg Tropical Blast : 23-1230-ID
Pantothenic Acid 9.99 mg
Vitamin B6 2.01 mg
Vitamin B12 4.8 mcg Contains Caffeine

Amway XL - “Energy Bar”

Provides you Energy with Nutrition...
Today we understand the importance of
eating fruits and vegetables that provide
nutrients and energy to stay healthy and
active. Due to our busy lifestyle we tend to ....and help you
miss on these nutritional foods and go for the Live Your Dreams!
empty calories, especially while snacking.
Instead of going for high calories, low nutrient
snacks, here is Amway XL ‘Chewy Energy Bar’
that provides you:
- Instant energy with nutrition
- Added benefit of nutrition from
Proteins, Calcium and Iron
- A tasty combination of dried fruits and
delicious nuts
- An excellent source of whole grain – at
least 8g of whole grain per serving
Apple Cinnamon Fruit & Nut
Amount per Amount per Amount per Amount per
Bar (35g) 100g Bar (35g) 100g
Did you know that whole grain also supplies: Energy 139.0 Kcal 397.1 Kcal 141.0 Kcal 402.8 Kcal
- Energy from Carbohydrates Total Fat 3.6 g 10.3 g 3.9 g 11.1 g
Saturated Fat 0.4 g 1.1 g 0.4 g 1.1 g
- Fiber from bran Trans Fat 0g 0g 0g 0g
Total Carbohydrates 24.2 g 69.1 g 24.0 g 68.5 g
- A variety of nutrients
Sugars 13 g 37.1 g 13 g 37.1 g
Protein 2.5 g 7.1 g 2.5 g 7.1 g
Fruit & Nut : 23-1231-ID Calcium 16.0 mg 45.7 mg 14.5 mg 41.4 mg
Apple Cinnamon : 23-1327-ID Iron 0.5 mg 1.4 mg 0.6 mg 1.7 mg
Nutrilite Kids Drink
Nutrilite Protein Powder
Delicious and convenient nutrition at
any time. Ideal for growing children and
Nutrilite Protein Powder consists of high-quality
fussy eaters anytime of the day. Provides
protein, sourced from soy protein isolate, naturally
essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins
occurring Soy Isoflavones, calcium & iron, to
and minerals which supplement meals.
address daily nutritional needs. 8gm of protein
These important nutrients help your child
in each 10gm serving, provides 9 essential amino
grow up with strong bones and muscles,
One Man, acids which are not produced by the human body
healthy teeth, hair and skin, good vision,
Carl F. Rehnborg and must be obtained from the diet. One serving
sharp mental skills and lots of energy.
contains only 0.3gm of fat which is lower than
Prior to 1934, there regular servings of protein-rich food. Available in Natural Chocolate, Natural
were no known Banana & Natural Mixed-Berry flavours.
mineral supplements. Research has shown
People found it 200g : 10-0142-IDF that a healthy
Berry-Blast 500g: 10-0089-IDF
difficult to know if 500g : 10-0141-IDF Chocolate 500 g: 10-0082-IDF lifestyle and good
they were getting Banana 500 g: 10-3902-IDF nutrition are two
enough nutrients in important factors to
their daily diets. achieving optimal
Then, Carl Rehnborg,
founder of the Research also tells us
NUTRILITE brand, that almost everyone
created his first Nutrilite Daily Nutrilite Fiber can benefit from
nutrition product supplementation
and became a pioneer If you are not taking a truly adequate & well-balanced – because you may
Nutrilite Fiber is a unique blend of three natural
in the history of diet, then Nutrilite Daily may be the convenient once still lack optimal
soluble fibers: Resistant maltodextrin, Partially amounts of vitamins
nutrition. a day choice for supplemental nutrients you’ve been hydrolysed guar gum & Inulin. It offers a convenient and minerals, as well
looking for. Each tablet supplies 13 vitamins, 11 way to get the fiber needed to support normal as important plant
minerals and Phytofactors Plant Compounds from gastrointestinal health and regularity. Blends easily compounds.
Nutrilite’s exclusive plant concentrates. Nutrilite with water producing a clear, tasteless, low viscosity
exclusive Nutrilock coating makes tablets easier to liquid that helps meet the daily requirements for
swallow. dietary fiber Contains 3.7 grams of natural, soluble
dietary fiber per serving.
60 Tablets : 10-0260-IDF
120 tablets : 10-2745-IDF
200g : 10-5074-IDB

Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3

Nutrilite Kids Chewable
Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 provides body with
Nutrilite Kids helps to give your kids a flying start to essential omega-3 fatty acids which are required for
good nutrition. Kids love it for the delicious natural normal functioning of the body as well as healthy
orange, vanilla and licorice flavour; the animal heart. Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 combines fish oil
characters on the tablets and the cute teddy-bear (Salmon, harvested from the deep, cold waters of
shaped bottle. Each multivitamin/ multi-mineral the Atlantic Ocean) with d-Alpha Tocopherol, to give
tablet contains 13 vitamins and 10 minerals, you a balanced formula of good fats without fishy
essential for growth and development of kids. Also taste. Each softgel contains Eicosapentaenoic Acid
contains Nutrilite Tropical Fruit Concentrates that are (EPA) & Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) in most active
a rich source of phytonutrients. form which can be easily used by the body.

60 Tablets : 10-0863-IDF
60 softgels: 10-0066-IDL
nutrition science Scientists from the
Nutrilite Bio-C Nutrilite Iron - Folic Nutrilite Health
The search for new Institute search the
concentrates and better Nutrilite Bio-C is a potent antioxidant which also Nutrilite Iron Folic is a natural and easy way to world over to find
formulations remains helps in the formation of collagen, & aids the body’s supplement your diet with iron, which carries plants with health
a constant quest for absorption of iron. Consists of Vitamin C sourced from oxygen, fights with infection and helps convert food benefits that could
scientists and researchers Acerola Cherry, one of the richest sources of natural into energy. It provides a unique combination of be used in Nutrilite
of the Nutrilite brand. Vitamin C. 200mg of the exclusive Nutrilite Acerola Iron, Folic acid and Nutrilite Spinach Concentrate. supplements.
Their innovative work Cherry concentrate produces 30mg of Vitamin C. Each tablet contains the best tolerated and New products
remains the driving force
that keeps Nutrilite well absorbed forms of iron - ferrous fumerate can develop from
products at the forefront and ferrous gluconate. Ideal for women to keep studying the diets
of the nutrition industry. themselves healthy. of populations with
100 Tablets: 10-1153-IDF
a low incidence of
90 Tablets: 10-0997-IDF
particular diseases,
or by testing plants
for phytonutrients
with particular

Promising plants are

grown in research
plots, then harvested
and processed for
Nutrilite Natural B examination in the
Nutrilite Parselenium-E Analytical Lab.
Nutrilite Natural B boosts your energy levels by
Nutrilite Parselenium-E gives your cells a fighting releasing energy from carbohydrates, proteins
chance from free radicals with a combination of two and fats which is essential for the development
essential antioxidant nutrients, 400 IU Vitamin E and of red blood cells & the functioning of the nervous
10 mcg Selenium. Provides additional nutritional system. Provides 7 essential B vitamins, prepared
benefit of Phytonutrients from Parsley concentrate from natural, specially cultured, deactivated yeast.
grown at Nutrilite’s Lakeview facility. Each tablet is The natural and convenient way to keep up the
protected by the NUTRILOCK coating making it easier energy levels all day.
to swallow.
At the
NUTRILITETM 100 Tablets: 10-1419-IDF
manufacturing 30 Tablets: 10-1154-IDF
facility, our
standards of quality
in manufacturing
are as much a part
of our company
culture as our
natural farming
Siberian Ginseng with Gingko Biloba
Clean rooms and
well-cared-for Nutrilite Cal-Mag Siberian Ginseng with Gingko Biloba has a beneficial
equipment are effect on stamina and resistance of the body. Each
one measure Nutrilite Cal-Mag offers the right balance of calcium
and magnesium to build strong bones & muscles tablet contains the strength equivalent of 900mg
of excellence;
another is the and Nutrilite exclusive Alfalfa concentrate which of dried Siberian Ginseng root. It also contains the
level of expertise also helps in better absorption of calcium. Nutrilite strength equivalent of 1.67g of dried Gingko Biloba
demonstrated Alfalfa concentrate also offers natural Phytofactors leaves. Contains Nutrilite Acerola concentrates,
by Nutrilite staff Plant Compounds with additional nutritional Schizandra extract, bitter orange fruit powder and
throughout the
benefits. Ideal for women to keep themselves peppermint extract.
100 Tablets: A-5985-IDF

90 Tablets: 10-0021-IDF
Nutrilite quality
Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea Nutrilite Garlic Heart Care Manufacturing
Practices and a
It gives your immune system a quick start to Nutrilite Garlic Heart Care provides a safe, natural way team of quality-
protect your body from pollution and change to support the heart health. It helps maintain blood assurance experts
in climatic conditions or in eating habits. lipid levels already within the normal range. Nutrilite ensure high
Nutrilite is the Includes fresh plants and roots, harvested quality standards
Garlic Heart Care comes with an enteric coating which
world’s leading for the Nutrilite
at their prime and carefully processed for helps release nutrients in the intestines delivering the
brand of vitamins, brand – so that
our unique formula. A standardized formula right amount of Garlic & minimizing “Garlic Breath”.
minerals and dietary the supplements
supplements (based of Echinacea purpurea aerial parts and roots It also contains peppermint, a natural, soothing herb. produced each
on 2006 sales). plus the root of Echinacea angustifolia. Each daily serving contains 600 mg of dehydrated garlic month meet precise
powder that contains 13.5 mg of Alliin and a potential specifications for
Nutrilite is the only Allicin yield of 6 mg. quality, potency,
global vitamin and 60 Tablets: 10-0309-IDF size, weight, and
mineral brand to hardness.
grow, harvest and 60 tablets: 10-0076-IDB
process plants on
their own certified
organic farms.

Positrim Low Fat Drink Mix

Nutrilite Glucosamine HCL with Today’s fast paced lifestyles leave little
Boswellia time for nutritionally balanced meals.
Positrim drink mix is designed to be safe,
Glucosamine, a nutritional ‘building block’, delicious and scientifically balanced
supports the growth of healthy joints. Other meal replacement drink. Whether you’re
ingredients include Bromelain, a natural enzyme looking to lose weight or simply replacing
derived from pineapple and Boswellia. Nutrilite nutrients that you don’t currently receive
Glucosamine HCl also contains Nutrilite Acerola through your diet when you miss meals,
concentrate and lemon Bioflavonoids complex Positrim has the answer for you! “Just-in-time”
with Phytofactors Plant Compounds. freshness

Positrim Chocolate (15 sachets) : 21-2132-IDF

Instead of storing our
120 Capsules: A-8086-IDF Positrim Vanilla (15 sachets) : 21-7040-IDF products for months
Positrim Strawberry (15 sachets) : 10-3799-IDF in warehouses, they
are carefully packaged
and shipped soon after
production, to maintain
freshness. No other
supplements are grown,
harvested, processed,
Nutrilite Bone Health with Ipriflavone Nutrilite CH Balance and shipped in this way.

It is not only how much calcium you take that A naturally sourced green tea extract that
matters....what also matters is how much calcium has been formulated to deliver two different
you absorb, metabolize and retain in your bone. Phytonutrients in each softgel: catechins and
Ipriflavone is shown to minimize the loss of bone theaflavins. Together, they help maintain healthy
mass and nutritionally support bone mineral cholesterol levels that are already within the
density. Vitamin D helps the body absorb and normal range. Scientific research suggest that
metabolize calcium. Also contains Chicory root this unique combination keeps the cholesterol
concentrate to support calcium absorption. in the foods we eat from being absorbed in the
GI tract, and encourages the liver to extract more
60 capsules: AA-0089-IDL cholesterol from the bloodstream to make bile.

60 softgels: 10-0070-ID
Beauty Artistry Artistry Moisture Rich System
Artistry Moisture Rich System is an array of gentle and
non-drying products which decrease skin dryness
by 95%. Artistry Moisture Rich System comprises
of Moisture Rich Vitalizing Cleanser, Moisture Rich
Refreshing Toner and Moisture Rich Protective
Moisturiser SPF 15. They provide maximum benefits
of cleansing, toning and moisturising when the
products are used together twice daily.

Moisture Rich Vitalising Cleanser : E-5011-IDL

Moisture Rich Refreshing Toner : E-5012-IDL
Moisture Rich Protective Moisturiser SPF 15 : E-5013-IDL

While other women

consider wrinkles to be the
first signs of aging, Asian
Artistry Clarifying System skin signals the passing
years with the onset of dark
Artistry Clarifying System is an array of oil free spots. Excessive freckling,
products, that helps to control surface oil for upto hyper-pigmentation and
12 hours a day. It’s light and oil-free formula leaves uneven skin tone all
the skin clean and refreshed. They comprise of indicate that time marches
Clarifying Foaming Cleanser, Clarifying Oil Control on. This means that proper
Toner and Clarifying Balancing Moisturizer SPF 15. sun protection is essential,
Dermatologically tested for sensitive and allergy since this condition is
worsened by UV exposure.
prone skin.
Asian skin tends to have
larger pores, which can
Clarifying Foaming Cleanser : E-5014-IDL impart the appearance of
Clarifying Oil-Control Toner : E-5015-IDL
Clarifying Balancing Moisturiser SPF 15 : E-5016-IDL
uneven tone and texture.
Daily exfoliation will
minimise pore appearance
and help this skin look
smooth and healthy.

Artistry Pure White Essence

Artistry Pure White Essence is a truly brilliant
whitening technology that reduces sun damage,
restores brightness and lightens your skin. Black
cohosh, Asparagus extracts and patented Bitter
Orange Peel come together to give dramatic
results. Clinically tested, visibly whitens skin in
less than 2 weeks with 45% improvement in skin
All New Pure White Essence with New Packaging
& Improved Shelf Life.

30 ml: 10-4020-ID1
Artistry Time Defiance Products
Artistry’s Time Defiance Range consists of
revolutionary products that can reverse the signs of Artistry Polishing Scrub
time! The four products - Time Defiance Day creme,
Day Lotion, Nighttime Creme and Night Lotion fight Artistry Polishing Scrub is Tangerine Berry enriched
Radiant... against four stages of free radical damage that fragrant scrub that sloughs off dry and dead cells
can lead to visible signs of premature ageing. The revealing a fresh, healthy and glowing complexion.
Nurtured... exclusive formula Stimulates, Connects and Protects Contains Nutrilite-approved ingredients Ginseng
the skin while the SPF 15 gives broad spectrum UVA/ and Chamomile. It also consists of hydrogenated
UVB Protection. Jojoba beads that gently accelerate the skin’s
Elegant skin today, natural exfoliation process. It’s effective exfoliator
The dramatic results are as follows:
tomorrow and in the leaves skin soft and perfectly polished.
years to come.
41% more youthful skin,
55% effectiveness in reducing
the appearance of wrinkles and 125ml: 10-0196-IDL

Backed by nearly 40
181% increase in skin hydration.
years of leading-edge
technology, Artistry Time Defiance Day Protect Creme SPF 15 : 10-1821-IDL
Skin Care stands ready Time Defiance Day Protect Lotion SPF 15 : 10-1822-IDL
with the products and Time Defiance Night Recovery Creme : 10-1823-IDL
systems to prevent, Time Defiance Night Recovery Lotion : 10-1824-IDL
repair and protect
your skin. Simply and
beautifully Artistry Creamy Massage
Artistry Creamy Massage, a luxurious way to At Artistry Skin Care,
Artistry Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus rejuvenate your complexion while massaging we think about the
whole, complete person
away the stresses of the day. It contains natural
An alpha hydroxy that’s both gentle and effective when we develop our
Jojoba and Avocado oils that let your fingers glide products. With this in
at smoothing your skin. Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus
smoothly as you massage while its exclusive mind, we consistently
is the only alpha hydroxy with a gentle touch. It
Hydrolipid Matrix leaves your skin smooth and develop and market
perfectly blends the exfoliating properties of Alpha
super hydrated. Enjoy all the benefits of a facial skin care products
Hydroxy Acids with Oat extract, a clinically proven
massage, within the comfort of your own house. which are international
skin soother. It improves skin smoothness by over star-performers, based
60% in 12 weeks and reduces skin flakiness. on the most advanced
120g: 10-0183-ID4 research and ongoing
studies available. We
30ml: E-8006-IDL believe that taking care
of yourself, including
your health and beauty,
really should be easy.

Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion Artistry Moisture Intense Masque

Artistry Skin Refinishing lotion is like velvet Artistry Moisture Intense Masque aids relaxation
on your skin, only better! It encourages your while cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Regular
skin to naturally reveal softer, smoother skin use leaves skin smooth, clean and hydrated.
with Oats. It uses a unique combination of Contains Nutrilite approved Chamomile, Methyl
Sugar derivatives and Algae in addition to Lactate and a Light Cucumber Honeysuckle fragrance
Oat proteins, scientifically proven for their to aid in relaxation. Skin feels buttery soft after just
smoothing benefits. It exfoliates dead cells one application of this light whipped souffle.
revealing a healthy and fresh skin. A single
application increases the skin smoothness 100ml: 10-0198-IDL
by over 45%.

30ml: 10-0240-IDL
Artistry Self Defining Sheer
Foundation SPF 15 Artistry Loose Powder Your skin is
probably the most
Artistry Self Defining Sheer Foundations are easy This fine grade powder can be used as a finishing accurate barometer
to blend, lightweight liquid formula producing a touch to the foundation or just by itself to even skin of what’s going on
semi matte finish that enhance without masking texture, controls shine and ensures that make-up inside of you. That
the skin’s natural complexion. Contains Oxishield last longer. It does not block the skin pores and is means that unless
- Solar complex, an exclusive blend of UVA/UVB suitable for all skin types. The loose powder comes all of your systems
Sunscreen and antioxidants, which protect the in a sifter container & a powder puff for an easy are “go,” your
skin from environmental stresses, UV damage application. complexion will not
and free radicals. It also contains light diffusing look its very best!
particles that diminish the appearance of fine Available in three shades: Fair, Medium & Dark. The good news is,
if you take good
lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Available in
care of yourself,
three shades specially chosen for the Indian 25g (Fair) : A-4871-IDL physically and
Complexion: Cameo, Almond, Carmel. 25g (Medium) : A-4872-IDL emotionally, your
25g (Dark) : A-4873-IDL skin will look as
robust and healthy
Cameo : 10-3077-IDL as you feel.
Almond : 10-3085-IDL
Carmel : 10-3088-IDL

Artistry Replenishing Eye Creme

Artistry Replenishing Eye Creme is clinically proven
to fight the signs of ageing and fatigue, reduce the
appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles
around the eyes. It contains Citrus Bioflavonoids
from Mandarin Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemon and
Bitter Orange Flowers that strengthen capillaries
around the eye area. It also soothes, and hydrates
your delicate eye area with natural botanical
concentrates from Nutrilite.

15ml: 10-0227-IDL

Take Control of
Your Skin
There really is no
way to stop the
passage of time.
But when we
examine how and
why skin ages, it’s
Artistry Body Definer Firming Gel
clear that many of
Artistry Body Definer Firming Gel smooths
the factors which
affect our skin are the appearance of cellulite-affected skin and
under our own provides gentle moisturisation so your skin
control, to some feels cool and refreshed. It contains a blend of
degree. This has Caffeine and extracts such as Sea Weed, Green
never been more Tea, Gingko Biloba and Horse Chestnut that
true than it is work synergistically to reduce the appearance of
today, since we textual roughness, thigh girth and the cellulite
have access to more affected dimpled skin by 66%.
knowledge, and
more advanced
skin products, 250ml: E-3887-ID4
than any previous
generation in
human history.
New colors
with improved
Beauty Attitude moisturisation Attitude Lipsticks
The long lasting lip color is formulated with premium
ingredients like Almond & Jojoba oil, in order to
provide a rich moisturizing effect to your lips, lips
appear full with creamy matt finish.
In addition antioxidant Vitamin E nourishes lips &
SPF 15 protect lips from UV damage.
Available in 6 stunning colors: Shiny Plum, Metallic
Bronze, Walnut Brown, Violet Bean, Red Wine and
Candy Pink.

Shiny Plum : 23-1741-ID

Metallic Bronze : 23-1742-ID
Walnut Brown : 23-1743-ID
Violet Bean : 23-1744-ID
Red Wine : 21-8678-ID
All Attitude products
Candy Pink : 21-8683-ID
contain the Skin
Vitalizing Complex.
Attitude Nail Enamel This complex contains
three ingredients viz.
Rosemary Extract,
Discover gorgeous long wearing nail color with
Coconut Water and
Attitude Nail Enamel, a quick drying & long wearing Mango Seed Butter, that
formula makes it a perfect fit for a busy lifestyle synergistically combine
Attitude nail enamel has super shiny polish finish to Cleanse, Replenish
and Moisturise the Skin.
with Special Sea Weed extract to nourish nails
These natural plant
Available in 4 vibrant shades: Sandy Brown, Rosy extracts are present in
Pink, Pearl White and Red Sparkle. all products of Attitude,
and help revitalize the
skin by making it soft
and supple.
Sandy Brown : 23-1745-ID
Rosy Pink : 23-1746-ID
Pearl White : 23-1747-ID
Red Sparkle : 23-1748-ID

Attitude Eye Liner

Discover dramatic bold eyes with Attitude Eye liner,
all day wear, smudge free eye definition, which dries
in few seconds. Special pen brush provides optimum
control to draw dramatic eye lines to suit your style.
Available in most popular color –Coal.

Coal : 21-8690-ID
Attitude Hand & Body Cream
Attitude Foot Cream
Attitude Cleansers
Attitude Hand & Body Cream is a light and non-
Meant for deep pore cleansing, Attitude greasy cream, containing effective moisturisers. It
Cleansers are soap-free cleansing lotions reduces the dry or scaly appearance of skin and
that effectively remove make-up, dirt and helps diminish the damage caused by the drying
excess oil. environment.
The Cleansers leave skin feeling soft, fresh Attitude Foot Cream, rich in emollients, contains
Formulated internationally and clean. effective moisturisers for the skin. It helps cracked
but made in India,
Attitude skin care products They are of two types, one for Oily and the heels and sooths, softens and refreshes the feet.
are world class in quality other for Dry Skin. These products also contain Vitamin E, which
and performance at nourishes the skin.
Dermatologically tested.
affordable price points.
Attitude range comprises
of Basic Skin Care Attitude Hand & Body Cream (100g) : 21-1473-IDF
150ml (For dry skin) : 21-1470-IDF
products like Cleansers, 150ml (For oily skin) : 21-1467-IDF Attitude Foot Cream (75g) : 21-1450-IDF
Toners, Moisturisers
for different skin types.
Attitude range also offers
Sunscreen, Face Wash,
Foot Cream, Hand & Attitude Face Masque
Body Cream and Face
Masque for all skin types.
Attitude Face Wash
Attitude Toners Attitude Face Masque is rich in natural clays that
deep cleanse the skin and absorb excess oil.
Attitude’s gentle, oil-free astringent Toners help Regular use of Face Masque leaves your skin
remove the excess surface oil, the residual softer to touch.
cleanser and give a non-drying rinse. They also Attitude Face Wash is a water based gel and a
restore the pH balance of the skin and prepare 100% soap free formulation that traps oil and
the skin to receive the moisturiser. gently foams it away. It effectively removes dirt,
The Attitude Toners are available in two types, excess oil and reduces the surface sebum levels
one for Oily and the other for Dry Skin. that can clog pores.
Dermatologically tested. Attitude Face Wash rinses easily and its fresh
floral fragrance leaves the skin feeling energized,
clean and soft.
150ml (For dry skin) : 21-1471-IDF
150ml (For oily skin) : 21-1468-IDF
Attitude Face Masque (100g) : 21-1475-IDF
Attitude Face Wash (100ml) : 21-1461-IDF

Attitude Moisturisers
Attitude Moisturiser effectively form a
moisturising barrier against the drying Attitude Sunscreen Lotion Stress is a major issue in
environment and help to smoothen and terms of the health and
soften the skin. Attitude Sunscreen Lotion is a non-greasy lotion, appearance of your skin,
which gets absorbed quickly. as well as to the function
It contains sunscreen with SPF 8 to help
and effectiveness of the
protect skin from UV exposure. It also It protects the skin from harmful UV rays. rest of your body. Stress
contains Vitamin E, which nourishes the causes the adrenal glands
skin. The SPF 15 level sunscreen agents protect the skin to release powerful
against the harmful effects of the environment. chemicals into the
Attitude Moisturisers are of two kinds, one
bloodstream. Too much
for Oily and the other for Dry Skin. of these chemicals,
100ml : 21-1463-IDF released too often, results
in adrenal exhaustion.
45 ml (For dry skin) : 21-1472-IDF
This adrenal exhaustion
45 ml (For oily skin) : 21-1469-IDF
contributes significantly
to how we appear to age.
SA8 Gelzyme
To Remove Every Kind of Common Tough Stains Trust
SA8 Gelzyme.
SA8 Gelzyme removes stains like Blood, Chocolate,
Grass, Eggs, Lipstick, Butter, Motor Oil, Crayons, Amway’s Home
Shoe Polish, Ink, Tea, Fruits, Coffee, Dirt, Juice and
Home Care many many more!!
SA8 Gelzyme is India’s first & only 3 in 1 laundry detergent
Care brands
provide complete
cleaning systems
that fit with
with added natural softener & Gelzyme power. everyone’s needs.
SA8 Gelzyme pretreats, cleans & softens in one Their versatile,
effective product
easy step with its Innovative Gelzyme Pretreatment
systems offer
Technology. the features and
The dual surfactant system and the low foaming benefits consumers
formula requires less rinsing & thus saves water, want. No matter
what your lifestyle,
time & energy.
Amway’s Home
SA8 Gelzyme offers natural softners derived from Care products
natural to keep your clothes soft. make light work
of your cleaning
The fluorescent whitening agent in SA8 Gelzyme will chores.
keep your clothes white & bright and the refreshing
fragrance leaves clothes smelling fresh & pleasant.
SA8 Gelzyme is safe & gentle on hands as well as on
clothes leaving no irritating residue on fabrics. It is
suitable for both hand & machine wash.
Infact SA8 Gelzyme is really value for money as 1 Lt
of Gelzyme gives up to 200 bucket washes.
Laundry is no longer a difficult and time consuming
task when you use SA8 Gelzyme!!
Application Cost Per Use
(At M.R.P)
Hand Wash Rs.3 per bucket
1L : EE-0033-IDF
Machine (Small) Rs.6 500 ml : 10-1158-IDF
Machine (Medium) Rs.9
Machine (Large) Rs.12

SA8 Delicate & SA8 Prewash

SA8 Delicate is a liquid laundry detergent for gentle
yet effective cleaning of your woollen, silk, delicate
& expensive clothes. It’s concentrated formula gives
a very economical cost per use.
SA8 Prewash Contains unique five different stain
removal agents making it an effective liquid for spot
treatment of stains on colourfast washable fabrics.
lt also helps remove grime & dirt from collars, cuffs
& saree falls.

Application Cost Per Use

500ml (SA8 Delicate) : E-4110-IDF
500ml (SA8 PreWash) : E-8945-IDF (At M.R.P)
Bucket Wash Rs. 3.45 per bucket
Machine (Small) Rs. 6.90
Machine (Medium) Rs. 10.35
Machine (Large) Rs. 13.80
Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner ZOOM spray cleaner & degreaser concentrate
is very effective for spot cleaning of household
Pursue is a ‘one-step’cleaner - disinfectant - grease and stains.
sanitizer - miIdewstat - virucide - deodorizer.
It has a powerful formula of solvents & surfactants.
It cuts through tough to remove greasy stains like
Is a versatile disinfectant which kills germs cooking oil, fingerprints, crayon marks, lipstick
throughout the house at the same time it is an marks, smoke stains & food stains etc.
effective one-step sanitizer for sanitizing food
contact surfaces. Ideal for removing stains from exhaust fans, Application Cost Per Use (At M.R.P)
1:2 dilution 1:5 dilution
kitchen areas, wire mesh, blocked burners,
Concentrated formulation which needs Exhaust fan 70 paise 35 paise
engine parts etc.
Gas Stove 42 paise 21 paise
dilution and thus gives low cost-per-use. The research and
Is concentrated thus very economical. Refrigerator Surface 70 paise 35 paise
development teams
Application Cost Per Use Wire Mesh Rs.1.40 70 paise
(At M.R.P) behind Amway Home
5L : EE-0058-IDF Blocked Burners 28 paise 14 paise
Floors (2500 ft2) Rs.17.50 (Spray & Scrub) Care brands work
500ml : E-7506-IDF 500ml: E-8393-IDF
Hospital Floors (2500 ft ) Rs. 35.00 Oven 42 paise 21 paise hard to understand
200ml : EE-0103-IDF
Toilet/Bath area (100 ft2) Rs.17.50 fabrics and surfaces
Sanitizing kitchen work-top (16 ft2) Re. 0.88 as well as soils and
Disinfect and Deodorizedustbin, stains. That’s enabled
dish rack, refrigerator &
them to bring you
kitchen cabinets Rs.1.75
products like L.O.C.™
Multi-Purpose Cleaner,
See Spray which can safely be
L.O.C. used on any washable
See Spray is a concentrated glass cleaner hard surface with no
L.O.C. is India’s only truly multi-purpose containing fast acting ammonia and solvent fear of damage.
For effective, safe household cleaner which can be used for degreaser that effectively cut through grease,
cleaning of household
surfaces, millions of removing stains from washable hard surfaces, grime and film build up on windows, glass
people around the world mopping floors, cleaning utensils and even and mirrors without streaking or smearing.
choose the Amway Home washing clothes. Can also be used to give stainless steel,
Care brand of products
every day. No other It’s concentrated formulation gives low cost- chrome, porcelain surfaces & ceramic tiles, a
brand provides such an sparkling shine.
outstanding reputation
per-use and flexibility in use.
for consistent, reliable Application 1 litre Cost Per Use Application Cost Per Use
(At M.R.P)
(At M.R.P)
Mopping floors (500 ft2) Rs.1.08 1L : E-8156-IDF 500 ml: E-3941-IDF
Cleaning any other washable 500ml : E-8392-IDF Glass Surface (4 ft2) 10 paise
hard surface (300 ft2) Rs.10.80 Sachet (8ml) : EE-0137-IDD Ceiling Fan 52 paise
For consumers who want Hand washing clothes Rs.14.40 Telephone 10 paise
dish care they can trust, For dish washing Rs.1.80 Computer Monitor 31 paise
Dish Drops brand of dish
Dirty Switch Boards 10 paise
cleaning formulas - liquid
and automatic - balances
overall exceptional
cleaning power with

Dish Drops Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

Dish Drops is a concentrated hand dishwashing Leather & Vinyl Cleaner conditions, polishes and
liquid with “Triadic Detergency System” which cuts cleans leather, vinyl & plastic surfaces, protecting
& dissolves stubborn grease from dishes easily and colours of leather and vinyl to keep them looking
effectively; and unlike other ordinary detergents, it new.
leaves no harmful powdery residue behind on your
Helps leather and vinyl surfaces resist stains and
water damage and prevents drying and cracking
Application Cost Per Use
It’s concentrated formulation gives low cost-per-use in leather goods. (At M.R.P)
and flexibility in use. Waist Belt 52 paise
Application Cost Per Use
Leather Purse (10”x8”) Re.1.04
(At M.R.P)
500ml: E-8095-IDF
Leather Jacket Rs.2.60
1L : E-0228-IDF
For greasy utensils Rs. 1.72 Vinyl Suitcase (40”x30”) Rs.5.20
500ml : E-8391-IDF
For less greasy utensils Rs. 1.15 Leather Wallet 52 paise
Sachet (8ml) : EE-0138-IDD
Amway Dispensers
Many products,
Squeeze Bottle with Turret Top : Can be used for such as L.O.C.™
Silicone Glaze Auto Polish (1) SA8-Gelzyme pre-treatment gel. (2) Dish Drops Multi-Purpose
dilution. Cleaner, are highly
Silicone Glaze is a polish for your car, appliances, Features a flip-top screw-on cap to prevent leakages meaning a single
laminated counter tops, ceramic tiles, bathroom and spills. Holds upto 500 ml of cleaning solution. purchase lasts
Despite this huge fixtures and aluminum fixtures. The large neck diameter provides for easier and longer. On a cost-
investment in product accurate mixing. per-use basis, these
Has been specially formulated with silicones to
development, Amway products are priced
give both high gloss and long lasting coating to Squeeze Bottle with Pistol Grip Sprayer: Especially
products, in general, very competitively.
are price-competitive Application Cost Per Use the polished surface. useful for Zoom and See Spray.
and good value for the (At M.R.P)
money. Research shows Nozzle offers three options - stream, spray & stop.
One Refrigerator (165L) Rs. 8.10
that some products 500 ml: E-8967-IDF
Washing Machine (Med) Rs. 8.10
are less expensive than Laminated Surface (84 ft )2
Rs. 16.20 Squeeze Bottle : NID-1075-A
their counterparts, Ceramic Tiles (486 ft2) Rs. 24.30 Turret Top : QIC-1026-A
others are more Pistol Grip Sprayer : NID-1065-A
Bathroom Fixture(4 taps, 2 shower) Rs. 4.00
expensive, and most
Medium Size Car Rs.81.00
are competitively

Car Wash Concentrated Liquid Amway Dispensers

Car Wash effectively cleans your entire car Personal Care Pump Dispenser: To be used for
of surface dirt, grease, oil and dust while effective use of products and avoid wastage.
preserving it’s shine. Pump out 0.55 ml of personal care product.
Formulated to protect the paint, shine and Home Care Pump Dispenser: Both for 1 Litre and
protective polish of your car. 500 ml Home Care Bottles. The durable, spring
Highly concentrated formula which provides loaded mechanism accurate measure.
100 washes per pack of 500ml at only Rs. 2.19 Pour & Measure Cap: High quality, convenient
per wash. and reusable Pour and Measure Cap [15ml]
simplifies the dispensing
500 ml: E-4111-IDF
Personal Care Pump Dispenser : AD-0868
Home Care Dispenser (1L) : EAD-1605-ID
Home Care Dispenser (500ml) : WHU-9061-ID
Pour & Measure Cap : AD-5113

APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray

APSA-80 is an all-purpose spray adjuvant that
when mixed with pesticide (insecticide, fungicide
and herbicide) & foliar fertilizer improves their
effectiveness leading to increased crop yield for the
It contains surfactants that reduces surface
tension of water and improves its spreadability
and penetration into the soil and thus acts as an
irrigation aid for the farmers.
It is an international brand with rich heritage of
over 35 years.In these years it has been tested on
numerous crops with different type of soil by over 80
International & Indian Agricultural Universities and
test facilities to prove its effectiveness.

5L : 21-5931-ID
1L : E-3417-IDF
500ml : 10-0949-IDF
SatiniqueTM Advanced 2-in-1 Shampoo
& Conditioner
If you want the convenience of a product that delivery
the optimal balance of cleaning, conditioning &
smoothening of hair, then SatiniqueTM Advanced 2
in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is just for you!

Personal Care SatiniqueTM exudes confidence with its smart

technology - The Ceramide Infusion System that
takes care of your hair just like nature.
Naturally derived cleansers from Oats, Kelp & Soap
Wort will gently clean & make you hair look its best.
It makes your hair upto 44% smoother after just one

250ml : E-5030-IDF
4 ml : 21-5434-ID

SatiniqueTM Advanced Dandruff

Control Conditioning Shampoo
Trust SatiniqueTM Advanced Dandruff Control
Conditioning Shampoo, a daily shampoo formulated
with Zinc Pyrithione to control dandruff, itching &
Natural Chamomile found in the shampoo will
soothe irritated scalp caused by dandruff. Upto 56%
reduction in dandruff after one week of use.
SatiniqueTM and
250ml : E-5060-IDF SatiniqueTM Advanced
4 ml : 21-5435-ID products deliver
performance hair care for
personal style, masterfully
blending the advances
in the science of hair
technology with the art
of fashion. The range of
cleansing, conditioner/
treatment and styling
products cares for every
SatiniqueTM Advanced Moisturising hair type and every style
Detangler & Conditioner you wish to create.

SatiniqueTM Advanced Moisturising Detangler &

Conditioner detangles the knots in your hair and
controls frizz to make your hair so easy to comb.
This instant moisturizing conditioner is enriched
with Vitamin E to nourish dry and over worked
hair. Makes your hair up to 10 times smoother in
just one use.

250ml : E-5050-IDF
4 ml : 21-5436-ID
Amway personal
SatiniqueTM Hair Rejuvenating Persona Toothbrush care products
Masque have built global
Help your family Persona Toothbrush range is specially designed with accu- reputations based
whiten, clean, and
remove plaque SatiniqueTM Hair Rejuvenating Masque is an pressure wave technology to allow the brush to gently bend and on their world-
from their teeth absorb excessive brushing pressure. class research and
with regular
intensive concentration of Ceramide Infusion development. This
brushing while System that tame those unsightly splits & will Persona Advanced Toothbrush with robust looks & strong work uses state-of-
fighting cavities Rejuvenate, Strengthen & Protect your hair. features has rounded ends bi-level bristles with gentle tip design the-art techniques
and freshening
their breath with The naturally derived Wheat Protein will nourish to provide thorough cleaning even at hard to reach areas. and equipment
Amway oral care to deliver quality
your hair to take care of dull, dry & lifeless Persona Junior Toothbrush is designed by keeping in mind products offering
looking hair. the delicate gums & tender teeth of your little ones. They are outstanding
designed to make your kid’s teeth & gums strong so that they performance and
can shine with health. has produced more
150 ml : E-5070-IDL than 600 patents
All Persona Toothbrushes are available in four attractive colours. granted and more
than 400 patents
Advanced pack of 4 : 23-0293-IDF
Junior pack of 4 : 23-0294-ID

Glister Toothpaste
Glister multi-action toothpaste fights against Persona Soap
cavities, removes plaque, cleans safely,
whitens teeth & freshens breath with regular Persona 3-in-1 Soap Protects, Moisturises &
usage. Deodorizes with Germ Protection benefit...all in one!!

Glister comes with the unique Sylodent Some of the unique ingredients in the soap are
advantage that helps to remove coffee, Planteren a Corn and Coconut derivative to help
tea & tobacco stains with its enamel-safe gently clean skin, premium Almond oil that will
polishing, that means whitening without gently condition and Triclocarban a proven ingredient
bleaching. to help control bad odour and also act as a shield
giving your family long lasting germ protection.
Glister toothpaste has been tested and
certified by a leading oral health institute in Persona 3-in-1 Soap has an amazing refreshing
U.S. lingering fragrance because of the unique fragrant
oils selected specially for Persona.
Dermatologyically tested & allergy tested & hence
100g : 20-0760-IDF
suitable for the entire family.

Pack of 3 X 75g : 21-4087-IDF

Persona Talc
Glister Mouth Freshener Spray
Persona Talc is the finest talcum powder. Its
Give yourself instant confidence of fresh breath new deodorizing effect provides superior sweat
anytime, anywhere with Glister mouth freshener absorption, prevents body odour and has a
spray. cooling effect. It has contemporary and attractive
Convenient, easy-to-carry size with a “finger well” packaging with an easy grip. Moreover it has
which will help you find the spray nozzle easily in added fragrances of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and
dark. Rosewood along with Rose and Jasmine to keep
you smelling fresh through the day.
Available in refreshing mint flavour.

350g : 21-5358-ID
8ml (Mint): 10-0950-IDF 200g : 21-6916-ID
Amway liquids
G&H Body Shampoo plant can handle
more than 1 million
The protection enriched G&H Body Shampoo liters (264,000
Dynamite After Shave Moisturiser combines the freshness of glycerine and natural US gallons) of
honey, which pampers your skin with rich creamy liquid products
Dynamite After Shave Moisturiser is a clinically lather from head to toe. and ingredients
at any time. It is
proven moisturiser specially formulated for men. It is specially designed for deep cleaning and directly connected
It contains Aloe and Allantoin which form a conditioning, leaving your skin soft and smooth. to the production
protective barrier against drying effects of the It rinses easily and is pH balanced. facility that makes
environment & help sooth razor burns leaving the bottles, making
For most economical and effective usage, use with it very flexible
your skin feeling smooth & soft. It has 99% oil free Amway’s Body Sponge. Body Sponge is available and efficient in
moisturizer containing sunscreen SPF4 to protect in Ivory and Peach shades. responding to
your skin from sun’s damaging UV rays. market needs.
Packaged, quality-
G&H Body Shampoo (250ml) : E-6826-IDF tested products
100ml : 21-2739-IDF G&H Body Shampoo (60ml) : 10-0660-IDF then enter the
Body Sponge (Ivory) : WHU-9137-ID distribution and
Body Sponge (Peach) : WHU-9198-ID delivery network,
dedicated to
bringing you the
products you need,
when you need
G&H Lotion
Dynamite Shaving Foam The goodness of nature have long been associated
with beautiful skin. G&H Lotion contains the
Dynamite shaving foam is specially formulated goodness of Glycerine and Natural honey which
to give thick rich foam which spreads easily on retains moisture and conditions skin. It has been
the face and softens the beard helping razor formulated with humectants which keep moisture
glide smoothly over face skin. close to the skin.
It contains skin moisturiser and humectants Contains Allantoin - a proven moisturizer, which
which conditions the skin while you shave. leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.
It is a dermatological tested formula and has It is an ideal protection throughout the year for your
irresistible masculine fragrance. hands, elbows and also all over your body.

200g : 21-2738-IDF
250ml : E-2183-IDF
60 ml : 10-0661-IDF

Dynamite Shaving Dynamite After Shave Splash

Foam, After-shave
Splash and After
Nature Shower Creme Hand Soap
Shave Moisturiser Dynamite After Shave Splash is especially
have been designed formulated to give you the power of confidence. Nature Shower Creme Hand Soap leave your hands
specifically for It hydrates and desensitizes razor burn on the clean and soft. Enriched with natural Aloe Vera and 5
the skincare and
protection needs skin. different skin conditioners.
of Indian men.
These products
It is enriched with skin conditioners and a special Rich lather that leaves hands soft & clean.
are designed almond derivative, which makes your skin soft
Mild enough for everyday use.
to deliver the and supple.
ultimate grooming For a most economical and effective application, use
experience and the It cools, stimulates and refreshes your skin after
confidence that with Amway personal care pump dispenser.
a close shave. It has a irresistible masculine
lasts throughout
the day. fragrance which will make heads turn.
250ml: E-2184-IDF

100ml : 21-2740-IDF
Dynamite Shaving Cream
Dynamite range now brings to you the Dynamite
Shaving Cream!! It makes a thick rich foam which
spreads easily on the face helping the razor glide
effortlessly over your skin.
It is formulated with unique ingredients that
soften and lift the beard to give a close and
comfortable shave. It contains natural moisturisers Amway’s Great
and conditioners derived from Shea Butter and Value Products
Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which protect your skin and are conceptualised
leave it feeling ultra soft and smooth. It rinses easily specially for Indian
from the face and blade, leaving behind a clean and market with same
soft skin. International
quality high
So, use Dynamite Shaving Cream and see the world standards to reach
notice you!!. more and more

A pack of two 70g tubes : 21-2737-IDF

Dynamite Disposable Razor

Dynamite range now offers you a complete shaving
experience. Get ready for a power packed shave
with Dynamite Disposable Razors. Its swivel head
ensures lesser nicks and cuts, while its twin blades
ensure a close shave. Enriched with Vitamin E, its
lubricating strip provides needed moisture to your
skin. What more, this handy product comes in a
pack of 10 razors, each razor providing you with
many convenient and smooth shaves.
So get yourself a clean look safely and smartly,

Great Value Products Pack of 10 Razors : 23-1244-ID

Dynamite Hair Cream

Dynamite Hair Cream especially for the hair
conditioning needs of men!!
This non-sticky hair cream gives men confidence
of naturally styled hair all day long. Its natural
ingredients like Henna, Shikakai Extract and Coconut
Oil condition and soften the hair and give it that
extra shine. Its pleasant fragrance stays long and
daily application leaves your hair feeling weightless
and easy to manage.
It also contains Vitamin-E which helps strengthen
the hair roots.
Go, grab the all new Dynamite Hair Cream and make
your own style statement today!

150g tube: 23-1227-IDF

Nutrition & Wellness
Persona Amla Hair Oil SKU No.: Product Name Quantity M. R. P. (Rs.)
23 1229 ID Amway XL Energy Drink Citrus Blast Pack of six 300ml bottles 450
23 1230 ID Amway XL Energy Drink Tropical Blast Pack of six 300ml bottles 450
Give your hair a rich natural shine with all 23 1231 ID Amway XL Energy Bar Fruit & Nut Pack of six 35g bars 240
New Persona Amla Hair Oil. It’s enriched with 23 1327 ID Amway XL Energy Bar Apple Cinnamon Pack of six 35g bars 240
goodness of Amla which helps enhance hair A 8086 IDF Nutrilite Glucosamine HCL 120 capsules 2,499
growth and strengthen hair roots. Regular use A 5985 IDF Nutrilite Siberian Ginseng 100 tablets 2,499
100309IDF Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea 60 tablets 1,350
Great Value prevents dry scalp and conditions hair so that 10 0260 IDF Nutrilite Daily 60 tablets 1,069
Products offer your hair look healthy and nourished. 10 2745 IDF Nutrilite Daily Big Pack 120 tablets 1,829
ease of use and 10 0863 IDF Nutrilite Kids Chewable 60 tablets 1,059
Amway retailing. Go on; get your hair the Persona Amla care 10 0142 IDF Nutrilite Protein Powder 200g 799
today! 10 0141 IDF Nutrilite Protein Powder 500g 1,699
10 0997 IDF Nutrilite Iron Folic 90 tablets 699
10 0089 IDF Nutrilite Kids Berry - Blast 500g 859
200ml : 23-0415-IDF 10 0082 IDF Nutrilite Kids Chocolate Drink 500g 859
10 3902 IDF Nutrilite Kids Banana Drink 500g 859
10 1153 IDF Nutrilite Bio - C 100 tablets 1,049
10 1154 IDF Nutrilite Parselenium E 30 tablets 1,049
10 0021 IDF Nutrilite CAL-MAG 90 tablets 549
10 1419 IDF Nutrilite Natural B 100 tablets 699
AA 0089 IDL Nutrilite Bone Health 60 capsules 2,249
10 0066 IDL Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3 60 softgels 1,199
10 0076 IDB Nutrilite Garlic Heart Care 60 tablets 599
21 2132 IDF Positrim Low Fat Drink Mix (Chocolate Flavour) 15 sachets 1,699
21 7040 IDF Positrim Low Fat Drink Mix (Vanilla Flavour) 15 sachets 1,699
10 3799 IDF Positrim Low Fat Drink Mix (Strawberry Flavour) 15 sachets 1,699
10 0070 ID Nutrilite CH Balance 60 softgels 2,599
10 5074 IDB Nutrilite Fiber 500g 799
Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil
Amway’s new Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil is Beauty | Artistry
prepared from superior quality coconuts, from SKU No.: Product Name Quantity M. R. P. (Rs.)
10 0227 IDL Artistry Replenishing Eye Creme 15ml 699
Gods own country. This versatile product is multi-
10 0240 IDL Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion 30ml 2,199
beneficial and is a must in every household. 10 1821 IDL Time Defiance Day Protect Creme SPF 15 50ml 2,199
10 1822 IDL Time Defiance Day Protect Lotion SPF 15 50ml 2,199
Grab your pack now and experience the benefits
10 1823 IDL Time Defiance Night Recovery Creme 50ml 2,199
of purity. 10 1824 IDL Time Defiance Night Recovery Lotion 50ml 2,199
10 4020 ID1 Artistry Pure White Essence 30ml 1,999
E 5011 IDL Artistry Moisture Rich Vitalising Cleanser 125ml 1,099
A pack of two 200ml bottles : 23-0416-IDF E 5012 IDL Artistry Moisture Rich Refreshing Toner 250ml 1,099
E 5013 IDL Artistry Moisture Rich Protective Moisturiser (SPF 15) 70g 1,299
E 5014 IDL Artistry Clarifying Foaming Cleanser 125ml 1,099
E 5015 IDL Artistry Clarifying Oil Control Toner 250ml 1,099
E 5016 IDL Artistry Clarifying Balancing Moisturiser (SPF 15) 75ml 1,299
10 0196 IDL Artistry Polishing Scrub 125ml 1,099
10 0198 IDL Artistry Moisture Intense Masque 100ml 1,099
10 3077 IDL Artistry Foundation (Cameo) 29ml 1,399
10 3085 IDL Artistry Foundation (Almond) 29ml 1,399
10 3088 IDL Artistry Foundation (Carmel) 29ml 1,399
Persona Classic Family Toothbrush A 4871 IDL Artistry Loose Powder (Fair) 25g 1,499
A 4872 IDL Artistry Loose Powder (Medium) 25g 1,499
Welcome the slim and sleek looks of new and A 4873 IDL Artistry Loose Powder (Dark) 25g 1,499
E 3887 ID4 Artistry Body Definer Firming Gel 250ml 999
attractive Classic Family Toothbrush with a big
10 0183 ID4 Artistry Creamy Massage 120g 1,499
smile! E 8006 IDL Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus 30ml 2,199
This lighter toothbrush has a comfortable grip
and a special Accu-Pressure Point Technology Beauty | Attitude
that ensures optimal cleaning control and gently SKU No.: Product Name Quantity M. R. P. (Rs.)
231741 ID Attitude Lipstick (Shiny Plum) 4.5g 199
massages gums without causing pain or bleeding.
231742 ID Attitude Lipstick (Metallic Bronze) 4.5g 199
The non-slip grip and angled design ensure that the 231743 ID Attitude Lipstick (Walnut Brown) 4.5g 199
231744 ID Attitude Lipstick (Violet Bean) 4.5g 199
brush slides easily between teeth and effectively
218678 ID Attitude Lipstick (Red Wine) 4.5g 199
removes food and plaque that remain between the 218683 ID Attitude Lipstick (Candy Pink) 4.5g 199
teeth after meals. What more, it is available in four 231745 ID Attitude Nail Enamel (Sandy Brown) 6ml 99
contemporary colours. 231746 ID Attitude Nail Enamel (Rosy Pink) 6ml 99
231747 ID Attitude Nail Enamel (Pearl White) 6ml 99
231748 ID Attitude Nail Enamel (Red Sparkle) 6ml 99
218690 ID Attitude Eye Liner (Coal) 4ml 249
A pack of four brushes : 23-0295-IDF
21 1461 IDF Attitude Face Wash 100ml 209

* The MRP of the featured products is as prevalent on the date of publication. For current MRP of featured products please contact
your nearest Amway Office/Tel. 1800-1800-789 (Toll free from MTNL/BSNL) or log on to
21 1470 IDF Attitude Cleanser (For Dry Skin) 150ml 309
21 1467 IDF Attitude Cleanser (For Oily Skin) 150ml 309
21 1471 IDF Attitude Toner (For Dry Skin) 150ml 309
21 1468 IDF Attitude Toner (For Oily Skin) 150ml 309
21 1472 IDF Attitude Moisturiser (For Dry Skin) 45ml 509
21 1469 IDF Attitude Moisturiser (For Oily Skin) 45ml 509
211463 IDF Attitude Sunscreen Lotion 100ml 309
21 1473 IDF Attitude Hand & Body Cream 100g 259
21 1450 IDF Attitude Foot Cream 75g 259
21 1475 IDF Attitude Face Masque 100g 259

Home Care
SKU No.: Product Name Quantity M. R. P. (Rs.)
EE 0138 IDD Dish Drops Sachet 8ml 6
E 8391 IDF Dish Drops 500ml 285
E 0228 IDF Dish Drops 1L 485
E 3941 IDF See Spray 500ml 225
E 8393 IDF Zoom 500ml 225
10 1158 IDF SA8 Gelzyme with Natural Softener 500ml 369
EE 0033 IDF SA8 Gelzyme with Natural Softener 1L 629
E 4110 IDF SA8 Delicate 500ml 369
E 8945 IDF SA8 Prewash Liquid 500ml 359
E 4111 IDF Car Wash 500ml 229
E 8967 IDF Silicon Glaze 500ml 439
E 8095 IDF Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 500ml 275
EE 0103 IDF Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner 200ml 120
E 7506 IDF Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner 500ml 239
EE 0058 IDF Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner 5L 1,399
10 0949 IDF APSA-80 500ml 399
E 3417 IDF APSA-80 1L 649
21 5931 ID APSA-80 5L 2,599
EE 0137 IDD L.O.C. High Suds Sachet 8ml 6
E 8392 IDF L.O.C. High Suds 500ml 225
E 8156 IDF L.O.C. High Suds 1L 375

Personal Care
SKU No.: Product Name Quantity M. R. P. (Rs.)
10 0661 IDF G&H Lotion 60ml 110
E 2183 IDF G&H Lotion 250ml 359
10 0660 IDF G&H Body Shampoo 60ml 110
E 6826 IDF G&H Body Shampoo 250ml 359
E 2184 IDF Nature Shower Creme Hand Soap 250ml 359
20 0760 IDF Glister Toothpaste 100g 120
10 0950 IDF Glister Mouth Freshener Spray (mint) 8ml 179
23 0293 IDF Persona Advanced Toothbrush Pack of 4 112
23 0294 ID Persona Junior Toothbrush Pack of 4 84
21 5358 ID Persona Talc 350g 179
21 6916 ID Persona Talc 200g 119
21 4087 IDF Persona Bar Soap 75g (Pack of 3) 105
E 5030 IDF Satinique Advanced 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml 359
21 5434 ID Satinique Advanced 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner 4ml 6
E 5060 IDF Satinique Advanced Dandruff Control Conditioning Shampoo 250ml 359
21 5435 ID Satinique Advanced Dandruff Control Conditioning Shampoo 4ml 6
E 5050 IDF Satinique Advanced Moisturising Detangler and Conditioner 250ml 359
21 5436 ID Satinique Advanced Moisturising Detangler and Conditioner 4ml 6
E 5070 IDL Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque 150ml 419
21 2738 IDF DYNAMITE Shaving Foam 200g 259
21 2740 IDF DYNAMITE After Shave Splash 100ml 319
21 2739 IDF DYNAMITE After Shave Moisturiser 100ml 155
WHU 9137 ID Body Sponge (Ivory) 1 40
WHU 9198 ID Body Sponge (Peach) 1 40

Great Value Products

SKU No.: Product Name Quantity M. R. P. (Rs.)
21 2737 IDF DYNAMITE Shaving Cream 70g (Pack of 2) 86
23 1244 ID DYNAMITE Disposable Razors Pack of 10 Razors 159
23 1227 IDF DYNAMITE Hair Cream 150g 80
23 0415 IDF Persona Amla Hair Oil 200ml 66
23 0416 IDF Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil 200ml (Pack of 2) 86
23 0295 IDF Persona Classic Family Toothbrush Pack of 4 76

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